Book 6 Chapter 2 - Li Xiping’s Wisdom

Twilight, East Port Town’s eastern entrance, Lin Xi bid his farewells to Justice Sector’s Jishizhong Jiang Rui.

Right now, it was precisely when Breath River’s riverside plums matured. This was normally the rainy season, and this year, the rainfall was even greater than usual. It was only sunny for a moment in the afternoon, right now, rain was still fluttering about in the sky.

Jiang Rui’s sleeves flowed in the breeze, extremely plain and unadorned. When he came, he only brought an attendant with him, and now that he was leaving, he didn’t tell the others. His luggage was extremely light, he controlled the horse himself, wearing a woven rush raincoat, not drawing much attention to himself.

Only, when he left, there was now another youngster at his side, Wang Buping. Wang Buping and Lin Xi had only interacted closely for a few days, but because of the things that happened during these few days, Lin Xi already viewed him as one of the people most deserving of respect in his eyes. Now that they were about to separate, when Wang Buping thought about the storm the ‘Young Sir Lin’ brought who the people supported, and then about how once he left, who knew what this young Enforcer would face, his mood became indescribably...

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