Book 5 Chapter 39 - Sounds of Swift Hooves

Thriving Prosperity’s great owner moved along the river shore quickly.

Not even waiting for the eleven skeletons to be dug out, when Lin Xi refused to accept the document, this yellow clothed elder already turned around and hurriedly left.

It was because he understood extremely clearly that even though there were some matters that he already set in motion, because the other party’s response was too quick, and since Military Prison was interfering, the matters he had ordered to be taken care of had to be done even a bit faster to display any use.

A completely heaven shocking case appeared.

Almost all of the civilians who saw Lin Xi’s course of judging this case easily understood just what kind of crimes Silver Hook Lane’s criminals committed.

It was because to satisfy some people’s desires to play with women, they kidnapped civilians, and it was far worse than what they suspected previously. Some of the other missing women cases just hadn’t been associated with Silver Hook Lane yet.

Bribing officials… Clear River Town’s Enforcer Office didn’t even accept the case… killing the family of the family members who investigated this matter… sending someone to assassinate the Enforcer… just any one of these things would be enough for execution by a thousand cuts!

However, many...

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