Book 5 Chapter 30 - Longbow Behind the Green Clothed Youngster

The fish meat had been completely finished. Lin Xi stood up, removed the fish head, and then threw the snow-white skeleton into the still boiling pot.

Right now, the drizzle already stopped, the river becoming clearer. Lin Xi turned around, smiled towards the somewhat regretful Second Grandpa Zhang. “It won’t be too late to drink a glass with mister once we reach shore.”

Second Grandpa Zhang nodded, saying with a smile. “Okay.”

When the reeds at the sides of the river gradually became more sparse, the river surface suddenly became even more wide. At the sides of the river, one could vaguely make out rocks of varying sizes, their surfaces polished smooth by the river water.

They already arrived in the shallow waters Second Grandpa Zhang spoke of.

Second Grandpa Zhang’s face suddenly produced a bit of a pleased expression, his body also becoming a bit straighter. The boat he and Lin Xi rode was still extremely stable, not even the pot at the front of the boat shaking in the slightest. However, the speed of the entire small boat instead became faster.

The man in the black raincoat up ahead turned around. Lin Xi and Second Grandpa Zhang already saw his face clearly.

This was a middle-aged man with an exceptionally...

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