Book 5 Chapter 15 - Concerning Love and Friendship

At Summer Spirit Lakeside where the various carriages previously parked during Green Luan’s examinations, there were once again carriages arranged neatly one after another.

When Green Luan Academy made this change, the emperor was extremely pleased. Yunqin also needed these talents who came from Green Luan Academy, so as early as a few days ago, under the emperor’s instructions, Government Sector already completed the arrangements for transportation to send Green Luan Academy’s students to the various parts of the empire.

Yunqin Empire’s elites were precisely the targets powerful enemies wanted to eliminate the most.

That was why when the students of Yunqin’s three great academies went out to cultivate, they would always conceal what academy they were really from.

Lin Xi changed into ordinary clothes in the carriage in charge of driving him, and then walked towards the lakeside.

Most of the students already changed into ordinary clothes, all of them starting to say their final goodbyes.

This scene, for Lin Xi, was familiar, yet unfamiliar.

He already said pretty much everything he wanted to say to his friends. Jiang Xiaoyi and the others deliberately gave Lin Xi and Gao Yanan some space, leaving them alone.

The two of them stood by the mirror-like lakeside, quietly looking at the lake water.

The two of them both cherished this last bit of time greatly, because both of them understood extremely clearly that in the long separation that was to come, they would often think about these moments.

“The fire you started yesterday was really pretty, I really liked it.” Gao Yanan turned around. She looked at Lin Xi, suddenly asking seriously, “What is so great about me?”

Lin Xi smiled. He pointed at the clear Summer Spirit Lake, looked Gao Yanan in the eyes, and then said, “Just like this Summer Spirit Lake’s water, when I look at it from the distance, it is clear and pure, I like it a lot, and now that I am right in front of it, seeing it even more clearly, I still think it is clear and pure, knowing that I really like it.”

Gao Yanan was a bit stunned, a bit embarrassed as she avoided Lin Xi’s gaze.

Lin Xi looked at her appearance that lacked the slightest area that wasn’t beautiful, inwardly feeling warmth.

“When we meet again, I’ll give you another pleasant surprise.” He smiled, saying this to Gao Yanan.

A pretty blush appeared on Gao Yanan’s face. She nodded. “Okay. Then you have to remember my words, when you go out, you have to be a bit more careful.”

Lin Xi agreed with a smile. He turned around to look at the others, saying quietly, “It’s about time, so let’s part here. I need to help Li Kaiyun say some things.”

Gao Yanan’s expression became a bit strange. “Help Li Kaiyun speak?”

Lin Xi chuckled. “Purely in terms of his heart, what is your impression of Li Kaiyun?”

Gao Yanan saw through some of the meaning behind this, her face also revealing a smile. “Quite good, honest and righteous, he should be able to become an excellent high-ranking military officer.”

Lin Xi said, “However, those who aren’t familiar with him and don’t interact much with him won’t be able to tell, right?”

Gao Yanan smiled and said, “Who exactly does he like?”

Lin Xi nudged his lips without batting an eyelid. “Over there.”

“Leng Qiuyu?” Gao Yanan immediately saw that ice-cold young lady, her brows immediately furrowing deeply. “This matter is a bit difficult.”

“Having a bit of chance is always better than having none, right?”

“You shouldn’t try to force your way in.”

“Don’t worry.”

“What is Lin Xi doing?”

Hua Jiyue immediately frowned. “Don’t tell me this fella still feels like he didn’t provoke enough people?”

“What? He…”

Tang Ke and the others who were originally chatting with Hua Jiyue were confused. When they followed Hua Jiyue’s eyes, they were all stunned.

Lin Xi was currently walking towards Leng Qiuyu.

Leng Qiuyu was originally one of the three great beauties acknowledged by the male students. Right now, she changed into snow-white clothing, looking even more cool and elegant.

Moreover, this Leng Family’s daughter had just finished speaking to some female students from the same department, already preparing to return to the carriage, not many people at her side. That was why when Lin Xi walked over now, it seemed even more abrupt and eye-catching.

Hua Jiyue’s thoughts were always extremely detailed. Even if she didn’t know just how many people took their anger out on Lin Xi because of Gao Yanan and Qin Xiyue, she knew that this number definitely wasn’t small. That was why right now, Lin Xi was going to provoke Leng Qiuyu, provoke even more people.

“Is that fella’s brain made from wood?” Hua Jiyue looked at Lin Xi, her brain unable to help but produce this thought.

Leng Qiuyu also noticed Lin Xi who was walking towards her. She originally thought that Lin Xi was walking towards others, but when she looked around, and then looked at Lin Xi’s expression, she was sure that Lin Xi was walking towards her, immediately becoming a bit stunned, stopping.

Since she was Leng Family’s pearl, the things she knew were like Wen Xuanyu, much greater than normal students. That was why she knew Lin Xi wasn’t as unbearable as the previous rumors stated, not having many negative opinions of Lin Xi, only a bit curious.

“Hello, Leng Qiuyu, I am Lin Xi. I want to speak about some things with you alone, is that possible?” Lin Xi greeted her extremely politely. Since it wasn’t his own emotions that were involved, moreover, his daily ability still not used, he wasn’t scared of causing any trouble. As such, he was extremely relaxed, not much different from when he normally talked to Bian Linghan and the others.

“That’s fine.” Leng Qiuyu nodded. “What is it?”

Even though her words were harmonious, there was a natural icy-cold feeling to them. When he recalled An Keyi’s naturally expressionless personality, a hint of a smile appeared on the corners of Lin Xi’s mouth.

“Do you see the male in green silk clothes, the one by Gao Yanan? He’s called Li Kaiyun, my good friend.”

Lin Xi spoke while looking at Leng Qiuyu’s expression. “You are the girl he admires, during the entrance exam, he immediately liked you when he saw you. I am willing to bet that if you were in danger, he would be willing to give up his life and stand in front of you.”

Leng Qiuyu’s brows furrowed, a layer of frost covering her face. “He had you come over to say these things?”

Lin Xi immediately shook his head, saying, “Not at all, he has absolutely no idea.”

Leng Qiuyu gave Lin Xi a look, saying, “Then what is your intention? Don’t you feel that these words are rather frivolous?”

“Both me and him are ‘bumpkins’.” Lin Xi looked at Leng Qiuyu, seriously saying, “That is why unless the day comes when he feels he has earned enough glory to stand before you, he will never appear in front of your face and speak to you like this. In the future, he will definitely head for the border armies.”

After a slight pause, Lin Xi gave the distant Li Kaiyun a look, and then turned around to look at Leng Qiuyu, saying, “You should understand what kind of place the border armies are extremely well… I know that right now, he seems extremely ordinary, but because I am familiar with him, I know that he has traits many people don’t have, he is honest and righteous. That is why I don’t have much other intentions, I believe being liked by others is always a happy thing… Also, if you are aware that someone like him who likes you exists, if you can be a bit more mindful of him in the future, see if he really is like I say, then that will be his greatest blessing.”

Leng Qiuyu’s brows furrowed.

In this world, for Lin Xi to directly come up and talk about likes and dislikes, her natural reaction was dislike. Because of the things that weighed down on her shoulders, as well as some of her own dreams, she had completely no time to consider these childish matters of affection. She knew that there were quite a few people who admired her, but she didn’t want to even give them a look.

However, after hearing Lin Xi’s words, the dislike in her mind was instead watered down.

Being liked by others was always better than being hated… being liked was always a happy thing.

Just this line alone made her ice-cold heart suddenly melt a bit.

She frowned, gave Lin Xi a deep look, and then looked at the distant Li Kaiyun. With a nod, she said, “I got it.”

“Many thanks.” Lin Xi seriously gave her a bow of respect, smiling sincerely, and then left.

Leng Qiuyu looked at Lin Xi’s rear figure, her eyes instead filled with a bit of mysterious feelings.

There was no way others could know the contents of what Lin Xi said to her, so this conversation might get Lin Xi some more enemies in the imperial court. However, she could tell that Lin Xi didn’t mind it at all, this was a true indifference.

For his friend who might never have his feelings returned, he would deliberately do this, and his eyes were completely pure and bright… Leng Qiuyu felt like Lin Xi was indeed a bit indescribably interesting.

“Running all the way over there, what did you say to Leng Qiuyu?” When Lin Xi returned to Hua Jiyu, Bian Linghan and the others’ side, everyone immediately couldn’t help but ask, especially Li Kaiyun whose expression was the most nervous.

“I told her that many people in our Self Defense Department admire her, for her to pay a bit more attention to our Self Defense Department’s people.” Lin Xi smiled and said quietly, “Also, she isn’t as hard to talk to as she looks on the surface, she also agreed.”

Everyone was stunned, all of their eyes immediately concentrating on Li Kaiyun.

Li Kaiyun became nervous again, his brain going blank. He immediately blurted in embarrassment, “Lin Xi, what kind of nonsense are you spouting?!”

“Relax.” Lin Xi patted Li Kaiyun’s shoulder, saying quietly by Li Kaiyun’s ears, “If you want to chase a girl, you really have to be daring, careful, and brazen. Also, I know you feel like right now, you don’t have the qualifications to discuss these things with her, but she will see your hard work, see your character. As long as you still remember her, wish to do some more things for Yunqin, wish to be able to say the things you want in front of her one day, then you have to be a bit more careful when you go out. There are some matters where you cannot be too impulsive.”

Li Kaiyun didn’t expect Lin Xi to speak so seriously. Because of Lin Xi’s words, his mind mysteriously calmed down. He immediately understood some things, but there were other things he didn’t understand. 

“Did you see the fire I started yesterday? I can tell you that I have many more great ideas like this.” Lin Xi smiled while saying this quietly at his side. “I dare promise you that in the future, unless you don’t like her yourself, should the day come when you can truly walk up to her face, I will definitely give you many good suggestions, suggestions that are even prettier than that fire.”

Li Kaiyun nodded, his slim face immediately becoming entirely red.

Tang Ke dragged Lin Xi to the side, with a voice only the two of them could hear, he looked at Lin Xi, asking, “You want to use this type of method to change him?”

Lin Xi nodded. “If he has great restraints on his heart, perhaps he might be more conscious of himself, treasure his own life a bit more.”

Tang Ke looked at Lin Xi, seriously saying, “Lin Xi, you really are a good friend.”

“You are as well.” Lin Xi looked at Tang Ke, but instead shook his head, saying with a light sigh. “However, after hearing about all those life and death things from you, now that we are leaving the academy, I am naturally more worried. Towards these life and death dangers, I naturally have to be a bit more serious.”

By the picturesque Summer Spirit Lake, all of the students began to enter their carriages.

“Let’s exchange letters often, especially when we are facing something big… All of you have to remember to write letters, let everyone know how you are doing!”

“I wish you all pleasant journeys!”

As Lin Xi and the others said their final parting words, the sound of hooves could be heard, wheels starting to turn. Green Luan Academy’s first year students began to officially set off into the empire’s royal court.

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