Book 5 Chapter 40 - Do You Understand Your Crimes

A large blast of smoke and dust surged on the official path. The sounds of iron hooves could be heard, armors clanking.

Almost all of East Port Town’s civilians walked out of the alleys, even the normally lively markets and river bank fishing boats were exceptionally quiet.

The rumbling sounds of horse’s hooves from the distance reminded all of East Port Town’s people that what they were worried about already came.

Even though most of the ordinary townsmen didn’t understand Yunqin’s laws well, when they scattered from that shore, almost everyone knew Lin Xi’s current situation.

The Young Sir Lin who already won their deepest respect, for the sake of completely investigating this hair raising great case, didn’t hesitate to go against orders, already going against Yunqin’s laws.

However, did Young Sir Lin do anything wrong?

Only, for the sake of not letting Breath River become this dark, all for the sake of completely investigating this filth, this upright and just Young Sir Lin, was instead going to become a criminal?

The ordinary civilians only had the most basic concept of right and wrong, they just felt like this wasn’t right at all, impossible for them to accept it.

Without anyone inciting them, many of the alleys and stores became empty. Many shopkeepers and workers even didn’t have time to close their stores’ doors, already gathering towards the east streets and alleys, not wishing for the outsiders to bring Young Sir Lin away.

Because they were just too furious, they were instead silent, making the hooves sound even more clear. However, the clearer the sounds of the hooves were, the more it made the people indignant.

“It’s raining! I fear that not even the heavens can put up with it any longer.”

Suddenly, there was a voice that sounded.

The good weather suddenly became overcast, the sky starting to scatter down fine rain.

Under the scattering fine rain, rows of cavalry appeared before the eyes of East Port Town’s civilians again.

When the townsmen saw the cavalry arrive through the fine rain, many opened their mouths, but couldn’t release any sound.

The officer at the very front was still Wei Xianwu who exuded an iron-blood aura from his entire body, but behind him, there was already no longer only fifty cavalry, but rather a densely packed group of at least two hundred riders.

Apart from the soldiers who previously wore light armor, more than thirty riders clad in dark heavy armor were following behind him. These soldiers were incredibly silent and solemn, only a small half of their faces exposed. The dark armor’s metal surface, because of a thick layer of oil applied to its surface, wasn’t drenched by the rain at all, the water droplets only scattering about one after another. These thick metal armors weren’t soul artifacts, but there were many flame shaped patterns engraved on them. What was most frightening was that in these heavy armored soldiers’ hands, were battle-axes that were at least a person in height, these giant snow-white axes as if continuously releasing chilliness.

Most of the soldiers behind these heavy armored riders were already equipped with spears and pikes meant for battle, densely packed, dark and cold like a forest.

Wei Xianwu at the very front coldly swept his eyes over the civilians who already filled the streets, able to clearly see the timidness in many people’s eyes. He knew that bringing these intimidating troops was the right choice, at the same time, he began to sneer inwardly.

“I can understand what you all are thinking.”

He reached out his hand, making a signal towards those behind him. The army behind him formed four orderly rows, starting to slow down. At the same time, he said with an ice-cold and austere voice that rang outwards, “However, all of you need to understand that we are from the military, carrying out orders is our duty. Moreover, with Yunqin law in place, as Yunqin’s people, you need to trust in Yunqin’s laws, respect Yunqin law, do not let yourselves be exploited by others because of some emotional elements. That is why I must ask all of you to please move aside.”

“We weren’t exploited by anyone, but rather all saw everything clearly ourselves, from start until now. Just like you all said, the one who offended heaven and reason is also from your military, so right now, we don’t trust you at all.” Immediately, there were many voices that sounded under the fine rain. No one immediately backed off.

“Opposing the military is a great crime of rebellion.” The expression on Wei Xianwu’s face still didn’t change. When facing this sea of civilians, he only coldly said this, as if he was declaring facts.

“We are unarmed and defenseless, could this also be called an armed rebellion?”

“We just won’t move out of the way, I want to see just what you will do to us!”

Immediately, the civilians who blocked the road became even more noisy.

Wei Xianwu and the densely packed soldiers behind him already arrived at the head of the town, but these civilians still didn’t scatter, so he could only stop.

“I will repeat myself once more. As Yunqin’s people, you need to protect Yunqin law, or else you all will be viewed as starting an armed rebellion.” Wei Xianwu looked at these people who weren’t willing to withdraw under the rain, coldly saying.

This place immediately became dead silent.

The path was still blocked.

Wei Xianwu’s eyes narrowed slightly. He reached out his hand, closing his fist, and then raised it up.


Ear-splitting metal ringing sounds rang out uniformly. Following an expanse of cold light, the heavy armored riders and cavalry behind him all held their weapons in hand.

The several dozen riders in the back also moved their longbows from their backs into their hands.

“Our Yunqin’s soldiers, when have they fallen to this extent? Your weapons are actually only aimed at us?” The people shouted angrily.

“All of you need to understand one point.” However, Wei Xianwu’s cold and iron-blood expression only became stronger, coldly sweeping his eyes over the people before him, saying with an icy voice, “It is precisely because a military order must be obeyed that our Yunqin army can dominate our enemies. Today, even if it isn’t facing you, even if it is an abyss of inevitable death or a mountain of blades, we would still similarly charge forward. This is our soldier’s conviction, which is why you all shouldn’t challenge our conviction because of some emotional factors. If you all want justice, only our Yunqin law can protect your justice. It is also precisely because all of you are Yunqin’s people that I am saying all of this. That is why, even if you consider it my final request, it is also fine… please move aside.”

From the aura Wei Xianwu’s body exuded and because of his words, a bit of loosening appeared in the crowd. However, many people still didn’t back off.

“Unless everyone wishes to fight with their lives on the line, no one can force Yunqin’s soldiers. It won’t happen now, and it won’t happen in the future.”

Wei Xianwu didn’t say any more. He raised his head slightly, his clenched fist opening into a palm.

The horses beneath his fist moved, the dark and cold army behind him also moved. Weapons flickering with cold radiance were raised, sounds of bow strings being pulled also sounded. The longbows were completely drawn, the arrows aimed at the path blocking the army.

Wei Xianwu had a type of unquestionable true determination. The ordinary townsmen could no longer endure the two-sided pressure coming from their hearts and these cold weapons either, the people now starting to scatter bit by bit.

The limestone path immediately became a bit wider.

However, everyone discovered that in the way leading to the Town Supervisor Manor, there was one youngster who didn’t move out of the way.

This youngster was Wang Buping.

Most of the townsmen didn’t recognize this outsider youngster, from the bamboo tubes and other things in Wang Buping’s hands, they only saw that this was an ordinary young umbrella craftsman. They thought that he was making umbrellas, but when he heard the troops’ arrival, he didn’t even have time to drop the things in his hands before rushing over.

Right now, when the limestone path was already starting to become empty, this youngster who still stood in the way was extremely surprising.

Originally, when Wei Xianwu saw these civilians move out of the way under the threat of death, he already inwardly sneered with disdain. However, when he saw that there was still this type of youngster remaining after everyone moved out of the way, his brows unconsciously furrowed, his expression becoming even colder.

Wang Buping didn’t give him or the cold and dark army behind him a look, instead sitting down on the damp stone path, starting to process the bamboo strips, focused on making the umbrella in his hands. His face was extremely pale, his hands shaking a bit, but his expression was unspeakably stubborn.

The entire street became silent once more.

A weak and delicate youngster who couldn’t butcher a chicken sat there alone, resisting the valiant Yunqin army.

Another elder walked out.

The elder was the riverfront small building’s Elder Mo. He walked out from the people in the back, while walking out, he also picked up a chair from a store to the side, sitting down.

“If I am to die here, then so be it.”

Elder Mo’s expression was extremely calm, only feeling that since his life was mediocre, then a death that was a bit more meaningful was also a good thing. Only, because of his old scholar pedantic nature, when he sat down, he still spat out these words.

A simple looking older woman who had a wound on her forehead also silently walked out, calmly facing imminent death.

This was Feng Zeyi’s mother. She came from Clear River Town, but only saw her son’s ice-cold and swollen corpse. She didn’t see her daughter-in-law among the women that were rescued either. If she were to say that there was anyone left in this world that was closely related to her, then there was only Young Sir Lin left, the one person who didn’t hesitate to violate the law to grant her justice.

“What a mighty and majestic Yunqin troop.”

A wave of applause sounded. A middle-aged man walked out, walking in front of this older woman, sitting down.

This was Fourth Grandpa Zhu.

“Elder Mo, I’ve offended you gravely previously, I apologize sincerely. It was all just for a bit of pride.” After sitting down, he seriously and apologetically bowed towards this Elder Mo, quietly apologizing.

“It seems like you still have some character. Previously, my judgment of you was a bit biased. If we can make it out of this alive, then I can sell my riverfront small building to you.” Elder Mo gave Fourth Grandpa Zhu a look, saying this.

“That bit of pride is already gone, there is already not much to argue over.” Fourth Grandpa Zhu laughed, shaking his head.

While they were speaking, even more people walked out.

There were elders, middle-aged women, fishermen, porters… in that instant, forty to fifty people came out.

In this world, in the end, there were still many people who didn’t fear death.

Wei Xianwu’s eyelids sank. Even though he carried the resolution and will to pay any price, right now, he still sensed a bit of panic in the army behind him.

Right at this time, the people at the end of the path suddenly separated. A youngster appeared under the fine rain.

A youngster holding a green umbrella.

His pupils contracted.

The one who held the umbrella was precisely Lin Xi.

Most of the people here didn’t bring umbrellas, letting the fine rain pour on them. However, when Lin Xi held this umbrella, no one felt the slightest feeling of disharmony, because what was also in his hands was a public document, the umbrella could prevent this scroll from being soaked.

The instant he saw the seal of the public declaration document, Wei Xianwu’s heart produced wisps of coldness.

How was this possible?

He came extremely quickly, and who knew just how many people in these towns would risk their lives to prevent this public document from being released. Even if that correspondent was smacked unconscious, he still wouldn’t allow Lin Xi to complete this public declaration document that quickly. It was because as soon as he reached East Port Town, Lin Xi would already no longer be an Enforcer, but rather a criminal, so he could stop all matters Lin Xi conducted. However, unknown as to what methods Lin Xi used, this document was actually completed this quickly.

In the fine rain, Lin Xi who held the umbrella seemed to have seen through Wei Xianwu’s thoughts. He earnestly unfolded this public declaration document on the main street public announcement board, under the eaves, and then turned around to look at the distant Wei Xianwu, saying with a smile. “Wei Xianwu, why did it take you so long to come here?”

Wei Xianwu looked at Lin Xi silently. Only after more than ten breaths passed, did he say, “Criminal Lin Xi, do you understand your crimes?”

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