Book 5 Chapter 28 - Pole Wielding Dragon King

When the attic’s windows were pushed aside, the fine rain scattered down on Lin Xi’s face and body.

It was a bit cold.

Right now, Lin Xi couldn’t help but recall the fine ice fragments that fluttered about, at the same time seeing the black figures who made their way out of the river clearly.

These dozen or so black figures all wore black waterproof armor that even covered their faces, short harpoon-like weapons in their hands.

The river’s water slid off their bodies, as if they were water specters.

At the same time, these figures who emerged from the water also saw Lin Xi on the attic terrace.

They saw the green-clothed youngster stand calmly in the fine rain, the two wooden chests on his back, and another wooden chest in his hand.

A flash of cold light passed through the eyes of the one walking at the very front, now, he already jumped onto the waterfront terrace in front of the small building. He reached out his hand, and then a streak of black light flew out from his fingers. In the quiet skies, a faint whistling sound rang out, directly flying towards the roof’s eaves. This assassin dressed in skintight black waterproof armor already ran forward crazily with astonishing speed.

This dark light was actually a clawed hook with rope attached to it.

This assassin’s body moved faster and faster, his steps quicker and quicker, wishing to borrow this hook to run up the wall. He ran while facing the drizzling night sky, directly heading up to attack Lin Xi.

Fourth Grandpa Zhu walked out from the third alley under a black oil cloth umbrella.

The distance from this third alley to the aged riverfront building wasn’t that far, after just walking out from the alley entrance, walking  along the paved road for several breaths of time, he could already clearly see the small building where Lin Xi resided.

Because he was thinking over his wording, this ambitious and ruthless figure walked along the river rather slowly.

Suddenly, his body suddenly trembled, coming to a stop. The black oil cloth umbrella was even directly lowered.

Even though it was already late into the night, he was a sailor since he was young, so his vision at night was who knew how many times better than that of ordinary people. Moreover, in this night, there was a thick killing intent he already hadn’t sensed for a long time.

He raised his head in a bit of a rigid manner, intuitively looking towards the small building. The fine rain instantly drenched his face.

Right at this time, the assassin at the very front already quickly sprinted out, his first step about to reach this small building’s wall.

It was precisely at this time that Lin Xi, who was standing outside the attic window, opened the wooden chest in his hands.

Inside the wooden chest, was a faint green longsword.

Then, what made many of the dark figures’ eyes, especially the assassin at the very front freeze, was that he leapt out from the attic, flying through the night sky.

Faint green light scattered across the rain. With a dang noise, the grappling hook the assassin flung out was cut flying.

Lin Xi’s foot directly stepped on the chest of this assassin who just flew out.

The assassin’s arms both flew out, the weapons in his hands both stabbing forward, but Lin Xi’s foot was a step faster, stepping on this assassin’s chest right before they intersected.

At this moment, in everyone’s eyes, this gentle and calm youngster with two wooden chests on his back suddenly became filled with viciousness, as if he became a completely different person. The rain around him seemed to have sensed something, moving out of the way, not a single drop landing on his green clothes.


This black waterproof armored assassin flew over the heads of the other assassins, falling heavily into the river, producing a huge splashing noise.

Fourth Grandpa Zhu didn’t see Lin Xi stand on the attic before.

He only saw these black figures emerge from the river, climb up the terrace, he saw that Wang Buping was completely unaware of it all, still seriously working on the umbrella on the boardwalk in front of the small building.

This outsider youngster also saw Fourth Grandpa Zhu.

He didn’t know that this middle-aged man dressed in rough cotton clothes was precisely the renowned Fourth Grandpa Zhu, only, it was a bit strange… the rain was clearly falling heavier and heavier, yet why did this middle-aged man instead place the umbrella in his hands to the side, standing rigidly in place?

Wang Buping didn’t know about Lin Xi’s careful arrangements, so he just assumed that those sounds were made by Lin Xi. However, the metallic sound of Lin Xi’s long sword striking the grappling hook finally made him sense that something wasn’t right. He suddenly lowered the things in his hands, running towards the main hall of the small building.

Then, he and Fourth Grandpa Zhu both saw that assassin fly out as if he was rammed into by a wooden pillar, flying out of the terrace, falling into the river heavily.

Wang Buping’s body went rigid, the first reaction was to turn around and shout. However, right at this moment, he saw Lin Xi who just landed, the faint green longsword in his hands already brandished outwards.

The fine rain falling from the sky seemed to immediately become extremely slow.

It was because the sword in Lin Xi’s hands was too fast.

All of the rain in front of the sword was scattered into fine droplets.

A faint green light appeared, like the glimmers of dawn.

An ear-piercing metallic grinding sound rang out, a miserable howl came to a grunting stop!

The second assassin who charged forward blocked in front of him with the sai in his hands, but he still couldn’t stop Lin Xi’s slash. The sai and both his arms smashed into his chest, directly tumbling outwards, rolling along the clammy ground like a rock.

Wang Buping’s mouth was wide open, but he didn’t utter any sound.

He didn’t have any time to think, but he felt that… Lin Xi, before these ghost-like assassins, was like a fierce tiger running among sheep.

The other black-armored assassins who were silently rushing at Lin Xi suddenly froze, also suddenly understanding something. Their bodies were quickly occupied by fear, the sharp sai in their hands also feeling exceptionally cold.

Lin Xi took another step forward, the longsword in his hands drawing a streak through the air once more, sending another black-armored assassin tumbling. Meanwhile, his left hand also smashed into the chest of a black-armored assassin who got too close.

The sai in this assassin’s hands was flickering with cold light, already reaching Lin Xi’s neck, less than a foot from the main artery, yet it just couldn’t continue.

Clear bone cracking sounds were released from his chest.

Then, his body curled up like a ball, fiercely falling into the ground, moreover continuing to slide back from the impact. After heavily smashing into a large stone vat behind him, his body could no longer get back up. 

Upon seeing this scene, another assassin’s body began to tremble uncontrollably. He screamed in an extremely vicious manner, “Capture and kill him!”

However, this shout also exposed that he was the leader of these assassins. Lin Xi’s legs fiercely stamped on the ground. Two blasts of water surged from below his feet, his entire figure also flying out.

Several pairs of sai and grappling hooks flew out, wishing to restrain and kill him in the air.

However, before overwhelming power, these things were as weak as moths. With a swing of Lin Xi’s longsword, all of the sai were sent flying. Even if there were two hooks that bound around him, the ones holding the grappling hooks instead couldn’t stand still, falling down.


When facing Lin Xi who descended from above, this assassin leader released the fiercest, most explosive shout he had ever shouted in his life. The moment the longsword in Lin Xi’s right hand was slightly delayed by the grappling hooks, he didn’t withdraw, instead advancing, charging straight at Lin Xi, the sai in his hands both stabbing fiercely at Lin Xi’s chest.

This was definitely an attack without any regard for his own life, wishing to drag Lin Xi down with him.

This assassin leader also understood extremely clearly that when facing cultivators, their fates were already no longer their own.

When he saw that this assassin leader already didn’t care about his own life, Lin Xi frowned slightly.

“You are a soldier?”

He looked at this assassin leader, saying this. At the same time, his left hand already struck forward.

At this time, light flickered past this leader’s eyes, inwardly feeling joy. The sai in his hands already stabbed fiercely at Lin Xi’s hand.

However, his eyes immediately froze.

With a dang noise, when the two sai struck Lin Xi’s hand, there was a metallic sound released, unable to strike through at all. Lin Xi’s palm already pressed against his chest, his entire body also bending backwards, falling into the damp ground.


An ambiguous voice instead sounded tenaciously, erupting together with a mouthful of blood.

All of the remaining black-armored assassins didn’t hesitate for even a moment, all of them turning around, frantically running towards the river they came from.

Lin Xi didn’t chase after these assassins, only heading towards the assassin leader on the ground.

Black-armored assassins jumped into the river one after another like large fish, producing great splashes.

These black-armored assassins came silently, but left in such a panicked manner.

Fourth Grandpa Zhu’s clothes were already completely drenched in fine rain. When he saw that Lin Xi was completely fine and the panicked splashes one after another, his hands instead became even colder, his face starting to turn pale.

Lin Xi really was as Second Grandpa Zhang deduced, a cultivator.

However, right now, he just happened to be right here, these assassins also appearing at this time to kill Lin Xi. Moreover, that umbrella making youngster already clearly saw that it was him.

This way, no matter what angle one looked at it from, Lin Xi might still believe that these assassins were sent by him, that it was an assassination conducted by Fourth Grandpa Zhu.

Watching his own opponent be killed while holding an umbrella would naturally be one of the happiest things of his life.

However, these assassins were completely unrelated to him… Moreover, how could this timing be this much of a coincidence?

He, who had already licked the blood off of blades for so long, immediately thought that someone was deliberately shifting the blame onto him!

Who was it?

Who was it that dared assassinate an Enforcer, and then blame it on him?!

He immediately felt great anger, but also fear. However, he quickly made an extremely difficult decision. He clenched his teeth and directly closed the umbrella, quickly walking towards that green-clothed youngster quietly standing under the rain.

“Fourth brother, right now, for better or for worse, you didn’t go the wrong way.”

A pallid faced, sickly middle-aged man stood on another porch, watching the distant Fourth Grandpa Zhu and the small building, shaking his head, sighing.

He was the extremely sickly Second Grandpa Zhang.

Because he always felt a bit uneasy and since he wanted to personally see that young cultivator, even though he was seriously ill, he still quietly left third alley, following him out.

As expected, this night wasn’t peaceful.

He witnessed this assassination that wasn’t especially bitter, but carried tremendous significance.

After shaking his head, deeply moved, he turned around slightly.

He saw a boat within the riverbank reeds.

An old fisherman returned a bit later, his body damp as he carried a bamboo basket ashore. Because of his sensitivity towards water sounds, this old fisherman was also currently walking towards the small building, but because the night was dark, his sight not as good as Second Grandpa Zhang’s, he couldn’t see clearly.

The sickly Second Grandpa Zhang moved, the tips of his feet tapping on the ground, and then his body rose, flying past the fisherman’s head and steadily landing on the boat.

“Apologies, Zhang Long will temporarily borrow this boat.”

He smiled apologetically towards the old fisherman, and then he gently moved the pole. Like an arrow leaving a bowstring, the boat moved across the river surface with unimaginable stability and speed, drawing out a streak in the water, speeding towards the small building.

The old fisherman on the shore almost sat right on the ground, full of shock and disbelief. A look of incredible adoration filled his face. “It’s the river’s Dragon King? He…”

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