Book 5 Chapter 13 - Really Was Useful For Xiao Mingxuan

Gao Yanan watched from her room.

Even though Medicine Department’s Freshman Dormitory wasn’t as close to the cliff as Self Defense Department’s, because of the high elevation, they could still see the hillside below clearly. When Lin Xi first arrived, she already saw him. Only, because of what Lin Xi told her, even though more and more people gathered below, she still waited in her room.

“Just what is he planning to do?”

She watched with great nervousness. Right at this time, she saw fiery lights ignited one after another.

“What is going on?”

Originally, many people in Medicine Department didn’t discover Lin Xi in the dark, but when the flames were ignited one after another, many people began to notice him. There were even many Medicine Department students inside the dorm, walking by on the edge of the nearby cliff who stopped, looking at the flames.

The candles ignited the dry firewood, starting to burn even more vigorously.


Suddenly, many people couldn’t help but release cries of alarm, especially Gao Yanan in Medicine Department’s Freshman Dormitory, she couldn’t help but hold her own mouth, her entire face covered in an indescribable expression.

The ignited flames formed a giant heart on the hillside, incredibly dazzling and moving in the darkness, lighting up half the sky.

“It’s Self Defense Department’s Lin Xi? This fire was lit by him?”

“How does he have this kind of crazy imagination, this heart shape really is too pretty.”

“What an elegant mind…”

“Who is he doing this for? Is he confessing his feelings? This is who knows how many times better than reciting poetry! Who would have expected that he actually had this type of exquisite taste.”

Immediately, cheers of astonishment and praise continuously sounded.

kacha noise sounded. Inside one of the rooms, Liu Ziyu smashed a teacup, the expression on his face ashen.

On the hillside, Lin Xi looked at the beautifully burning heart shape, raising his head slightly, smiling somewhat complacently. Right now, he couldn’t see Gao Yanan’s expression, nor could he see Liu Ziyu’s reaction, but he could vaguely hear the cries of shock and sounds of discussion on the cliff.

He could hear the cries of alarm and praise even from this far away… this reserved world really did not know what the so-called romance was.

“They don’t even know what televisions are, yet they dare call me a country bumpkin… just any small methods I use are already enough to leave all of you shocked!”

Lin Xi puffed his chest and curled his lips, releasing a proud hmph that only he himself could hear. However, when he thought about how no matter how he explained himself, Liu Ziyu and the others still wouldn’t understand what a television was, he still couldn’t help but shake his head, laugh in self-mockery.

“You motherf*cking… you really are fierce enough, actually able to think of even this type of thing.” On the side, Mu Shanzi who came just to ‘take a look’ was completely stupefied, only feeling like the so-called elegant scholars holding clusters of flowers from Capital City, when compared to this, were simply dregs.

In the darkness of the night, two people stood on an unmanned building’s weed grown rooftop. Vice Principal Xia and Xiao Mingxuan were also currently looking at Lin Xi’s fire.

Xiao Mingxuan’s body seemed even a bit fatter.

If others were able to see Vice Principal Xia and himself standing on the rooftop, they might all be confused as to just how such a fat person could climb up here, and then feel worry, asking themselves if he would roll off like a ball.

“Lin Xi is indeed extremely formidable… this flame might be set on the hearts of everyone.”

If there were students who stood on this rooftop and heard these words full of emotions from Vice Principal Xia, they might just fall over on the spot.

It was because even someone like Vice Principal Xia said Lin Xi was formidable.

“Is this really that formidable?” While looking at the fiery red giant heart burning brightly in the darkness, the expression on Xiao Mingxuan’s face was extremely strange. He muttered to himself, “I feel like it’s not all that…”

“That is because you are a man, while Lin Xi didn’t do this for you to see.” Vice Principal Xia couldn’t help but laugh. He turned around to look at Xiao Mingxuan. “You are male, and most of the time a man who only knows how to research data, so how can you understand the way the women of this world think? Listen to those Medicine Department young girls’ cries and you’ll understand.”

Xiao Mingxuan didn’t say anything, the expression on his face becoming even more strange.

Amidst the mountain winds, many Medicine Department female students were crying out loud, the feeling of marvel and amazement extremely clear.

Jiang Yu'er stared at the flames, completely stunned.

This timid Medicine Department young lady didn’t have any great ambitions, the post she was going to hold after leaving was just in a normal pharmacy. When she saw this fiery light, she only felt that this heart shape really was pretty, that if someone burned this type of heart for her, then it would be too wonderful.

Hua Jiyue felt like Lin Xi had a bit of creativity, previously not realizing this fella had this type of flowery exquisiteness. However, this scene, for her who came from a rough and crude background, was still a bit senseless. If you liked someone, then just say you like them, and then if they liked you too, then great, why go through all this trouble.

When Qin Xiyue who didn’t have a single flaw in her appearance and the outwardly delicate Bian Linghan saw this fire, they also had a smiling expression on their faces.

Even though their personalities were different, the natures of girls would always be similarly exquisite. The two already saw through some of Lin Xi’s feelings towards Gao Yanan a while ago, and they naturally carried good impressions of Lin Xi as well.

Right now, they were thinking that if they continued to associate with each other, they might also produce some hopeful feelings towards Lin Xi. However, Lin Xi directly revealed his true feelings, so they knew that this was for their own good. They instead felt a bit of appreciation towards Lin Xi’s open and sincere way of doing things.

Meanwhile, Gao Yanan was indeed extremely outstanding, if she shared Lin Xi’s feelings… this would indeed be a happy occasion.

Qin Xiyue knew that Gao Yanan was definitely looking in this direction, so she waved her hand towards Gao Yanan’s room, indicating for her to come down too.

In this world, regardless of whether it was men or women, they were naturally more conservative.

Females all had extremely ‘thin skin’, which was why even holding hands before was a bottom line.

“Either way, he didn’t shout out my name… no one knows who this fire was lit for. The sky is so dark, most people can’t see clearly.”

However, Gao Yanan, after a bit of hesitation, still forcefully stamped her feet, convincing herself, and then rushed out of the door with a blushing face.

“Lin Xi, this is for you.”

After everyone got to know each other, Zhang Ping handed the Sky Tungsten Steel forged arm guards to Lin Xi, “This was made with Jiang Xiaoyi’s help, we made it personally. Even though it’s not a soul weapon, unless it is a powerful cultivator, it should be rather hard for normal weapons to go through.”

“You guys made it yourselves?” Lin Xi looked at these arm guards, exclaiming in admiration. He understood extremely well that even for cultivators, if they encountered unforeseen events, their arms would always be the first to instinctively react. Before the body had time to evade, they would always subconsciously block with their arms first. That was why for cultivators, arm guards were even more useful than breastplates.

When he looked at these extremely elaborate arm guards, Lin Xi couldn’t help but say in admiration to Zhang Ping and Jiang Xiaoyi, “You guys really are something, already at this type of level?”

“It was all because of you.” Zhang Ping patted Lin Xi’s shoulder, saying quietly at Lin Xi’s side, “If it wasn’t for your help, I might not have been able to touch these runes and things I love.”

“Zhang Ping is quite formidable.” Jiang Xiaoyi instead looked at Lin Xi and said, “He passed all four of our Natural Arts Department’s four main courses.”

Lin Xi patted Zhang Ping’s shoulder, saying in a meaningful manner, “Then you really have innate talent, indeed suited to Natural Arts.”

“Lin Xi, apart from you, there is one other person who passed all of his main studies.” At this time, Li Kaiyun spoke up.

“Who?” Many people immediately looked around. In the end, their eyes all landed on Meng Bai. “No way!”

Meng Bai’s Internal Studies Department uniform seemed a bit tight, his face also even rounder, but his hair was rather glossy when bound behind him, having a bit of a Green Luan Academy student aura. When he saw everyone’s eyes of disbelief, while feeling embarrassed, he was also a bit annoyed, saying, “What? I’m terrified of being punished by the teacher okay? So I always study rather hard.”

Lin Xi couldn’t help but laugh. He recalled that in the end, this little fatty was still someone who had an aptitude of five during the entrance examination.

“Lin Xi, during this practical training, you chose East Port Town close to your Deerwood Town, choosing to serve as an enforcer in the town, right?” Jiang Xiaoyi asked while looking at Lin Xi.

Lin Xi heard some different meaning behind this. He nodded, a bit shocked as he looked at Jiang Xiaoyi.

“We can head out together.”

Jiang Xiaoyi laughed, patting Lin Xi’s shoulder, “There’s some good news, I chose Favor Ancient Town’s Trade Sector, supervising construction. There should only be half a day of journey from where you are.”

“There’s me as well!” Bian Linghan also smiled, saying, “I chose Great Ascent Town’s Warden position. Not only am I close to you two, I’m just like Lin Xi, under Judicial Sector.”

Lin Xi really was stunned… Then, he couldn’t help but laugh, smiling especially happily.

“Bian Linghan, you actually chose to watch over criminals? Once you come over to our side, aren’t you scared of not being accustomed to it? You don’t want to go back home first?”

“Actually, my sister just happened to get married to that side… when my parents have time, they’ll pass by to see me.”

“Meng Bai, where are you going?”


They all sat down, chatting harmoniously. A moment later, Gao Yanan also walked over, joining them. Only Mu Shanzi who was only here to ‘take a look’ sat on the side, still having an arrogant appearance.

On the rooftop of another great hall, two black figures stood quietly, one old, one young.

The old figure was the training valley’s Academy Protector Luo Houyuan, the young a Watchman he personally chose, Ai Qilan from Xiangshui Province.

During these past few months, it was unknown just what type of training Luo Houyuan guided her in. Compared to when she entered the academy, this thin and weak young lady seemed even darker and skinnier, but in the darkness of night, her eyes seemed exceptionally brilliant, carrying indescribable radiance within them.

While looking at the lively and harmonious crowd around the ring of flames, Luo Houyuan turned around, calmly looking at Ai Qilan and saying, “You should be able to join them, but instead, you can only watch from here. Does this make you feel bad at all?”

“Teacher.” Ai Qilan gave Luo Houyuan a bow of respect, saying quietly, “Feeling bad is natural, of course I want to sit with them, but what teacher has shown me these past few months has made me even more confident that my choice was correct.”

Luo Houyuan gave her a look of admiration. “This world is just like this. Only by doing things one feels are correct is there meaning.”

Because this was their last night before leaving the academy, Lin Xi and the others chatted about many things, things about cultivation, stories from different departments, things from before they came to the academy… Eventually, as the wood charcoal gradually dimmed, everyone decided they might as well not go back, just chatting the night away.

When it was deep into the night, but none of them were tired, because of Jiang Yu'er’s suggestion, asking if Lin Xi had any interesting stories to tell, everyone spurred Lin Xi on to tell them an exciting story.

When he thought about the timid Jiang Yu'er who cried continuously after being scolded by Medicine Department’s teacher, Lin Xi’s playful side was spurred. He cleared his throat, and then said, “Then today, I will tell everyone the story of Ring.” [1]

Meanwhile, Lin Xi was wondering what he was going to use to replace a video cassette, and what he was going to replace televisions with to make this story terrifying enough, at the same time thinking how he could tell the story in a way everyone could understand, Xiao Mingxuan, who had a pile of candles on his back, walked up to a peak not far from Ailao Peak.

After hesitating for a long time, Xiao Mingxuan also picked up many dried branches, copying Lin Xi, arranging them, setting all of them on fire, producing a giant burning heart shape.

After hesitating for a long time, Xiao Mingxuan clenched his teeth, raising his head and shouting towards the mountain peak, “Professor Chu Qing, do you think this fire looks pretty?”

After not receiving a reply for a long time, right when Xiao Mingxuan’s face became more and more gloomy, his body instead suddenly went rigid.

A serious looking middle-aged professor dressed in Internal Study Department’s black robes, also wearing a pair of brass crystal spectacles, appeared not far from where he was.

“You… why are you crying?”

What left Xiao Mingxuan stunned was that two streaks of tears appeared on this serious faced middle-aged woman’s face.

“Follow me to my room… let’s have a long chat.” This Internal Study Department female professor turned around, saying this in an extremely serious manner.

1. Ring - 1998 horror film

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