Book 6 Chapter 8 - Killing Intent Behind the Smile

News began to quickly spread from East Port Town. All of East Port Town immediately became full of high spirits.

Even many normally extremely frugal families simmered some meat stew and warmed some wine.

They all felt joy for Young Sir Lin’s victory.

These ordinary townsmen didn’t know just how deep the waters were in the royal court, only knowing that the current emperor was clear and bright, knowing that the upright officials in the empire were still much greater in number than the incorrigible filth.

Not only was Lin Xi not criticized, once news that he was promoted to Police Officer after only serving as an Enforcer for a few days went out, the various officials of varying ranks along this Breath River all shivered inwardly. The Three Towns Battalion Commander’s son was definitely even going to be put to death because of him, this being the result even after Jiang Rui’s severe accusations of misconduct, this could only mean that the backing of this Young Sir Lin really was tough…

Something that couldn’t be denied was that one needed to slaughter their way through life and death on the border army battlefield, becoming a mountain that was difficult for others to move themselves, otherwise, in Yunqin’s royal court, one’s supporter would often be much more important than their own ability.

It was just how Lin Xi himself understood clearly that he was still only a small fish, unable to change the trajectory of the great river. Meanwhile, his patrons, for better or for worse, were mountains… If they smashed into the river, the water that splashed out, compared to the slash of a fish, was who knew how many times greater. [1]

This was on top of the fact that Lin Xi wasn’t an ordinary soldier. From the riverfront assassination attempt directed at him, the various officials nearby all understood that he was a cultivator. That was why this type of person, it was still best not to provoke him.

When others didn’t dare provoke you, this would grant a type of formless might and prestige.

It hadn’t been many days since he arrived in East Port Town, yet Lin Xi already increased his status by a rank. Apart from adding a thick stroke to his files in Government Sector, he already established awe and prestige among the local officials.

Within a small courtyard, Wei Xianwu sat upright in front of a stone table in the courtyard, quietly waiting.

Suddenly, he raised his head.

The one he waited for appeared.

The one who entered his small courtyard was a rosy complexioned, rather stout middle-aged man with grease on his sleeves, from the looks of it a barbecue shop’s boss. In his hand was an ordinary food basket, inside some barbecued meat, smoked food, and other things.

When he saw Wei Xianwu who was staring at him, this stout middle-aged man’s eyes narrowed, releasing a laugh, walking a bit faster. After quickly arriving in front Wei Xianwu, he sat across from him, pushing the food basket in his hands up to him.

Wei Xianwu’s eyes shifted to this food basket. He picked up a piece of barbecue that was still releasing heat, starting to carefully chew it.

Only after this oily but not too greasy slightly sweet meat was completely finished, did he slowly say, “You should know that Stone Third died on the river, right?”

“I have heard about it.” This stout middle-aged man still smiled in an amiable manner. He wiped his hands on his oily sleeves out of habit, and then said, “I also heard that he died under the hands of East Port Town’s new Enforcer, knowing that this new Enforcer placed a criminal charge on Xu Chengfeng. However, he wasn’t knocked down by you all, instead being promoted.”

Wei Xianwu gave this stout middle-aged man a look, silently saying, “The one who helped him chase up to Stone Third and controlled the boat was Dragon King Zhang.”

These words didn’t seem to be directly related to the current conversation, but this greasy sleeved stout middle-aged man seemed to understand his intentions well. He nodded in a somewhat apologetic manner, saying, “I understand what you are saying. Back then, it was my mistake, I shouldn’t have taken action against him on the river, or else there would have been no way he could jump into the river and escape… if he had died and wasn’t just seriously injured, he wouldn’t have been able to catch up to Stone Third, so Stone Third wouldn’t be dead.”

Wei Xianwu remained silent for a moment, and then slowly said. “Originally, I wanted to get revenge for Stone Third together with you, but I fear that I won’t have the chance. I can only rely on you alone.”

The stout middle-aged man looked at Wei Xianwu, still smiling while asking, “Why won’t you have a chance?”

Wei Xianwu gave him a look, saying, “My demotion orders originally should have came in yesterday, but I haven’t received them even now… this can only mean that further changes were made.”

The stout middle-aged man frowned slightly, but he still smiled amiably, this making others couldn’t help but feel that his appearance was a bit strange, as if there were two entirely different people controlling his facial expressions.

He looked at Wei Xianwu, still smiling, but the space between his brows appeared a bit sinister as he asked, “There is no chance of it being altered for the better?”

“There is no chance.” Wei Xianwu shook his head seriously, and then said coldly, “Since they went out of their way to make alterations, that means they are already on guard against me. You also know that Li Xiping has always handled these types of matters meticulously, so even if I remove my military uniform and head to East Port Town right now, there is no way there is a chance. According to my understanding of him, he might send me back to the border army, moreover have someone watch over me the entire time.”

“Currently, Dragon Snake Mountain Range is indeed not too peaceful, I heard that even Li Xiping’s old friend Zhang Zhendong already died there. If you want to live, it won’t be easy… If you want to come back and get revenge, there are indeed not that many opportunities.” The stout middle-aged man clicked his tongue and said this with a sigh. “It seems like this new Enforcer isn’t that easy to deal with.”

Wei Xianwu didn’t immediately say anything, only picking up some pieces of smoked meat, carefully chewing them.

The stout middle-aged man wiped his hands on his sleeves out of habit again, but he didn’t show the slightest expression of impatience, just smiling amiably.

“An Yifu, you have always been the most outstanding one out of our group, this was the case even before we studied under master, the same after, and also the same in the border army… Even if it is just in terms of barbecuing skills, your work has always been better than those stores with traditions passed down from generation to generation.” After Wei Xianwu slowly finished the smoked meat, he remained silent for a moment, and only then did he raise his head. He looked at this stout middle-aged man and said, “I know you are outstanding, I also know that dealing with him isn’t an issue at all, but I am worried about your temperament. If you cannot kill him, in the future, it will be even more difficult for me to kill him…”

“We are too familiar with each other.”

The stout middle-aged man smiled, directly cutting Wei Xianwu off. “You understand me, I also understand you, that is why I understand your intentions. However, I must apologize, I cannot agree to your ‘request’.”

Wei Xianwu’s brows jumped, a bit of anger and coldness appearing in his eyes. However, before he said anything, the stout middle-aged man instead shook his head, coldness appearing on his face as well. However, all this time, his smile never changed. “It isn’t because I have an urge to play cat and mouse and toy with my opponent, craving their despair. Instead, I am going to act because of Stone Third.”

“You must not forget that Stone Third is your brother, but he also grew up with me.” The stout middle-aged man’s voice became a bit heavier, his eyes also narrowing. “If the one who died was you, I still definitely wouldn’t let that new Enforcer die so easily.”

Wei Xianwu took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled. He sank into a momentary silence. It was clear that he understood this An Yifu’s nature extremely well, knowing that since the other party directly refused right from the start, it would be meaningless no matter what he said afterwards.

“I’ll obviously be a bit more careful. During these years, I’ve spent my time extremely senselessly, I really wanted to play around. However, my age is already great, so I obviously understand moderation, not wishing to immediately throw my own life away.” An Yifu chuckled again, rubbing his sleeves out of habit before saying, “Also, don’t you feel like slowly playing with him until he dies, isn’t this safer than directly assassinating him? Such a great case has just begun, that Enforcer has just risen to town Police, if I immediately kill him, everyone will be in an uproar, it won’t be easy for me to escape.”

Wei Xianwu finally nodded. He stood up, and then didn’t say anything else, only giving An Yifu a deep bow.

An Yifu didn’t say anything else. He picked up the meat basket, there was still a smile on his face as he turned around, walking out of this small courtyard.

“Lin Xi.”

Under the setting sun, not long after Lin Xi walked out of the Town Supervisor Manor, he heard a familiar voice calling out his name.

When he turned around, a smile of pleasant surprise immediately appeared on his face. “Jiang Xiaoyi, what are you doing here?”

In the alley to his left stood a youngster dressed in yellow clothing, on his back a package, his face full of a happy smile; it was precisely Jiang Xiaoyi.

“When we just take office, we can take a few days off to buy some things, settle down, right?” Jiang Xiaoyi looked at Lin Xi who walked up to him, assumed a stance of admiration, and then said, “I heard that you solved a great case on this side, just that things might be a bit troublesome, so I requested some time off to visit you. I never expected you to be this formidable, hearing that you already rose up a rank after just arriving. Now, I am already a rank lower than you, so I really have to call you Sir Lin.”

Lin Xi looked at Jiang Xiaoyi, saying with a laugh, “You came at just the perfect time, I was just thinking about you. It really is when you think of Cao Cao, Cao Cao will come.”[2]

Jiang Xiaoyi stared blankly for a moment. “Cao Cao… who is that?”

“This…” Lin Xi immediately laughed out of embarrassment, knowing that he ended up speaking some nonsense out of a momentary excitement. “It is an old phrase from my Deerwood Town, it means that when you mention someone, then they will come. Cao Cao is probably an ancient person.”

“Your Deerwood Town’s phrases really are interesting. Why were you thinking about me?” Jiang Xiaoyi said with a chuckle.

Lin Xi was just about to speak, but then he heard the rumbling noise of thunder. He subconsciously raised the green umbrella in his hands, and then looked towards the sky, inwardly thinking could it be that it is going to rain again? However, when he raised his head, he saw that the weather was bright and sunny, yet the thunder rumbling noises continued, only then did Lin Xi realize that it was a sound that came from Jiang Xiaoyi’s stomach.

“You didn’t eat much on your way here?” Lin Xi immediately reacted. When he saw Jiang Xiaoyi’s face turn slightly red, he immediately thought of something, saying with a brilliant smile. “Let’s go back to my place first, I just happen to have some good stuff. We’ll continue chatting there.”

Jiang Xiaoyi stared blankly. “You have some good stuff?”

Lin Xi nodded, and then couldn’t help but say teasingly, “Jiang Xiaoyi, even after leaving the academy, you should learn a bit from Meng Bai, carry some food on you. How can you let yourself become hungry to the point of your stomach growling?”

“I also have some good stuff, I was thinking that I might as well eat together with you.” Jiang Xiaoyi became extremely interested, unable to help but ask, “The good stuff you mentioned, what exactly are they?”

1. There is a play on words here. Patrons/supporters here, when literally translated, is ‘mountain to lean on’.

2. Cao Cao is the main villain of the novel ‘Romance of Three Kingdoms’

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