Book 6 Chapter 6 - Promotion

The first document that arrived from the City Supervisor Manor precisely addressed the attitude towards the dispute between the Imperial Censor and military after Jiang Rui issued the impeachment documents.

Meanwhile, this public document’s very first line precisely stated the attitude towards this affair.

Because they understood this, that was why Lian Zhanshan and the others immediately felt as if their souls left their bodies.

Town Supervisor was major eighth rank, while the Three Towns Relay Station Manager was only minor ninth rank. To fall from major eighth rank to minor eighth rank, then from minor eighth rank to major ninth rank, and finally once more to minor ninth rank, Town Supervisor Dong directly dropped three ranks!

Town Supervisor Dong wasn’t directly involved, there was no proof that he and Silver Hook Lane had any relationship. Because of the severity of this case, the investigations and handling of personnel not directly related to the case had to wait until provincial level official documents came back from the various sectors. That was why City Supervisor Manor’s documents could only punish Town Supervisor Dong by stripping him of his position.

Normally, during this type of Town Supervisor negligence, the punishment would at most be a loss of half a year to two years of salary, dropping by a rank already extremely severe. However now, he actually directly lost three ranks!

Since Town Supervisor Dong was already dealt with like this, then the following punishment would also be with this level of severity.

When he heard the first line of this document, Town Supervisor Dong’s legs shook, almost unable to stand still. He couldn’t hear the following words clearly at all. Lian Zhanshan and the others’ faces turned snow-white, their bodies starting to tremble unconsciously. Meanwhile, the old Government Sector Correspondent’s eyelids raised slightly, the deep wrinkles at the corners of his eyes relaxing a bit, knowing that his bet this time was made correctly.

Lin Xi wasn’t too shocked, only slightly shaking his head, a hint of a smile appearing at the corners of his lips.

He quickly understood what was going on.

Imperial Censor Jiang’s impeached people being many in number and the accusations of misconduct too severe wouldn’t bring him any benefits.

In Green Luan Academy, he provoked some golden spoons, so they likely made some hints towards the local higher officials through some connections, which was why those who supported him among the civil officials still weren't’ many. The focal point of the struggle with Martial Sector would lie in the one who could topple Imperial Censor Jiang’s impeachment.

Green Luan Academy released them into the world purposely to have them experience all types of difficulties, have them face these difficulties on their own, learn how to face people. That was why the academy would only interfere in some matters that involved life or death. They normally wouldn’t pay any attention to small conflicts, let alone the fact that Green Luan Academy never directly interfered with the empire.

As for Imperial City’s imperial princess… for her, Lin Xi was still too young, the matter also too small, so she would at most occasionally order some people to watch over him, a true dragon wouldn’t interfere with the struggles between fish and shrimp in a stream.

That was why previously, Lin Xi thought that if there were any unpredictable factors, then it would be decided by Deereast City Supervisor Li Xiping. After all, the imperial princess had passed by Li Xiping’s office before, sending him to Summer Spirit Lake.

Now, it seemed like even if the imperial princess didn’t directly say anything on this matter, just through the recommendation relationship, it was still enough for Li Xiping to resist the pressure from other sides.

Tie Hanqing’s voice didn’t stop.

“East Port Town Police Office Lian Zhanshan’s duty is to supervisor the Enforcer and Warden Offices, holding great responsibility over this case, but gave a time limit of seven days on a homicide case, unable to separate emotions and reason, abusing his power, reputation among the people also extremely poor. He will be stripped of his town police role, transferred to Three Towns Relay Station to manage horses. If there are no significant contributions, no promotions can be considered within three years.”

Lian Zhanshan’s body staggered, the officials around him all shaking uncontrollably, inadvertently opening their mouths, but unable to utter a single sound.

Manage horses at a horse stable!

This was completely a member without any official rank!

Even without the following line, this was already directly stripping him of his official rank.

Meanwhile, the latter line was basically the same as saying that he couldn’t be hired, couldn’t rise up in rank at all. If he was to only manage horses, how could he possibly obtain great contributions?! Moreover, managing horses was a job that easily offended officials, if any of the officials were unsatisfied with their horses while in a hurry, then the anger would easily be shifted to the horse manager.

Lian Zhanshan, in East Port Town, for better or for worse, managed twenty something people in the Enforcer and Warden Office, full of authority. Now, he was directly sent out to manage horses!

Moreover, this was far from his previous happy mood, thinking that his sentence would be light, while Lin Xi would be the one to suffer the brunt of the punishments.

“I’m finished… I’m finished…”

Right now, there were only these two words repeated in his head.

His age wasn’t young. Three years without serving as an official, even if he could still become an official again, he would start from the lowest minor tenth rank. To get to his current position, it might still take at least a decade or so of time. For him, this was the same as ending his official career.

In this instant, there was a breath of air that he couldn’t release from his chest. Town Supervisor Dong could still barely stand before, but now, he could no longer do so, sitting straight on the ground.

Lian Zhanshan also couldn’t stand, sitting on the ground. Many people here began to tremble with even greater ferocity.

When he compared how these people normally acted, and how expressionless their faces were now, Lin Xi couldn’t help but inwardly laugh in mockery, thinking that if these fellas could stand a bit more upright normally, why would you fall down like this, to the point where you can’t stand back up?

“East Port, Swallow Descent, Clear River, Yellow Dam, Flag Honor, River Mouth, these six towns, because there were instances of people going missing in this case, moreover all of them being young women, Civil Sector’s Civil Manager, in charge of collecting taxes, was unaware, not reporting this, all Civil Sector officials major tenth rank and above will be demoted by one rank…”

“East Port Internal Affairs Sector’s River Port Manager Huang Zhonglang accused Lin Xi of maliciously detaining merchant ships, abusing his power. After investigating and determining that this gave a false picture of the situation, he will lose his salary for a year…”


Demotions were fired from Tie Hanqing’s mouth one after another. Everyone knew that the way things were developing this time around was completely wrong. What retaliation against the Imperial Censor’s accusations? The City Supervisor was clearly even more so beating this to death.

Just in East Port Town alone, there was a total of fourteen officials that suffered demotions and salary losses, the lightest was even losing their salary for a year!

“East Port Town’s Correspondent Jiang Wenhe, during fifteen years of service he has not committed any misservice. He has showed exceptional performance during the Silver Hook Lane case, promoted to minor eighth rank, temporarily holding the position of East Port Town Supervisor.”

Apart from all of the officials that should be present, there were many people waiting outside Town Supervisor Manor as well, listening. When they heard the punishment of fourteen officials, but didn’t hear Lin Xi’s name, and realized that it was now time for rewards and promotions, they knew that Lin Xi definitely wouldn’t be punished, instead rewarded.

There were immediately people who couldn’t wait any longer. They couldn’t help but run out, all of them quickly spreading the news through the streets, cheers of joy erupting like thunder.

“Making an exception and issuing a promotion?”

Meanwhile, the the entire body of Warden Office’s Qian Gangsheng who was standing inside this hall was also drenched in cold sweat, dumb as a wooden chicken.

He always tried to curry favor with Lian Zhanshan, awaiting the day when Lian Zhanshan rose in rank even higher, able to take even better care of him. However, he never expected that Lian Zhanshan actually directly fell, moreover to such a complete degree.

He already lacked much thinking ability, just subconsciously knowing that raising Jiang Wenhe to Town Supervisor Position was completely making an exception and issuing a promotion.

It was because right now, Jiang Wenhe was only minor ninth rank, just reaching minor eighth rank alone would already be an increase of two ranks, let alone the fact that this type of ‘substitute’ was conventional practice for Yunqin’s royal court. Normally, after a year, if there was no negligence, doing the job rather well, then they would be promoted to the official position.

A minor ninth rank civil official, to be promoted to major eighth rank which was mostly held by military officials, this really was making an exception to issue promotion.

When he heard his own promotion, Jiang Wenhe opened his mouth, almost screaming out. He knew that he would definitely receive a reward, but he never expected this promotion to be this shocking. He immediately suppressed the cry of alarm in his throat, releasing a gulp noise.

“East Port Town Enforcer Lin Xi has bravery and intellect, solving the case swiftly and efficiently, vital to the case. His contributions are great, promoted to East Port Town Police.”

Everyone who was listening knew that afterwards, it was definitely Lin Xi’s turn to receive rewards. However, when they heard this line, many unrelated officials still almost cried out.

This sounded like he was just filling Lian Zhanshan’s position, having an extra Warden Office to manage.

However, those who knew about the practices of Yunqin’s royal court knew that it was definitely not as simple as just raising one rank!

Just how many days had it been since Lin Xi took the office of Enforcer?

According to Yunqin’s conventional practice, normally, even when officials earned great merit, they still needed to wait a year before they would be transferred. Normal military achievement accumulation needed two to three years to raise a single rank.

However, Lin Xi had only stayed in the Enforcer position for a few days, his butt not even warm on the seat, yet he was already promoted to town Police. On top of this, it wasn’t even a substitute position, just a direct promotion!

Rising a rank in just a few days, this was another irregular promotion!

Normally, all of Deereast City didn’t even have one or two instances of promotion like this, yet today, there were two in a single day!

Moreover, everyone knew that Jiang Wenhe quickly completed the official reply during this great case, disregarding the pressure Town Supervisor Dong and the others gave him, that only by standing on Lin Xi’s side could he obtain this type of promotion. He was someone on Lin Xi’s side, so when he served as the town Police, Lin Xi would feel even less misgivings when handling matters, it would be even easier for him to take care of things.

That was why the one who received the most astonishing benefits was still Lin Xi!

“Just what kind of supporter does he have? Could it be that he is precisely one of City Supervisor Li’s people?”

In that instant, many people couldn’t help but turn around to look at Lin Xi, revealing all types of complicated expressions.

“I rose a rank just like that?”

Lin Xi didn’t expect the promotion to be this great. After staring blankly for a moment, when he looked into the eyes of the officials around him, he curled his lips, thinking that he’ll just let them think as they wished.

Today’s great winds blew many people until their entire bodies went cold, blowing many people until their souls left their bodies. After finishing his declaration, when Tie Hanqing saw the remaining people scatter, but saw that Lin Xi was still standing in front of him unmoving, he knew that Lin Xi had something else to say. Before he said anything, Lin Xi already gave him a bow of respect, asking, “Sir Tie, do you know the old driver surnamed Liu from your City Supervisor Manor?”

Tie Hanqing didn’t expect this to be the first thing Lin Xi would ask about. He couldn’t help but stare blankly for a moment.

Only after a moment of distraction, and then remaining quiet for a moment, did he use a voice only the two of them could hear to say, “I do know… it was precisely him who sent you to Green Luan’s great entrance examination.”

Now that he knew the other party knew a bit about his identity, when he thought about Uncle Liu and his journey before, Lin Xi revealed an even happier smile, asking, “Is he still well?”

“I do not know.” Tie Hanqing shook his head. When he saw Lin Xi’s brows furrow, he quickly explained, “After sending you to Green Luan Academy’s entrance examination, he has never returned to Deereast City.”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed even tighter, repeating, “He never returned to Deereast City?”

Tie Hanqing became quiet. He looked at Lin Xi and said, “He isn’t someone from the City Supervisor Manor, it was just that he had received a favor from City Supervisor Li, so he helped City Supervisor Li with this matter. Right now, you are also a cultivator, so you should also understand that cultivators’ abilities are far greater than those of ordinary people, their whereabouts also much harder to pinpoint… this is especially the case when City Supervisor Li could also feel at ease letting him bring you to Green Luan Academy’s entrance examination alone, he definitely has absolute confidence in him. A cultivator of his level who doesn’t serve in the royal court, it is hard for outsiders to restrain him.”

“He isn’t a cultivator of City Supervisor Manor?” Lin Xi was a bit surprised. “Then do you know about his background?”

Tie Hanqing shook his head, saying, “I do not know if even City Supervisor Li knows, we normally only see that even he treats Liu Bo as an elder. Liu Bo never mentioned his background either, which is also why we know practically nothing about him.”

Lin Xi nodded. He thought back to the fist that smashed the guard’s nose crooked, thinking that it was extremely elegant. In the past, he didn’t know much about cultivation, but now that he recalled this, he was sure that Liu Bo definitely had at least Soul Master level cultivation. This type of cultivator, even in the border army, they were rarely seen experts. If they didn’t hold a position in the royal court, then he might be a truly free spirited individual.

This Liu Bo could also be considered one of his few friends in this world. When he thought about how he didn’t know when they would meet again, he still felt a bit of melancholy.

However, after remaining quiet for a bit, he thought of an important matter. He raised his head again, looking at Tie Hanqing and seriously asking, “Sir Tie, do you know what Wei Xianwu’s cultivation level is?”

Tie Hanqing’s brows jumped, Lin Xi’s question seemingly giving him a bad feeling. However, he still replied, “We haven’t crossed fists, so I do not understand him too clearly, but he was transferred from Dragon Snake Border Army’s vanguard officer position to Deereast City’s Martial Sector to serve as a Thousand Chief. Normally, vanguard officers in Dragon Snake Border Army all have exceptional strength, all needing at least abilities at the initial stage Soul Expert level. It has already been three years since Wei Xianwu was transferred to the local Thousand Chief position.” When he spoke up to here, Tie Hanqing’s brows also couldn’t help but furrow, saying with a low voice, “According to my deduction, he should have mid stage Soul Expert cultivation at the very least.”

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