Book 5 Chapter 36 - Tearing Apart the Ship

Thriving Prosperity’s great owner was also watching from shore right now.

As the great owner of a merchant company on the level of Thriving Prosperity, his abilities might be far greater than those of any official in Breath River.

From the initial assassination to the pursuit and arrest, bringing out the corpse, letting the mother arrive, and then forcing his superior officer through the will of the people, Lin Xi’s actions could be said to be extremely meticulous, exceptionally beautiful. Moreover, the strength of character he displayed was something that even made this great owner feel a heart of cherishing talent.

However, when Lin Xi’s sword actually stabbed straight through Xu Chengfeng’s body in front of everyone’s faces, while he was filled with shock, his brows also furrowed tightly, his heart even more so filled with extreme disappointment.

Yunqin law strictly permitted interrogation under torture only when there wasn’t enough proof, let alone this type of direct assassination, threatening with death.

Doing this in full light of day, under everyone’s eyes, this was completely ignorant bravery, completely opposite of the beautiful way of doing things before. Moreover, Yunqin law strictly prohibited...

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