Book 6 Chapter 27 - Heart Colder Than Water

The moonlight was like frost. This individual’s face could already be clearly seen.

This was a man dressed in yellow clothes, his appearance like that of a scholar.

His facial features were meager, looking only forty something years of age, but his hair was already like autumn frost, already gray.

His eyes sockets were sunken, his tightly shut eyelids like wilted petals. This was a blind person.

Right now, he slowly walked towards the fat merchant and Lin Xi’s group, but instead said ‘this lake’s lotus flowers truly are fine’, these words of praise.

Under the white moonlight, the one who walked out was actually blind.

Even so, Lin Xi’s mood suddenly became a bit nervous, but not because this person was blind.

It was because this was someone from Yuhua Family.

In Green Luan Academy, he had already seen many great figures most cultivators of this world would never have a chance of meeting.

Ordinary local and military cultivators could only be considered large fish in a great river. However, just those Green Luan Academy’s lecturers alone were already like vultures and hawks in the snowy mountains and plains.

Lin Xi understood extremely clearly that a cultivator like him, or even ordinary cultivators who were who were much more formidable, when compared to the truly formidable figures in Green Luan Academy or the royal court, the difference was still like that of heaven and earth.

Many cultivators didn’t even know just how great this type of difference was.

It was because they might not necessarily be able to meet these types of extraordinary cultivators in their entire lives, never meeting these types of top level individuals.

However, Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi had both personally come into contact with them, so they understood this extremely clearly.

Yuhua Family’s ability to have someone sit behind Central Continent Imperial City’s heavy layers of curtains was just like how the current emperor faced Vice Principal Xia, he had no choice but to maintain respect and essential propriety. Even the emperor himself, when facing Yuhua Family and the other eight individuals seated behind the curtains along with the powers they represented, he still had to act with enough respect and concession.

This was one of Yunqin Empire’s great heaven supporting pillars.

Conviction and promises, for priests, were the most important things. This was what Yuhua Family represented to begin with, that was why at least in Yunqin, there were basically no families that attached greater importance to promises than Yuhua Family. 

That was why forget about a blind individual coming here, even if the one who came was a paralyzed individual seated on a wheelchair, he wouldn’t feel a shred of doubt that that person could defeat the short staff wielding fatty.

The fat merchant turned around. He watched this blind individual slowly approach, his eyes narrowing slightly. “Even the blind can see lotus flowers?”

Even though he didn’t know the other party’s identity, this blind person seemingly not threatening in the slightest, just calmly walking over, when the frost-like moonlight scattered across his hair, there was instead an indescribable sense of solitude and bleakness, a wave of coldness continuously sweeping out from his core, spreading towards every pore of his existence.

“There are many things that don’t need to be seen through the eyes.” The autumn frost haired yellow-clothed blind man replied in an indifferent tone.

The fat merchant was still smiling, but the corners of his lips became slightly rigid. “In all of Deerwood Town, in this entire Deer Seeking Prefecture, I have never heard of someone like you? Where did you come from?”

The yellow-clothed blind man shook his head. “You aren’t someone from here either. Where are you from? The Wind Fire Staff in your hands, where is that from?”

The fat merchant naturally wasn’t fond of this type of conversation style. However, this time, he didn’t speak too much nonsense either. After remaining silent for a moment, he said, “If I immediately leave right now, can everyone mind their own business?”

“That is not possible.” The yellow-clothed blind man shook his head again, saying, “According to Yunqin Law, the assassination of a royal court official is a great crime. Moreover, I believe that before this, there is no way you haven’t done other things.”

“Then I want to see just what kind of skills a blind person like you has.”

The fat merchant sneered. It was always him toying with his prey, but ever since this blind man came, he knew that Lin Xi bringing his parents here was to guide him into a trap to begin with. When the cat is schemed against by the mouse instead, it already made him suppress the extreme anger he felt inside, but he still felt reservations against this unknown blind man. Meanwhile, at this time, he couldn’t endure it any longer.

Following a sneer, his fat body seemed to have instantly become full of air, bouncing up like a ball.

The ground below his feet silently caved in, the short staff in his hands also releasing a loud noise.

Wind and fire sounds erupted.

His body flickered with a faint yellow light, the short staff releasing dazzling green and red light.

The short staff moved about in the air, the green light as if forming a hurricane, while the red radiance became streaks of true flames, as if streaks of red silk were dancing in the air.

The malevolently smiling fat merchant was like a demonic fiend in the air.

Lin Xi and the others could all see his intentions. The short staff was brandished about in the air, his figure continuously changing positions as he jumped about. There were extremely loud noises released, clearly to prevent the yellow-clothed blind man from locking onto his position.

However, the yellow-clothed blind man only reached out his right hand.

Without paying the tremendous noises any attention, he only steadily reached out his right hand.

When this right hand reached out, his entire right arm seemed to have become a spear.

A spear that was incredibly domineering, a spear that could sweep through everything.

The yellow-clothed blind man took a step out. With him as the center, a wave of energy immediately swept out. His body also seemed to have become a spear, a wave of extremely domineering strength erupting simultaneously from beneath his feet and within his body. The power gathered into a wave, viciously stabbing towards the fat merchant with absolute precision.

“Overlord Spear! You are someone from Zhang Family!”

The fat merchant suddenly released a scream of alarm.

When the scream was released, the yellow-clothed blind man’s arm that was like a spear already struck fiercely against the short staff aimed at his body.

The wind and flames swirling around the short staff exploded with noise, forming a torch-like ball of fire.

The yellow-clothed blind man’s hand and the short staff made contant. His sleeves cracked apart, bursting into flames, but his body didn’t take a single step back, continuing to rush forward like an impaling spear.

The area between the fat merchant’s thumb and index finger split apart, his body flying backwards. With a peng noise, he fell into the lake water heavily.

The lake water near the shore wasn’t that deep, only reaching the fat merchant’s waist.

A great splash rushed into the air. When the short staff in the fat merchant’s hand made contact with the water, a chi sound similar to that of scorching hot iron could be heard.

The yellow-clothed blind man’s left hand brushed out, and then the burning cloth on his right arm was directly torn off, scattering across the ground. His arm didn’t have the slightest trace of injuries.

The fat merchant stood up in the water, extremely frightened.

Only now did he clearly see that the yellow-clothed blind man had a rectangular object on his back wrapped in cloth. At this time, the cloth had already been removed by the yellow-clothed blind man in a calm and unhurried manner, revealing what was inside.

Inside was a silver-colored zither.

The yellow-clothed blind man reached the lakeside’s shallow waters with a step, his hands flipping around and playing this zither.

The silver zither was still on his back, but as soon as his hands made contact with it, an incomparably powerful aura immediately surged from that silver zither.

The mysterious and indescribable symbols on the silver zither all shone, rising like endless multicolored light.

An incomparably powerful aura erupted from the yellow-clothed blind man’s back, forming a whirlpool.

The fat merchant’s entire body immediately became drenched in cold sweat, this sweat even colder than the lake water between the lotus leaves.

“You are someone from Qin Family! …You are from Yuhua Family!”

He widened his eyes with extreme horror, staring at this blind man, looking at that zither.

He finally understood just how great the error he made was, what kind of opponent he ended up provoking. However, at this moment, he could already no longer see anything.

It was because he had just fallen into the waters heavily, splashing out many droplets.

Several droplets landed in the way of the incomparably powerful aura released from the zither on the yellow-clothed blind man’s back.

When the yellow-clothed blind man’s hands moved, the multicolored brilliance and whirlpool on the zither disappeared, those droplets instead bouncing off. They carried astonishing power, bouncing off the fat merchant’s face, and then exploding into mist.

Many fine holes appeared in the fat merchant’s eyes. Blood, pain, and darkness immediately occupied his eye sockets and consciousness.

“Zhang Family… Qin Family… Yuhua Family…” In that instant, he called out three titles, but where it ultimately led, was the same source: Yuhua Family.

Overlord Spear was a powerful martial skill from Zhang Family, but Zhang Family was loyal to Yuhua Family, the martial skill also not an absolute secret.

However, Qin Family’s Sunrise Zither definitely wasn’t divulged to outsiders, only Qin Family’s people could use a unique type of soul force to stimulate and accompany this unique soul weapon.

Qin Family didn’t have many people, and Qin Family’s people had received Yuhua Family’s grace, vowing loyalty and devotion only to Yuhua Family.

This was a Qin Family individual who cultivated the Overlord Spear, as well as someone from Yuhua Family.

Lin Xi and Jiang Xiaoyi were still fine, but Second Grandpa Zhang was shocked and speechless.

He had never met this type of powerful cultivator.

From the moment the fat merchant took action, he already knew that what he had anticipated was correct… during these years, this fat merchant’s cultivation already made substantial progress, already reaching mid stage Soul Master level.

The Wind Fire Staff in his hands was similarly an extremely rare soul weapon.

However, he never expected this fat merchant to be sent flying like a rubber ball from their very first encounter.

Just from the rising splash of water, and then the scattering back down, the fat merchant who had just stood back up in the lake already became blind.

“Yuhua Family’s people really are Yuhua Family’s people…”

Lin Xi shook his head, sighing in admiration under the moonlight, saying this with a light sigh inwardly.

The yellow-clothed blind man didn’t stop here. A gentle zither sound turned into countless water noises, echoing by the lakeside.

The fat merchant seemed to have heard endless surging lake water crashing down, his consciousness completely losing track of his opponent’s whereabouts.

Then, he felt a spear smash into his dantian viciously.

The soul force and blood vessels in his dantian instantly shattered to pieces. This fat merchant who knew that his cultivation was completely destroyed curled up like a shrimp, wishing to release a scream of despair.

However, this howl was forcibly plugged up by a blast of cold water.

The yellow-clothed blind man who calmly stepped into the river waters grabbed his neck. Like he was grabbing a pig awaiting slaughter, he walked back out, tossing the fat merchant by the lakeside.

Then, his figure that was half drenched didn’t say anything, turning around and slowly leaving.

“Many thanks to mister.” While watching this yellow-clothed blind man leave, Lin Xi bowed respectfully, asking, “May I ask for mister’s name?”

The yellow-clothed blind man’s figure paused slightly, but in the end, he still replied, “Qin Xiaoyu.”

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