Book 6 Chapter 5 - Lian Zhanshan’s horror

Early the next morning, Lin Xi who was sitting on his bed opened his eyes. Through the opened window frame, he saw a red sun currently rising in the distant mountains beyond the river.

Lin Xi closed his eyes again. When he opened them again, his face was immediately filled with a bit of joy.

The storm lasted for two hours last night, so he cultivated for a full two hours under the wind and rain. However, after operating his qi, blood, and soul force freely, he didn’t feel any sign of fatigue, the inside of his body instead feeling extremely relaxed. After another night of meditation cultivation, the soul force in his dantian was unknowingly significantly strengthened.

The most crucial part was that today, without any external disturbance, he naturally broke free from meditation cultivation.

Just now, he clearly sensed that he woke up purely because of a hint of unnatural dry heat in the originally clear weather.

This hint of abnormal dry heat was precisely the heat released by the morning sun.

It was precisely sunrise that woke him up from meditation cultivation.

For him, this was an extremely great thing, representing that his grasp over the changes in the world’s vital energies advanced another great step.

Lin Xi sensed the advances he made in cultivation. He slowly stood up.

He once again deeply sensed that this soul force cultivation, for all cultivators, was extremely fair. The key laid in the attitude one had towards cultivation, as well as their attitudes towards life.

If one was busy with trickery and plotting, how could they calmly cultivate?

If it wasn’t because he was willing to flick that document from Military Prison into the river, going straight against the law, how would these people who originally had nothing to do with him be willing to catch these fish for him?

After washing up, Lin Xi looked at the rising morning sun, at the clear and crystalline river surface. He breathed in the strong meat fragrance coming from the old pot, inwardly feeling more and more bright and carefree.

Inside East Port Town’s Police Office, Lian Zhanshan poured a prepared pot of tea.

Yunqin’s royal court was simple, this town police role was merely to supervise the Enforcer Office and Warden Office, below him precisely the Enforcer and the Warden. Normally, if he had any orders, he would just directly pass them onto the Enforcer or Warden, which was why this Police Office was also merely a hall for office work, and he was the only one in this office.

Right now, Lian Zhanshen was also remaining in his room alone, the tea he prepared was naturally for himself to drink.

However, after preparing this tea, he was always absent-minded. Even after this entire pot of tea became cold, he still didn’t drink a single sip.

Suddenly, hurried footsteps sounded. Lian Zhanshan immediately stood up, raising his head and looking outwards. He saw the Warden Qian Gangsheng quickly run in, breathing heavily while saying excitedly, “Sir Lian, City Supervisor Li’s assistant Sir Tie arrived. He has summoned your respected self, Lin Xi, and the others.” [1]

“Tie Hanqing?”

Lian Zhanshan immediately trembled. “It isn’t someone from Government Sector?”

“Yes, Tie Hanqing is the greatest trusted aide under City Supervisor Li. This time, he prepared everything so quickly, moreover sent over Tie Hanqing, this is enough to prove just how much importance he attached to the Imperial Censor’s impeachment.” After his eyes moved around a bit, he thought through things himself. A look of joy appeared on his face. “Since City Supervisor Li attaches such great importance to this, it should be even more favorable for us. Go, let’s meet him.”

“The weather today really isn’t bad. After so many days of overcast skies, the sun has finally been revealed.”

Because he felt like this situation was more and more favorable to him, when he thought about how he might not have to see Lin Xi’s annoying face again after today, Lian Zhanshan quickly left the town Police Office. While being dazzled by the blazing sunlight to the point where it was a bit hard to open his eyes, raising his hand up to shield his eyes, he said this to himself.

“For some people, this might be good weather, but for some, they might have to hold a lantern, claim that the sky is dark again.” However, after saying that to himself, what he received in return was instead a cold snort filled with an out of sorts mood.

Lian Zhanshan’s good mood was immediately shattered by this. When he followed the source of the sound, Lian Zhanshan and Qian Gangsheng immediately erupted with rage. “Lu Mingyi, you…”

Turns out the one who heard Lian Zhanshan say the weather wasn’t bad, was precisely the Warden Office guard Lu Mingyi who slammed the door and left back then.

Lu Mingyi was a locally born and bred East Port Town man. His face was square, a full beard on his face, courageous and strong, temperament frank. Normally, he was still rather respectful towards Lian Zhanshan and Qian Gangsheng, not feeling like these two had anything bad about them. However, these days, when he compared Lian Zhanshan with Lin Xi’s performance, his impression of Lian Zhanshan became worse and worse, this was especially the case when he heard Lian Zhanshan and Qian Gangsheng’s discussion that day. When the armored troops invaded that day, he even wished to rush out to the streets to block them as well, but he was forcibly stopped by the other two guards, all of this making him feel even more utter disgust for Lian Zhanshan and Qian Gangsheng.

Lian Zhanshan and Qian Gangsheng, the two wanted to angrily berate Lu Mingyi, shout out ‘You are just a guard, do you really think we can’t deal with you?’.

However, when he just shouted the name Lu Mingyi, saying the word ‘you’, everything came to a screeching halt, all of them shutting their mouths.

It was because right at this time, several figures walked out from the Enforcer Office’s small courtyard. The first one to appear in their line of sight was precisely the one who was incompatible with Lian Zhanshan like water and fire, unable to coexist, Lin Xi.

Lu Mingyi was also straightforward and blunt. He was already full of anger towards Lian Zhanshan and Qian Gangsheng, now that he just happened to see Lin Xi walk out, he directly bowed towards Lin Xi, saying, “Sir Lin, while working as a guard under these two, I truly feel sullen. If sir is willing, I would rather serve as a substitute bailiff under Sir Lin than look at these two’s faces.”

Lin Xi didn’t recognize Lu Mingyi. When he suddenly saw this straightforward man dressed in guard uniform say this with great fieriness, he was immediately stunned.

“He is named Lu Mingyi, we call him Bearded Lu, a straightforward individual. He was definitely angered badly under these two’s hands.” Du Weiqing behind Lin Xi said quietly.

“Substitute bailiff?” When he heard Lu Mingyi’s words, Qian Gangsheng’s brows immediately stood on end, coldly saying, “Don’t forget that even if you want to lower your own salary, becoming a substitute bailiff is still something only Sir Lian can decide.”

“At worst, I’ll just head to the rivers and learn how to fish!” Lu Mingyi immediately couldn’t help but cry out.

“What is going on?” Lin Xi looked at him curiously, advising with a gentle voice, “Regardless, shouting here in the Town Supervisor Manor isn’t too good.”

“Sir Lin, I will listen to anything you tell me.” Lu Mingyi immediately quieted down, but his face was still red as he glared furiously at Lian Zhanshan and Qian Gangsheng, saying, “Yesterday, they were speaking malicious words against you in the Warden Office, taking delight in your misfortune. I really couldn’t take it anymore, slamming the door and refusing to listen. Today, the two of them are all complacent and proud of themselves again. I heard that someone from the City Supervisor Manor has come, knowing that they are definitely happy because of this matter.”

Knowing that his guard was speaking out in unfairness for him, Lin Xi wanted to speak out again to advise him and help him to avoid being punished for raising a disturbance in this Town Supervisor Manor. However, before he spoke, Qin Gangsheng instead gave Du Weiqing behind him a look, saying with a bit of ridicule, “Du Weiqing, you can be considered an old member of the Enforcer Office as well, so I reckon you can separate those close and distant. You won’t be like Lu Mingyi, not knowing how to appreciate others’ kindness, right?”

His intentions were clearly for Du Weiqing and Lin Xi to not walk too close, to have Du Weiqing directly state his attitude here. If Du Weiqing didn’t act tactfully, once Silver Hook Lane’s case passed, he would likely also be caught up in the storm.

Du Weiqing who stood behind Lin Xi revealed a bitter smile, this bailiff who already had a bit of white hair at his temples, body looked increasingly humble, instead faced Qian Gangsheng and Lian Zhanshan’s gazes, saying, “This humble one does not believe Sir Lin did anything wrong… that is why this humble one has decided to make a bet with Sir Lin.”


When he heard Du Weiqing say this, Lian Zhanshan released a heavy cold snort, not stopping here any longer, turning around and heading towards the Town Supervisor Manor.

Qian Gangsheng also gave Lin Xi and the others a look of mockery, and then turned around to leave.

“Forget it, even if we consider this their win, in the future, they can’t always win, there’s no need to get angry. Let’s see what exactly happens first.”

Originally, Lu Mingyi couldn’t help but act out again, but when Lin Xi calmly said this, because of his respect towards this ‘Young Sir Lin’, when he thought about how this Young Sir Lin told him speaking too loudly here wasn’t too good, he forcibly endured it. He only suppressed his voice, saying furiously, “Sir Lin, I just happen to be off duty today, so I’ll head over with you today as well. If small and petty people like them really are going to have their ambitions accomplished, then I’m going to just tear up this uniform and catch fish instead.”

The trusted aide Tie Hanqing Lian Zhanshan spoke of was precisely the black-armored thick browed middle-aged man in the City Supervisor Manor.

His official rank was Martial Sector’s Garrison Commander, minor fifth rank, mainly in charge of the transferring of all of the city’s troops. Because he was only one level lower than Li Xiping, together with how he was a trusted aide Li Xiping brought out ever since they worked together in the border army, right now, inside the East Port Town Supervisor Manor, if he didn’t speak, Town Supervisor Dong and the other officials didn’t dare speak too much either.

The effects of the matters today were definitely not small. Government Sector’s Correspondent, Internal Affairs Sector, Town Police, Civil Sector, Martial Sector, there were a total of sixteen officials summoned.

Tie Hanqing’s mood was complex as he looked at the paved road in front of this Town Supervisor Manor office, currently waiting for Lin Xi to appear.

Because his relationship with Li Xiping was truly a master and father like relationship, together with how the carriage that took Lin Xi to Heaven Ascension Mountain Range passed through his hands, in all of Deereast City, apart from Li Xiping, he was the only other one who truly knew Lin Xi’s identity.

After throwing aside all other emotional elements, purely by catching the imperial princess’ attention and successfully passing Green Luan Academy’s great entrance examination, as well as this type of exceptional ability he showed during the Silver Hook Lane case, Tie Hanqing already felt like Lin Xi was outstanding.

During these ten years, the only ones who could affect the conflict and struggles between civil and military were Green Luan Academy students. Meanwhile, this time, it was also a Green Luan Academy student who completely affected the path of this disturbance.

Internal Affairs and Civil Sector’s officials arrived.

The Correspondent previously on sick leave, Jiang Wenhe, also came. When he saw this old scholar whose complexion which was instead a bit rosier, Town Supervisor Dong’s face became a bit darker.

Lian Zhanshan and Qian Gangsheng’s figures also appeared in Tie Hanqing’s line of sight. Then, Tie Hanqing finally saw Lin Xi.

He suddenly released an inward sigh.

Just the calm and undisturbed expression on Lin Xi’s face when he walked over already let him know that this youngster from Deerwood Town truly possessed a type of quality that immediately gave others a different feeling.

He was Just like a clear lotus blossoming in a pool, clearly exceptional.

When he saw the person that he was waiting for was finally here, Tie Hanqing didn’t wait any longer either. He opened the iron tube in his hands that stored the official document, producing the document from within, and then unfolded it. Then, he began to read in a deep voice.

Apart from a Martial Sector official who didn’t arrive in time, everyone else that was summoned was present before Tie Hanqing.

Lian Zhanshan’s face was sinister, the corners of his eyes sweeping over Lin Xi from time to time, inwardly filled with indescribable delight.

“East Port Town Supervisor Dong Hanliang’s management has been unfavorable, the great case has accumulated for so long, yet there were still no investigations held, his position as East Port Town Supervisor is to be stripped, transferred to Three Towns Relay Station Manager…”

However, with the first sentence Tie Hanqing spoke, it was like thunder from a clear sky, hacking him stupid. Town Supervisor Dong who heard this felt his face become snow-white, his legs almost directly becoming weak and directly sat on the ground.

1. Deereast City Supervisor Li Xiping

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