Book 5 Chapter 32 - Everything Becomes Clear in One Night

“He has reported to Clear River Town’s Enforcer Office?”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed. Thriving Prosperity’s abilities were indeed a bit greater than even what he predicted. However, for Song Chengpeng to only say this after being forced to this extent, it seemed like the waters he was playing with might be a bit deeper than what he expected.

“What is his name, what kind of case did he report?” He looked at this strict-faced Song Chengpeng, gazed into his eyes and asked this.

“You have to understand that we are only businessmen, we are not bailiffs.” Song Chengpeng looked at Lin Xi who didn’t seem affected by anything, coldly saying, “We only found out that someone just happened to have entered Clear River Town’s Enforcer Office for a case. As for what kind of case, don’t tell me you can’t look into it yourself?”

Lin Xi raised his head slightly, saying, “Manager Song’s words seem to carry deeper meanings, or perhaps you are hiding many things that should be said.”

Song Chengpeng’s face sunk, not saying anything else, instead seriously repeating, “We are only businessmen. The things that we cannot provoke and should not provoke, we definitely cannot touch.”

Lin Xi gave Song Chengpeng a look, and then he looked at everyone in the surroundings, calmly asking, “In Yunqin law, what is most important?”


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