Book 5 Chapter 34 - So-Called Unyielding

When he saw Xu Chengfeng take a step back, the military official who had already endured for a long time finally couldn’t hold himself back anymore, his voice sunken as he said, “Enforcer Lin, in all of Yunqin, there is not a single Enforcer who judges a case purely on assumptions.”

“Yunqin might not have any Enforcers who judge a case based on assumptions, but all Enforcers will use some words to observe the other party’s facial expressions and body language, see if the criminal has a guilty conscience.”

When Lin Xi faced this bronze-armored military officer’s criticism, he didn’t mind it at all, calmly saying, “If you speak out rudely again, hindering my way of doing things, I will first arrest you for disturbing the handling of the case without reason.”

The military officer was furious, shouting out, “Enforcer Lin, you really are putting on airs.”

“Look at his appearance, he’s clearly lacking in confidence.”

“Exactly, not long ago, he was still so arrogant, but now, he looks like he was scared like this… this official is also under the Three Towns Battalion Commander, is he trying to curry favor with his superior’s son?”

“Previously, Sir Enforcer already said that quite a few officials were guests of Silver Hook Lane. This official and that one that always treated Sir Lin rudely… I fear that they are all together in this.”

Lin Xi didn’t say anything, only calmly looking at this military officer and Xu Chengfeng. However, the surrounding people began to speak with anger and mockery, already sounding at this time.

The military officer’s imposing manner began to wane, his face gradually becoming pale.

When Yunqin’s government system assessed the situation, there was one share that was of the people’s opinion. The Ministry of Appointments and Justice Sector all had their independent branches, having their people visit civilians in ordinary clothes, these officials usually upright and plainspoken. Meanwhile, the opinions of the public occupied an extremely large part when considering the promotion or fault-finding. All officials clearly understood that establishing a good reputation among the people was difficult, while tarnishing their own reputation was extremely easy. With just one or two cases, it might be forever hard to change many people’s view of them.

Lin Xi still didn’t say anything, only looking at the bright and clear river surface.

Lin Xi remaining silent, not saying anything, was because he knew that even if it didn’t necessarily bring him much benefits, Lian Zhanshan, as Lin Xi’s direct superior, definitely couldn’t ignore it.

As such, Lian Zhanshan did his best to control his mood, saying amiably, “Enforcer Lin, what are you waiting for now?”

Lin Xi gave Lian Zhanshan a look, suddenly unable to hold back a laugh, his laughter filling Lian Zhanshan with loathing.

Lian Zhanshan hated him, but didn’t dare show his hatred, making Lin Xi couldn’t help but think of Xu Shengmo… However, even though Xu Shengmo always had a sour face, compared to these people, he was instead much cuter.

“I am waiting for someone.” Lin Xi laughed in that hateful manner, and then said, “What you all said is correct. When an Enforcer is handling cases, proof is obviously needed.”

He is waiting for someone? Who is he waiting for?

Lian Zhanshan didn’t know who Lin Xi was waiting for, but because of Lin Xi’s tone and all of the surrounding people’s reactions, he instead didn’t say anything else, only placing his hands behind him and stepping to the side.

The scene slowly became quiet. Everyone’s eyes gathered towards the river surface.

After waiting for a long time, the people who were in an elevated position suddenly saw something. Soon, everyone saw that there was a black dragon boat that appeared on the river surface.

This wasn’t a day when dragon boats would be moved, but this was a true dragon boat.

The boat had a total of thirty shiny dark skinned robust men who were paddling with all their strength, at the head of the ship was an elder dressed in a red scholar hat, currently beating a drum.

The elder and the thirty robust men all had their upper bodies bare, the sweat on their bodies trickling down their bodies like earthworms.

In the ship sat a fifty something year old, simple looking older lady.

She sat there without moving. Because of the boat’s speed, the river’s wind blew her white hair in a bit of a disorderly manner.

The scene of the paddling men moving and her still figure gave quite a few people a mysterious sense of power. Immediately, the entire river facing side of East Port Town became completely quiet.

The dragon boat approached shore.

The plain and simple older lady already stood up. She organized her clothes, and then walked over, entering the crowd.

The expression on her face was extremely calm, full of kindness and an amiable feeling, as if she was here to teach a class for children at the academy.

She walked up to Lin Xi, ignoring the other officials present, and then gave Lin Xi a deep bow of respect. Then, without saying anything, she looked at the corpse on the ground and then slowly entered the small building.

When she came back out, there was a bowl of fresh water in one of her hands and a clean cloth in the other. She then squatted down, starting to wipe away the dirt that covered that corpse’s body bit by bit. All of the water spots and other filth were wiped extremely carefully.

Everyone completely understood who this older woman was.

This silent scene made the people break out into discussion again, even more furious voices sounding. Some of the elders and middle-aged women began to cry in sympathy.

Lin Xi didn’t say anything, nor did he stop this older woman’s actions. He only released a sigh, giving Xu Chengfeng on the side a look.

Xu Chengfeng’s face became even more pale, but a cold smile also began to cover his face.

The scene of the older woman cleaning the corpse’s face wasn’t as bad as the corpse’s eyes.

She lowered the bowl and cloth, and then knelt down before Lin Xi, saying with a hoarse voice. “This is precisely my son Feng Zeyi, Sir Lin, please help my son obtain justice.”

When her words sounded, her forehead slammed heavily into the limestone floor in front of her, a muffled pa sounding, the noise ringing in everyone’s hearts. Blood began to trickle along the limestone, flowing from the older woman’s forehead.

Lin Xi took a step forward, unable to stop her in time, only able to hold this older woman.

“Do not worry, I will definitely obtain justice for you!”

He tore off a section of his sleeve, stopping the older woman’s injury. He said this quietly by this older woman’s ears, and then he stood up, looking straight at Lian Zhanshan, saying, “I wish to search Silver Hook Lane, I must ask Sir Lian to grant permission.”

When he heard Lin Xi’s words, the sneer Xu Chengfeng suppressed on his face for a long time finally appeared. “Sir Lin, since you suspect Silver Hook Lane, what does it have to do with me? I already said that all of your criticisms with me are based on your own assumptions. What proof do you have to show that I have any relationship with Silver Hook Lane?”

Lin Xi gave Xu Chengfeng a cold look, and then turned around again to look at Lian Zhanshan. “Regardless of whether Silver Hook Lane has any relationship with him, Sir Lian, I want to first investigate Silver Hook Lane, so I must ask sir for permission.”

Lian Zhanshan took a deep breath.

According to Yunqin law, before the Enforcer had concrete proof, only holding suspicion, if they wanted to search any residence, they needed his permission as the Town Police. As long as he persisted in not allowing it, Lin Xi might immediately have to end this debate, but could he really say no?

Countless eyes already gathered on his body.

Apart from East Port Town’s people, there were many merchants who stopped in East Port Town.

If he didn’t permit it, perhaps just these eyes alone would completely crush him, let alone how far the news would travel afterwards.

“Fine.” He nodded with a bit of difficulty. “I permit you to search Silver Hook Lane.”

His agreement was a bit difficult, but the sneer of Xu Chengfeng’s face instead became even stronger.

Once this news sounded, even if they immediately hurried to Silver Hook Lane, what could remain in Silver Hook Lane?

However, right at this time, a soldier suddenly quickly made his way out from the crowd, arriving before Lian Zhanshan and that military officer, saying with an ice-cold expression. “Large amounts of Black Oil and Stone Rats have surrounded Silver Hook Lane.”


Xu Chengfeng’s sneer immediately froze on his face, even Lian Zhanshan and that military officer suddenly turned around to look at Fourth Grandpa Zhu and Second Grandpa Zhang, “By surrounding the market, could it be that you all wish to rebel against public order?”

“It was me who had them help me out. Once I go there, all of their people will naturally leave.” Lin Xi said seriously. “I paid them a wage, each person one copper.”

After saying this, Lin Xi turned around, walking towards Silver Hook Lane with large steps. Everyone moved to the sides, cheers and acclaim erupting.

Thriving Prosperity’s Manager Song Chengpeng and the important figures on the two great ships all saw Lin Xi walk out with large steps, and then saw those bailiffs detain Xu Chengfeng while following along.

“Manager Song, who would have thought that he really dared to take on this case.” Among Thriving Prosperity’s important figures, a thick browed middle-aged man couldn’t help but release a huff of air. His original dissatisfaction, following this breath, seemed to have completely turned into admiration.

Song Chengpeng’s face also displayed a forced smile, no longer holding half an ounce of resentment. “I already knew Dragon King Zhang, these people were unyielding, who would have thought that they were unyielding to this degree? Who would have thought this Young Sir Lin is also unyielding to this degree, only…”

“Only, you are worried that in the end, this type of bravery is still useless, that in the end, it will just be that this Breath River has less unyielding individuals?” Right at this time, a slightly aged voice entered their ears.

Song Chengpeng and the other figures immediately felt shock and joy. When they turned around, they saw a thin white browed elder. These people immediately bowed, saying in the most sincere and respectful manner, “Great owner, why did your respected self come?”

“I just happened to be passing by. I heard that there was quite a formidable Enforcer that appeared, and now, I just happened to see this brilliance. This type of bravery and unyielding nature truly cleaned up quite a bit of this river surface.” The thin, white browed elder looked into the direction Lin Xi walked towards, saying with a sigh of admiration.

“When I came, I heard that Censor Jiang just happened to be in Deereast City. If you all don’t wish to see this place having less brave and unyielding individuals on this Breath River, you can send someone over to incite him a bit, if he has time, he can come here to take a look.” After a slight pause, this scholar-like elder who was only dressed in ordinary yellow clothes looked at Song Chengpeng and the others, saying quietly.

“Great owner, your respected self wishes to help him?” Song Chengpeng heard the true meaning, and then revealed a bit of a bitter smile again.

The great owner of this Thriving Prosperity nodded. “There are some people who have exceptional innate characteristics. Moreover, it is precisely because these people exist that we can properly do business, that there is any room to be reasonable.”

Groups of bare upper bodied, barefooted dark skinned men, their feet covered in mud, stood in knee-deep water, densely surrounding an extremely large silver painted decorated pleasure boat.

These rough and crude men who normally chewed on chili peppers, temperaments explosive, today completely lowered their heads. No matter how the pleasure boat’s people cursed at them, even if they threw things at them, they still didn’t utter a word, not moving at all, only submitting to humiliation and silently standing there.

Only when they saw Lin Xi, Second Grandpa Zhang and others walk over, did these people wash their bodies with the river water, starting to quietly come ashore, leaving without a word.

Lin Xi made his way over, getting on this giant silver decorated pleasure boat.

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