Book 5 Chapter 17 - East Port Town’s First Fight

This place was already only half a day’s journey from Deerwood Town. While standing next to the carriage, examining this flourishing town that was a bit similar to his past world’s Fenghuang Ancient Town, Lin Xi immediately became a bit deeply moved.

Yunqin’s official paths were all along cities and towns, this way, there wouldn’t be too many obstructions, moving more smoothly. That was why even though he and Uncle Liu traveled through half of Yunqin Empire, Lin Xi now also making a trip back, they didn’t stop much in the great towns and cities. As such, this bustling East Port Town was still full of novelty for him.

The remote and desolate Deerwood Town was only half a day’s journey away from this place, yet this place was so full of liveliness.

Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan had already departed to other towns’ government offices to report for duty, according to regulations, he also had to report his arrival at the government office, and only then could he find leisure time to return to Deerwood Town. Otherwise, others would view it as purposely holding things up, and he would be punished as an official who disrespected Yunqin Emperor’s will.

Peng Xiaofeng stood at Lin Xi’s side.

He was Lin Xi’s driver from Martial Sector. Even though he also wore everyday clothes, he was also minor tenth rank. Since he was only twenty-seven years of age, even though he only took over the responsibility of bringing Lin Xi to East Port Town four days ago, their ages weren’t far apart, and as such, their relationship was quite good, becoming familiar with each other’s personality.

“Sir Lin, if you want to slowly look around, proceed on foot, that is fine as well. However, because of my duty, I cannot go back first.” When Lin Xi got off the carriage, took a look at East Port Town, and then said that Peng Xiaofeng could go back first, Peng Xiaofeng shook his head, saying, “At most, I can only slowly accompany you to the Town Supervisor Manor.”

Lin Xi knew that even though Peng Xiaofeng strictly followed orders from above, not even asking much about his background along the way, moreover his participation in Green Luan Academy’s entrance examination something only Deereast City’s Supervisor knew about, whether he was accepted also confidential, that there was no way a low level official like Peng Xiaofeng would associate him with a Green Luan Academy student, he also understood extremely clearly that no matter how stupid Peng Xiaofeng was, he should still be able to tell that he was different from other petty officials, at the very least, he would view him on the level of some high official’s children or specially raised students. During their few days of interactions, Lin Xi knew that this type of true Yunqin petty officer would definitely carry out orders meticulously, moreover, the personalities of the people of this world were more inflexible to begin with, and as such, they paid great respect to official rank and seniority, basically a completely different world from Green Luan Academy. For example, these past few days, Lin Xi told him not to call him Sir Lin, just calling him directly by his name was enough, Peng Xiaofeng still always refused to do so, paying great detail to ceremony.

When he saw this young soldier’s respectful reply, Lin Xi also only nodded, saying with a smile, “This is fine as well. Then I’ll have to trouble big brother Peng to accompany me a bit longer.”

Peng Xiaofeng’s expression immediately became a bit more tense, saying, “Sir Lin is too courteous, this is something this humble one ought to do.”

Lin Xi slowly walked along East Port Town’s streets.

The journey was too long, Green Luan Academy also too high up above, not involved with worldly affairs. This East Port Town was the true secular world, full of worldly affairs.

Wine shops, pawn shops, teahouses, silk shops, tailor shops, flower stores… Lin Xi, who was accustomed to Green Luan Academy’s peacefulness, found it a bit hard to take in all at once. However, the accents he was familiar with instead made Lin Xi feel like everything was more real.

Even though it was much livelier than the quiet and secluded Deerwood Town, some of the lifestyle habits and foods weren’t much different from Deerwood Town.

There was the spicy sliced meat braised noodles people in Deerwood Town loved to eat in the mornings and also the minced meat pancakes Lin Xi normally enjoyed the most.

The road was made of skid resistant limestone boards, the buildings at both sides of the street all especially interesting and appealing to Lin Xi. Because this town was different from Deerwood Town, close to water, there were shallow canals at both sides of the road, calm and clear water flowing within. In some places where the shallow canal was a bit wider, there were even small wooden bridges or stone arch bridges.

The water surface reflected the small bridges and trees along the road, some verdant plants growing within them. The wind would occasionally bring down some flower petals, these petals slowly floating along.

Along the sides of the road, there were people washing rice, vegetables, or perhaps some utensils.

Lin Xi walked up to a pancake shop whose signboard was even fading in high spirits.

“Big brother Peng, do you want some meat pancakes?”

When he smelled the familiar pan fried meat pancake smell, Lin Xi turned around to ask Peng Xiaofeng who always followed at his side.

Peng Xiaofeng instinctively wanted to refuse, but when he saw Lin Xi’s excited expression, he instead nodded for who knew what reason, saying, “Okay.”

Two pan fried meat pancakes were immediately placed into Peng Xiaofeng’s hands. Lin Xi held  the two meat pancakes wrapped in paper himself, slowly chewing on one of them, continuing his way forward.

“The meat’s juices are great, and there’s not even any leanness enhancing agents added.”

When he thought of this line, the corners of Lin Xi’s lips immediately curled up into a smile.

A large half of East Port Town’s streets were close to the river bank, many of these shops built facing the water. There were many long walkways built along the river as well, many small fishing boats docked at the stone pier.

Lin Xi finished his two meat pancakes, and then leisurely walked along a street with his hands clasped behind him. To the south were large amounts of thick cloth canopies, buildings seemingly stacked one upon the other. He didn’t know what kind of marketplace it was, but while accompanied by this clear and exquisite mountain water, it looked extremely beautiful.

There was a small island in the river, some fishing boats currently casting their nets nearby.

As he took in all of these natural scenes, he vaguely heard sounds of quarreling from a street up ahead.

Lin Xi wasn’t in that much of a rush either, wishing to first give this East Port Town’s scenery a good look, so he decided to head over and join in on the liveliness.

However, what he saw was a fifty something year old woman in front of a flour shop one street over, her face completely pale, body shaking all over. She looked like she was utterly furious, but didn’t dare to make a sound. Next to her was a tofu stall that was knocked over, tofu and juices scattered all over the ground.

There were already quite a few people who gathered in the surroundings. A youngster who sounded like he wasn’t from around here stopped a large dark faced man dressed in light silk clothes, full of an air of righteousness as he argued, but the dark faced large man remained silent, a sneer on his face.

Just from listening to some of the quiet discussions around him, Lin Xi already knew roughly what happened. This dark faced large man bumped over the tofu stall this older woman carried, but not only did he not offer compensation, he instead blamed the older woman for not being careful, saying that this booth even damaged his silk clothes, asking for the older woman for compensation.

Judging from what he said, it wasn’t the dark faced big man who bumped into the older woman, but instead the older woman who didn’t notice him.

“Isn’t this fella always around Fourth Grandpa Zhu… if this outsider continues to make a disturbance, things are definitely not going to end well for him.”

“He’s one of Fourth Grandpa Zhu’s men?”

“Then hurry and warn that youngster, or else it’ll really end disastrously for him!”

Right at this time, the discussions of some people behind him entered Lin Xi’s ears.

Lin Xi furrowed his brows slightly, turning around. He only saw an elder who held two slaughtered fish, a middle-aged woman holding a container filled with wet clothes, as well as someone who seemed like a local shopkeeper. From their way of speaking and clothes, it seemed like they were all local residents.

The moment he turned around, he saw that elder toss the fish tied in grass ropes into the shopkeeper’s hands, and then that elder prepared to pull aside that outsider youngster to talk to him. However, suddenly, cries of alarm sounded. That outsider youngster took a few steps back, almost falling, fiercely pushed down by the dark faced large man who felt that it was beneath him to say anything.

“Not much meat on your bones, yet you dare step out and meddle in others’ business?” When he pushed aside this outsider youngster, the dark faced larger man sneered.

The outsider youngster’s face flushed red, saying angrily, “You dare act fiercely in broad daylight? Either way, if you aren’t going to be reasonable today, I will definitely drag you with me to see an official!”

“Let me offer you another bit of advice, this matter isn’t something you can get involved in.” The dark faced large man gave this outsider youngster a look of contempt. “If you insist on being a bother, even if I beat you down right here, no one will help you.”

That older woman who had her tofu stall knocked over was also continuously pulling on this outsider youngster, at the same time hurriedly saying some things quietly, but this youngster instead became even angrier, shouting out, “I know what is going on now, turns out you are from the local bullies who have some authority. I refuse to believe that under this Yunqin’s laws, your actions can be tolerated!”

The dark faced larger man’s face completely sunk, starting to reveal a sinister expression. “Seems like you really are tired of living.”

“If you don’t…”

The outsider youngster took a step forward, but before he could say anything, with a peng sound, the dark faced large man kicked him in the abdomen, immediately making him sit down on the ground. The youngster clutched his stomach, finding it hard to even breathe.


The dark faced large man sneered in disdain and then turned around to leave. No one went up to stop him.

Peng Xiaofeng’s face sunk, but before he did anything, Lin Xi already walked up, saying to the dark faced large man. “This brother here is so awe-inspiring. I wonder what you name is?”

“What, you also want to meddle in others’ business?” The dark faced large man gave Lin Xi a look, feeling like he didn’t have much of a background, and then directly said with a sneer.

“In that case, I’ll just say things directly.” Lin Xi looked at this dark faced large man, saying seriously, “You should admit your wrongs and pay for damages, including this brother who has been knocked down by you, you also need to compensate him according to the law with three silvers. Otherwise, there is no choice but to drag you back to the enforcer office.”

The dark faced larger man gave Lin Xi a look. He pulled up his sleeves, and then said, “Seems like your bones are itching as well, needing me to smack them around a bit.”

“Big brother Peng, I’ll need your help here, but don’t call me Sir Lin.” Right now, Peng Xiaofeng already walked over from behind him, but Lin Xi instead grabbed him, quietly saying this, and then said, “Don’t strike back.”

Peng Xiaofeng stared blankly for a moment, but a flash of light passed by his eyes, understanding Lin Xi’s intentions. He directly walked up to the dark faced large man.

“Do you really think I, Liu Tong, am someone easy to provoke?”

The dark faced large man looked at Peng Xiaofeng’s provocative movements. He made a feint with his arm, and then sent a kick smashing out.


A slightly wet footprint appeared on Peng Xiaofeng’s chest. With a muffled groan, he took a few steps back.

“Nothing more than a wax imitation pretending to be a silver spear.” The dark faced large man immediately relaxed inside.

Right at this time, Lin Xi instead chuckled, patting his hand. “Good, now, there is enough reason to keep you locked up for half a year.”

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