Book 6 Chapter 1 - Lian Zhanshan’s Complacency

Yunqin prioritized martial might. The soldiers in the battalions set up in each of the three towns were ready to be transferred out for service at any time.

East Port, Swallow Descent, Clear River, these three towns’ battalions were located between Swallow Descent and East Port. Inside the barracks, Three Towns Battalion Commander Xu Ningshen was currently discussing official business with several officials. Suddenly, an army messenger quickly entered, his expression extremely ugly as he bowed respectfully towards Xu Ningshen, saying, “Wei Xianwu cannot bring the prince and that Enforcer out of East Port Town.”

When he saw the expression of this reporter when he came in, Xu Ningshen’s mind already became tense. When he heard this, his face suddenly became cold like steel, saying with a cold voice, “Why?”

The reporter forcefully resisted his heart’s trembling, saying with a sunken voice, “Justice Sector’s Imperial Censor Jiang Rui just happened to have arrived in East Port Town, pressing down on this case with the reasoning of inspection of disobedience and obstruction.”

Xu Ningshen’s chest immediately felt as if it was struck, all of the armor on his body trembling, momentarily not knowing how to reply.

The bodies of the other officials in this tent also trembled slightly, they naturally understood Jiang Rui’s power, knowing that since Jiang Rui interfered with this matter, with purely their ability, it was already impossible...

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