Book 5 Chapter 41 - Please Take a Look

The moment Wei Xianwu said this coldly, inside the Town Supervisor Manor, Town Supervisor Dong who previously berated Lian Zhanshan was flustered and exasperated to the point he almost broke his Town Supervisor Seal.

The one in charge of the Enforcer’s public declaration document’s final review was Correspondent Jiang Wenhe.

This old civil officer, even though he always looked busy, he didn’t accomplish much, always obeying his orders. However today, he actually stated that he had to suddenly leave to receive emergency medical treatment.

Moreover, this reporting for sickness was even done after Lin Xi’s public declaration document was completed.

This old civil official actually not only didn’t deliberately stall for time, he instead completed Lin Xi’s document review as quickly as possible, and then immediately claimed illness to leave, avoiding even Town Supervisor Dong and the others.

Right when Wei Xianwu spoke coldly, calling Lin Xi a criminal, the people who originally shrunk back and hesitated, because of an unknown reason, crowded the streets once more with no thought of personal safety.

It was also precisely at this time that the rough yellow clothed shriveled elder who had quite a few dark spots and an assistant-like black clothed boy walked up to the public declaration Lin...

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