Book 6 Chapter 31 - Fled

A wave of rushed hoof sounds entered East Port Town Supervisor Manor.

When Zhou Nianshan and Jiang Wenhe had just heard the noise, walking out of their office doorstep, they already saw the black-armored Tie Hanqing walk over.

“Sir Tie arrived so quickly.”

Zhou Nianshan cupped his hands, greeting with a bitter smile.

“Sir Zhou.” Tie Hanqing bowed, returning the greeting, and then said with a smile of self-mockery, “This matter involves the reputation of many people, so I naturally came quickly.”

Zhou Nianshan released a sigh. “So how is the situation?”

Tie Hanqing gave Jiang Wenhe next to Zhou Nianshan a look. After another smile, he said, “I congratulate Sir Jiang for your official promotion to Town Supervisor.” After saying this to Jiang Wenhe with a smile, he opened the iron case in his hands, producing a scroll and a small golden case.

When they saw the small golden case, Zhou Nianshan’s expression immediately became a bit stunned.

“Lin Xi has been promoted to major ninth rank, will temporarily take the place of Swallow Descent’s Town Supervisor position, awarded a Radiance Medal.” Tie Hanqing naturally knew the main subject of what Zhou Nianshan asked about. When he handed over the document and the small golden case, he said this with a light smile.

“It was like this after all.” Zhou Nianshan received the items in Tie Hanqing’s hands. He then handed the small scroll that he had always kept with him into Tie Hanqing’s hands, shaking his head and saying with a sigh, “Only, I wonder what kind of contributions are going to be recorded this time.”


Only now did Tie Hanqing realize that Zhou Nianshan’s expression wasn’t quite right. When he unfolded the small scroll in his hands and took a look, his expression changed slightly.

“You have also seen Lin Xi before. With his nature, it isn’t likely for him to frame others due to private complaints.” Zhou Nianshan looked at Tie Hanqing and said, “Moreover, when the matters involve cultivators, the two of us should understand how difficult it is to frame another even more clearly.”

Tie Hanqing didn’t even have half a trace of a smile left on his face. With a sunken voice, he asked, “When did the news arrive?”

Zhou Nianshan answered with a bitter smile, “Just now.”

“This matter is extremely important, I need to immediately return to make arrangements. As for the escorting of the criminal, I must trouble Sir Zhou!”

After saying this, Tie Hanqing already turned around to leave, the thunderous sounds of hooves echoing through this Town Supervisor Manor again, quickly fading into the distance.

Right now, Lin Xi was also on a horse, Lin Qian was seated in front of him, excited shouts sounding from time to time.

Towards Xu Ningshen and Great Mang spy’s matters, he wasn’t too anxious about it. It was because for him, this world was filled with unknown experts and unknown places.

He was like a small growing fish in Breath River… That was why what he had to consider right now were only the matters at his side, matters related to his own cultivation.

Tangcang Ancient Country.

An unknown place, even more remote and untouchable for Lin Xi, an empire not even many of the top experts of Yunqin could step into.

Inside the imperial palace, an oil lamp flickered continuously.

A middle-aged palace maid dressed in monk clothes was currently helping a man comb his hair, braiding his long black hair that was a bit dry.

The middle-aged palace maid was a cultivator who wasn’t all that weak herself. Her brows were slightly furrowed, her breathing long and drawn-out, totally different from normal people. However, even though her expression was calm, her hands were shaking slightly.

It was because she knew this man’s identity.

She knew that even though this man looked scholarly and weak, back then, they paid the lives of several dozen powerful cultivators and five hundred golden guards before seriously injuring him, sending him into prison.

It was precisely because of this man that many cultivators in Tangcang became aware of Green Luan Academy’s terror.

Compared to when he had just walked out from the prison, this man’s appearance could already be considered totally different.

All of the rotting sores and open wounds had already healed, the beard that was tangled about like water plants was already completely shaved off, revealing a slim face that carried a bit of arrogance. Only, his complexion was still excessively pale, making his beard stubble look rather dark, this giving him a bit of a vicious appearance.

While the palace maid helped him comb his beard and braided his hair, he stared at the oil lamp without moving.

On the other side of him sat Tangcang Ancient Country’s young emperor, Feng Xuan.

“Do you find this oil lamp nice looking?” Suddenly, the man’s eyes shifted from that oil lamp to Emperor Feng Xuan’s body, asking this.

The extremely weary faced Emperor Feng Xuan quietly said, “Since Sir Gu stared at it for so long, I’m sure you find at least parts of it favorable. As for me… I naturally feel like this lamp is good-looking.”

“This lamp isn’t good-looking at all, I only wanted to see your true attitude towards your mother, as well as just how much she has taught you. Honestly, I admire her quite a bit.” The man released a light sigh. He looked at Emperor Feng Xuan, and then said rather suddenly, “Are you not scared that I’ll kill you?”

“I am not.”

Before Emperor Feng Xuan said anything, a white-clothed small bald monk with black eyes suddenly made his way out from the curtain behind him. He sized up this man, on his face was an innocent and naive smile as he said, “My senior brother said that Sir Gu won’t kill the emperor, even if he wants to… he still won’t be able to.”

The man wanted to shake his head, but when he realized that someone was helping him sort out his hair, his head became a bit rigid. However, at this time, the palace maid behind him instead already stood up, leaving after a bow, indicating that his hair preparations were done. He thus continued to shake his head, looking at the white-clothed small bald monk while saying, “How many people were sent out from your Sanskrit Temple?”

“Me and my senior brother, just the two of us.” The white-clothed small bald monk stuck out two fingers, and then introduced himself in a talkative manner, “My name is Yun Hai.”

The man released a rare laugh. “Yun Hai, you are rather interesting.”

The white-clothed small bald monk’s face suddenly revealed a bitter expression, saying pitifully, “Sir Gu… since you feel that I am interesting, can you return our Sanskrit Temple’s things back to us?”

The man shook his head, saying, “How do I return it? It’s not like you all lack those things, I already learned everything too. It’s not like I can just cut open my brain and wash it away.”

Yun Hai opened his mouth. He originally wanted to say more things on this matter, but a shout that was like a great bell suddenly rang from outside this room. “Yun Hai, you have spoken too much!”

Yun Hai thus pouted, not saying any more.

“Since even your senior brother came, why doesn’t he come inside?” After the man heard this shout, he looked at Yun Hai and asked.

Yun Hai said, “Because senior brother is old-fashioned, he doesn’t like speaking too much with others… however, he is still an extremely good person.”

When he heard this little bald monk’s deadly earnest reply, the man chuckled again. He then turned around to look at Emperor Feng Xuan. “Since two people even came out from Sanskrit Temple, you all should have the confidence in sending me back earlier. Why are you all still keeping me here?”

“Because for the sake of sir’s absolute safety, I must first try to transfer away uncle’s Divine Elephant Army. This needs quite a bit of time.” Emperor Feng Xuan looked at this man and said, “I originally already sent out two groups of men to meet with Green Luan Academy’s people beforehand, but the two groups of people both disappeared into the desert. I am still not too clear regarding my uncle’s arrangements in the endless desert, the only thing that I am sure of is that he is even more so willing to pay any cost even more than me. That is why for the sake of safety, I can only wait until sir’s condition improves a bit before we proceed.”

“During these days, all of the information I have received is from you all.” The man said with a sneer, “Since Respected Cangyue is this type of person, no one can ensure that he won’t have colluded with your uncle. The longer time drags on for, the more unfavorable the situation will become.”

Emperor Feng Xuan nodded, his voice a bit cold as he said, “It isn’t that we don’t feel like we can’t guard against them, but rather that we are acting out of fear that there might already have been some transactions. It is because there are already great movements on Jadefall City’s side, right now, it is hard for even your Green Luan Academy’s information to reach Tangcang. The group of people I sent out might very well have died under the Sky Wolf Guards’ hands.”

The man frowned, clearly finding this unexpected. “The situation has been sealed off to the point where even Green Luan Academy can’t send people over, I never expected that after all these years, Yunqin actually produced this type of formidable figure.”

“It is because his identity still exists, and because what lies between the Jadefall region he controls and our Tangcang Ancient Country is an endless desert…”

“Formidable is formidable, there is no need to speak in our Green Luan Academy’s place.” The man directly cut off Emperor Feng Xuan’s words, saying, “Right now, the only thing I need to reconsider is his strength, the west’s situation, as well as what you really want to do?”

Emperor Feng Xuan took a deep breath, hanging his head slightly, saying with a sincere voice, “I wish to invite sir to accompany me in a performance.”

East Port Town erupted into commotion.

Swallow Descent Town erupted into commotion.

All of Deereast City erupted into commotion.

East Port Town Police’s Lin Xi received a report in the middle of the night, directly heading to East Port’s dam, doing all he could to assume responsibility, disregarding his realm of responsibilities, working around the clock to transfer over personnel and strengthen the dam. Even though he didn’t hold an office in Swallow Descent Town, he asked for the assistance of the town, but failed to receive any. After being rejected, he still headed to the dam, evacuating close to three thousand villagers through the night. When Swallow Descent Town’s dam burst, two ships collided, landslides happening, rubble falling like rain, yet he completely disregarded personal safety, continuously saving more than a hundred people.

His accomplishments were astonishing, promoted to major ninth rank, becoming Swallow Descent’s Substitute Town Supervisor, receiving a Radiance Medal.

Jiang Wenhe made contributions in strengthening the dam, promoted to major eighth rank, officially becoming East Port Town’s Town Supervisor.

Favor Ancient Town’s Trade Sector Construction Supervisor Jiang Xiaoyi still took the lead despite being on vacation, also establishing great contributions, promoted to minor ninth rank, taking the office of Three Towns Craftsman Supervisor.

All of Lin Xi’s conducts and deeds could be said to already be right before the people’s eyes, now only waiting for the higher ups’ response. Now that the reward document was released, the towns’ residents immediately cheered.

Meanwhile, when the officials of various sectors in the city heard this information, they were all stunned. Just how many days passed? Yet this Lin Xi was already promoted from tenth rank to major ninth rank, moreover had a Radiance Medal… This was equivalent to owing him a minor eighth rank! What kind of promotion speed was this?

However, on this day, for East Port and the other towns’ people, the happy occasions continued.

Not long after this document from the Prefectural Manor’s Government Sector arrived in East Port Town, a document from the Prefectural Manor’s Judicial Sector also formally arrived.

Silver Hook Lane’s chief offender Xu Chengfeng was judged to die a death of a thousand cuts, facing execution in three days!

When this news was released, it was once again to the satisfaction of everyone. East Port and the other towns’ households were decorated with lanterns and colored banners, the words ‘Young Sir Lin’ hanging from their lips.

When the sun set this day, several hundred pairs of iron hooves entered Clear River Town, completely surrounding a private residence. However, after Tie Hanqing in the lead investigated this place, he didn’t find anything, his face darkening as he headed towards Deereast City manor through the night.

Within the three towns battalion camp, within Xu Ningshen’s residence, there were already no traces of Xu Ningshen to be found.

Xu Ningshen already fled.

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