Book 5 Chapter 18 - Unable to

“Locked up for half a year?”

The dark faced large man was startled, only feeling like Lin Xi’s words were a bit strange.

“Seems like Lin Xi really was a student a certain great one favors, brave and wise.” On the contrary, for Peng Xiaofeng who was kicked, his eyes now instead carried a bit more true respect for Lin Xi. Purely from Lin Xi’s expressions and how he handled matters just now, he clearly understood that Lin Xi wasn’t one of those ignorant and incompetent silk pants who only relied on their patrons.

“Someone from the Enforcer Office came.”

“Even if it is someone from the Enforcer Office, I fear that they still can’t do much to Fourth Grandpa Zhu’s men.”

Right at this time, Lin Xi heard some discussions. He turned around, only seeing a clear and square, steady faced middle-aged bailiff quickly walk over along the riverside boardwalk.

Previously, he had never seen a bailiff in Deerwood Town, the small booklet Mu Qing gave him also didn’t have many explanations regarding the Enforcer Office’s uniform, but when he saw the blue gown on this middle-aged bailiff, a large ‘arrest’ character at the center of his chest, it couldn’t be more clear. This person didn’t wear any hats, only having a blade at his side.

This blade looked much shorter than the border army’s long blades, only a bit longer than the short...

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