Book 5 Chapter 16 - New Official Reporting For Duty

In the somewhat shaky carriage, Lin Xi half reclined on the soft padding, stretching out his legs.

He picked up a book, starting to slowly flip through it. After flipping through several pages, he quietly said ‘return’.

After the familiar change in scenery took place, Lin Xi saw that he was still in the carriage, still holding a book, but it was closed, not opened yet.

“It seems like it really is like this.”

Lin Xi said this to himself in satisfaction.

He already completely sensed that it was as he suspected. As long as it was within ten minutes, even if he thought about going back a few seconds, he would return to a few seconds ago.

The shorter the amount of time he returned by, the less the amount of energy exhausted, the brighter that lump of green light in his head would be, and the faster it would recover as well. According to Lin Xi’s experimentations during the past few days, if it was between ten breaths, or ten seconds of time, he didn’t even need a whole day like before, just half a day of time would be enough to recover.

This meant that even if he were to only go back by one second, after using this ability, the remaining green light wasn’t enough to use the ability again.

It seemed like with Principal Zhang’s energy theory, the amount of energy exhausted the instant the ‘roulette’ was pushed was the greatest.

However, as long as he went back less than ten seconds, the energy would recover in half a day of time… If he only needed to return to ten seconds ago each time, then this was already equivalent to being able to use this ability twice per day.

Even though most of the time, going back ten seconds wouldn’t do much at all, sometimes, it might be useful. At the very least, this gave him more options.

He wondered just what kind of brilliant changes there would be to this ability he and Principal Zhang shared once he reached State Knight level.

When he thought about how he could meet his little sister, mom, and dad again soon in Deerwood town, the corners of Lin Xi’s lips moved up again.

With Jiang Xiaoyi and Bian Linghan accompanying him, this journey back to Deerwood Town definitely wouldn’t be lonely. Moreover, comparatively speaking, he had even more things he wanted to do, so there was even less time to be bored.

Lin Xi opened the window curtain a bit, letting some of Four Seasons Plains’ sunlight pass through. Then, he opened this thin book again, starting to seriously read it.

“Uncle… if you weren’t a history teacher or a government worker to begin with, it might not have been so difficult for you.”

After just reading a few pages seriously, Lin Xi couldn’t help but shake his head, releasing a light sigh.

The book before him introduced the massive Yunqin Empire’s bureaucratic system, all of the responsibilities and scope of jurisdiction of the various sectors and various branches under them.

If one wanted to become a local government official, they had to at least understand what they were doing, who was above them, and who was below them.

Judicial Sector’s Enforcer position had major tenth rank’s responsibilities and authority. On the small scroll that was provided to him when he was back at Self Defense Freshman Dormitory, it was already explained that his responsibility was the investigation and handling of cases, as well as capturing those who violated the laws within the administrative region.

Town Supervisors were major eighth rank, the greatest official in a town. This major tenth rank’s Enforcer position wasn’t too hard for Lin Xi to understand either, it was just like being East Port Town’s constable.

Lin Xi previously already learned quite a bit about the eight sectors, what he knew before still conforming with the norms of this type of society. However, after reading some of the official ranks and branch names, they were clearly greatly influenced by Principal Zhang.

For example, the most important branch under Justice Sector was actually called the Anti-Corruption Bureau, while the level directly above this Enforcer Office was called the Police Department, their officials called Town Police Officers.[1]

There was also the Religion Sector’s Astronomy Bureau, also the same as some of the television dramas he was familiar with in his past world, in charge of calendar science and astrology. The worst one was Civil Sector, their most important branch in charge of collecting tax called the Tax Bureau.

This went to show just how much Yunqin’s late emperor relied on Principal Zhang. When the empire was founded back then, all of Yunqin’s bureaucratic structures and laws used in ruling the country were made with Principal Zhang’s suggestions in mind.

From these official rank names that were a mixture of his past world’s costume drama as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan’s theatrical worlds, it was clear that this ordinary high school physics teacher never studied much bureaucracy, moreover might be a physics teacher who really skimped on his liberal arts courses.

In the previous world, Lin Xi was still rather interested in the history of past dynasties, his liberal arts grades were always quite good, which was why regarding this changing in dynasties and historical bureaucratic infrastructural matters, he might even know a bit more than Principal Zhang.

However, judging from this small booklet, all of Yunqin’s departments were already extremely complete. Moreover, these bureaucratic levels weren’t oversized at all, the installation of officials at various departments extremely concise.

The towns of this world were much larger than the towns he was familiar with in the previous world, but with just how the Judicial Sector was set up, there was only one Police Department and an Enforcer Office. To his understanding, this was equivalent to only having one public security department and one criminal investigation group. In such a huge area of jurisdiction, there weren’t even local police stations.

This type of bureaucratic structure with Town Supervisors and City Supervisors at the top could naturally save quite a bit of manpower and resources, these resources were instead used for other areas, for example, the army.

That was why as a science teacher who originally didn’t have much understanding of bureaucracy, being able to create this type of simplified but complete structure for an empire on the scale of Yunqin, was already not easy. Back then, Principal Zhang and the late emperor likely used up who knew how much brain power, thinking extremely bitterly to create everything.

“The Enforcer Office holds six bailiffs and three substitute bailiffs who simultaneously do various other work…”

Lin Xi read through this small book in detail. For him who was rather fond of history to begin with, reading through history books no one in this world could hope to ever have access to, he naturally began to carry out a direct judgment on this royal court’s system.

A town level Enforcer Office, including the Enforcer, all of the personnel added up together would still only be ten people. Moreover, there wasn’t even a vice officer, so this was already simplified to the extreme.

Meanwhile, there were some secretarial branches that only consisted of two or three individuals, they likely didn’t have much time for leisure when handling ordinary affairs.

No wonder most of Yunqin’s elegant scholars wouldn’t serve as royal officials… it was because most of these officials didn’t have much time of leisure, no time to go on scenic tours or the  time to explore different arts.

Moreover, this simpler bureaucratic structure, in Lin Xi’s eyes, was a greater concentration of authority. Most officials had extremely great true authority.

Together with Yunqin’s borders always fighting wars, the empire was already doing all they could to make the country stronger and more prosperous. When this was prolonged for a long time, it would lead to the Martial Sector, which was also the military, to have greater authority, its strength growing greater, while the internal governing became weaker.

Deereast City, East Port Town.

In the eyes of capital city or major provinces, this was an extremely remote small town, one that they might have never even heard of. Breath River, which ran through several cities, passed by the town’s east, and the upper reaches of the river’s Aleurites Town was precisely a great town that produced tung oil in large amounts. A third of Yunqin’s tung oil came from Aleurites Town, through Aleurites Town’s prosperity, East Port Town also became a decently sized pier, quite a few traders stopping here along the way. There were some rich merchants who, for the sake of convenience, even built courtyard houses in East Port Town, having some concubines here.

On top of this, there were quite a few boatmen and barge haulers who worked on this Breath River, over time, this East Port Town was on an entirely different level compared to the even further Deerwood Town. From the port to the town, not only were there many restaurants and brothels, every day, singing and laughter didn’t end until very late each day, red lights lighting up a large expanse of the river bank.

Most of these boatmen, laborers, and small traders had a bit of wealth from Aleurites Town in the upper reaches, but once they passed by East Port Town, their coin sacks would become empty once more, so they could only go back to Aleurites Town.

Over the years, this East Port Town’s red lights’ night flames were still like before. The wind blown, sun-tanned robust men all grew old one after another, another generation of young and vigorous men taking leading roles on this river. Meanwhile, for those that already became old, the wine bowls and soft white bodies were exchanged for tobacco water pipes, recalling their adventures of the past under murmuring sounds.

That day, when East Port Town Enforcer Office’s Liang Sansi saw that it was Thriving Prosperity’s merchant ship docked at the pier, he knew that there was no way any brawls would take place at the pier today. He carried the deep fried leeks he previously bought, eating while returning to the Enforcer Office.

Yunqin’s local government offices’ layouts were strictly regulated, all of East Port Town’s various government offices were within the Town Supervisor’s manor. The Town Supervisor and military’s offices occupied a third of the buildings in the north, this Judicial Sector’s Enforcer Office was located in a courtyard to the east of the Town Supervisor Manor. There were only three rooms, the other two rooms even belonging to the ministry of revenue’s storehouses.

Liang Sansi was twenty-six this year, passing the military test two years ago, filling in the empty vacancy for a substitute member. Among East Port Town’s younger generation, he was already quite outstanding, having some prospects. Together with the fact that apart from his left eyebrow having a small green birthmark, his appearance was also quite proper, he was also married to someone he liked.

After finishing the fried leak and wiping away the oil at the corners of his mouth, Liang Sansi entered the governing manor, quickly heading into the small courtyard the Enforcer Office was located in.

When he saw Xu Jianling and Du Weiqing, these two were about to leave the courtyard. Liang Sansi smiled in a favor currying manner, about to take the initiative to greet out, ask if there was anything they needed help with, after all, these two were the bailiffs with the highest seniority. However, when he opened his mouth, before he could even say anything, Xu Jianling’s face already fell, brows furrowed in displeasure as he looked at him. “Liang Sansi, aren’t you in charge of east pier’s patrol? Why did you already return?”

Liang Sansi’s expression became a bit sluggish, somewhat awkwardly explaining, “The one unloading goods today is Thriving Prosperity’s fleet, there shouldn’t be any disputes because of unloading. Thriving Prosperity usually manages things well, those blackwater foxes unloading at the pier wouldn’t dare cause trouble either…”

“Liang Sansi, I’ve served as a bailiff for so many years, just how long have you worked for? Could it be that I don’t know these things, needing you to remind me?” However, before Liang Sansi finished his words, he was cut off by the sunken faced Xu Jianling. This square-faced middle-aged man looked at Liang Sansi, coldly saying, “Even if there are no issues regarding the pier, can you guarantee that there will be no issues in the surrounding shops? Also, do you know how long Thriving Prosperity will take to unload their goods?”

“I…” Liang Sansi was inwardly furious, the expression on his face also immediately becoming unpleasant. Only, he endured it, not acting out.

“If you want to get rid of the title of substitute member, you need to be a bit more diligent.” After saying this, Xu Jianling directly walked past Liang Sansi’s face, leaving the Enforcer Office’s small courtyard.

“Forget it, what has been said has been said, don’t bother bickering with him.” Du Weiqing walked over, patting Liang Sansi’s shoulder, saying in consolation.

“Big bro Du, where exactly did I end up provoking him? Even though normally, he wouldn’t be particularly nice to any of us subordinates, we’ve always treated him respectfully. The matters he leaves to us, we always do our utmost, not showing any negligence. When Thriving Prosperity unloads goods, our Enforcer Office has always been like this, even he himself would come back early, so why would he nitpick me today?” Liang Sansi found the wave of resentment within him hard to quell, saying angrily.

“You know how he is normally, and today, there are some special matters.” Du Weiqing shook his head, looking at Liang Sansi and quietly saying, “The appointing document of the Enforcer position has already arrived, but it isn’t him, but rather someone from outside. This individual will arrive in the next few days.”

“Someone’s being transferred in?”

Liang Sansi was immediately stunned, a large portion of his anger disappearing.

Xu Jianling not only had great seniority in the Enforcer Office, he made all the right social connections, managing things above and below quite well. Ever since the previous Enforcer was transferred out, everyone thought that if it wasn’t someone being transferred in again, then it would be him who would fill in this role.

Even though this person’s temper was normally extremely bad, and he also liked to throw his seniority around, based on intuition, many people privately felt like the chances of him filling in this position were highest. However, who would have thought that another person would be transferred in right above him, no wonder his mood was so bad today.

“He deserved it. If we were the one to vote who to take this position, we would definitely vote for big bro Du, definitely not choose him.” After Liang Sansi thought through this, when he thought about Xu Jianling’s appearance just now, he instead became happier, saying this to vent his resentment.

“You cannot speak these types of things randomly. If he hears it, it won’t be good for either one of us.” Du Weiqing gave Liang Sansi a look, and then laughed bitterly, saying, “Also, those who are transferred from above usually have quite the temper. If he ends up being even harder to deal with, then things will be difficult.”

Liang Sansi stared blankly for a moment, and then said, “You’re right.”

“Let’s go. There are some issues with Heavenly Fragrance Building’s tenants over rent. You have nothing better to do, so just come with me.” Du Weiqing chuckled, and then called over Liang Sansi. The two of them thus began to chat quietly, quickly walking out of the Enforcer Office.

It was early summer in the empire. Normally, this wasn’t the time when Xiyi Bandits outside Jadefall Border Pass and cave barbarians outside Dragon Snake’s side caused disturbances. Of the four seasons, this was the time when Yunqin Empire could relax a bit, but this year, all three border passes were not peaceful.

In the western border, Nanshan Mu led troops in rebellion, the respected great general’s great army also sweeping their way over. To the south, Great Mang Dynasty’s army was mobilizing troops, actually hinting towards launching a great offensive. Even in Dragon Snake’s side, those barbarians who seemed to be living in the past, for some reason, also began to appear around Dragon Snake Mountain Range in large numbers, leaving the Dragon Snake Border Army quite hard-pressed. Martial Sector, in one month, had to continuously make three great deployments, sending over quite a few elite soldiers and cultivators from five of Yunqin’s provinces.

However, apart from hearing that a great rebellion happened in Jadefall Border Army, Lin Xi didn’t know about the other events.

The choices of Green Luan Academy’s students were released by the academy and then sorted out by the ministry of appointments, passed down layer after layer. By the time news reached East Port Town, it was already practically around the same time as when Lin Xi arrived.

Right now, Lin Xi was already at East Port Town’s entrance.

1. These are all names of real ministries in modern china

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