Book 5 Chapter 11 - Glorious King Destroys Restraints and Releasing Some Flames

Just from the strange movements that made his hands’ senses become sharper, Lin XI knew that Luo Houyuan, this black-robed lecturer dressed in old-fashioned robes, this elder who resided in the academy’s training valley, was not an ordinary teacher.

That was why the things recorded on the small black scroll were definitely extremely useful for him.

However, he knew what was more important, that no amount of martial skill in this world could match him and Principal Zhang’s unique ability.

That was why the first thing he did after returning to his room, was to first get to the bottom of why he didn’t go back ten halts.

The instant he closed his eyes to calmly examine himself, Lin Xi’s body shook fiercely. With an ah sound, he released a cry of alarm.

In the past, after using the ten minute rewind ability once, that bright green moon’s radiance would completely become dim, he could only use it again the next day.

However now, in his perception, this green light sphere instead didn’t completely disappear, only becoming much more blurry and dim.

“Don’t tell me I can still use this ability?”

Lin Xi was filled with shock. After doing his best to calm down, he said softly again, “Return!”

However, his surroundings didn’t change quickly in the way he was used to, not displaying any effect.

The green sphere of light in his brain was still that blurry.


When Lin Xi became even more calm, he tried again. However, there was still no reaction, the results the same.

Lin Xi frowned, starting to think bitterly to himself.

He thought over every detail that happened when he used the ability today.

“Could it be because of this?”

Suddenly, he seemed to have realized something, thinking of the greatest possibility.

When he used his ability back then, what his mind was filled with was that it would be great if he could go back to when she retracted her hand.

All because he had this type of thought in his mind, he returned to that moment when he used his ability?

Lin Xi was a bit stunned. His brows furrowed, continuing to think hard to himself.

In the message Principal Zhang left for him, he previously viewed this ability as the spatial energy they brought with them when they entered this world. For the two of them who actually came from a different world, there were some things that were indeed a bit easier to understand than for the people of this world.

That was why he quickly thought of the reason that explained this situation the best.

The energy in his brain could make him return to ten minutes ago. Because he had clearly only been sent back a few minutes, the energy hadn’t been completely used up, he could still sense it.

However this energy still wasn’t enough to activate his rewind ability, so he couldn’t ‘return’ right now.

When he thought of this, his brows relaxed a bit, the thoughts in his mind becoming a bit more clear.

Turns out the slowly pushing the roulette referred to being able to return to any point within the ten minutes?

In that case, many times, he wouldn’t have to repeat a lot of the same things, he didn’t need to wait so much time.

For example, just using his archery as an example, last time when he faced Helan Yuexi, he didn’t need to return to ten whole minutes  ago, worry that the developments and positioning of everyone would change, because if that happened, even if he had confidence in shooting him down, he still might not be able to.

Now, with this ability, as long as he directly returned to the point where Helan Yuexi was still standing there, he could just fire an arrow and strike him down.

Moreover, he didn’t need to worry about any miscalculations in time at all.

There were indeed many benefits when facing enemies.

In that case, because this sphere of energy wasn’t completely used up, would the recovery of this ability also become a bit faster, not needing to wait an entire day like before?

In addition, in the words Principal Zhang left him, he even stated extremely clearly that once he reached State Knight level cultivation, there would be more changes.

Judging from this, it was clear that if it really was summarized as a lump of energy, then this energy and his soul force cultivation definitely had a huge connection. As his soul force cultivation grew, wouldn’t this lump of energy also grow? When he used it a bit less, would he be able to use it two or three times?

Lin Xi was deeply moved. If it really was like this, then this ‘Divine General’ really was a ‘Divine General’.

Only, would the recovery of this ability also be a bit faster? As long as he continuously tested it out tomorrow and the day after, then he would know. As for whether the energy could grow, this really was something he had to wait until he reached State Knight level to know.

State Knight level, for most cultivators, this really was a bit far.

It was because once one reached Soul Master level of cultivation, most spiritual pills wouldn’t have much effect on one’s Soul Force advancement, the growth of their soul force cultivation could only depend on continuous meditation cultivation or continuously challenging one’s willpower.

From Soul Master to State Knight, the cultivation period, for most cultivators, was extremely long.

Otherwise, State Knights wouldn’t be called State Knights.

Regardless, it was definitely a good thing.

Lin Xi decided to not think too much about it, instead unfolding the small black scroll Luo Houyuan gave him.

“Glorious King Destroys Restraints.”

These four characters appeared before Lin Xi’s eyes.

The words were extremely small, but they were incredibly vigorous and forceful, every stroke as if tearing through the black cowhide, possessing a type of deep and powerful aura. Lin Xi’s heart couldn’t help but immediately tense up.

A similarly detailed diagram and annotations quickly appeared before him.

This was like a modern age medicine anatomical model, the paths of some blood vessels drawn, different acupuncture points also marked out.

The annotations carefully explained how to guide soul force, what kind of sequence to follow to make the soul force wander through these vessels and acupuncture points.

Apart from this cultivation diagram, at the very end, there were three sets of words written.




The cultivation diagram wasn’t too hard for Lin Xi to understand, it was definitely some unique cultivation method, but the three especially small words at the very end made him stare blankly for a long time.

Perception? Was it saying that through this type of cultivation method, it would bring great benefits to perception?

Then what about healing? Did this refer to his own recoverative abilities?

These two still left Lin Xi rather uncertain, but the last word secrecy made Lin Xi once again clearly sense this academy elder’s intentions. This type of cultivation method couldn’t be spoken about with others.

'Glorious King Destroys Restraints’, after silently reading the name of this cultivation method again, Lin Xi began to carefully examine this extremely complicated cultivation diagram, starting to seriously memorize it.

This type of mechanical memorization was completely without any shortcuts or tricks.

Meanwhile, on Heaven’s Core Peak, at Vice Principal Xia’s small courtyard.

Xiao Mingxuan frowned. “Dragon Snake Border Army’s side hasn’t been too calm recently either. Twenty percent more cave barbarians have died in Dragon Snake Mountain Range than usual, but the number of border army small troops who have gone missing or died in Dragon Snake Mountain Range has also increased by ten percent.”

“There has always been the saying that singular chaos leads to world chaos, ever since the ancient times. Meanwhile, Principal Zhang has also spoken about the concept of ‘chain reactions’.” Vice Principal Xia nodded. “Many people wish to make moves, we have no way of stopping them, but we need to at least understand why the cave barbarians are stirring restlessly.”

Xiao Mingxuan nodded. “There is something wrong between Gao Yanan and Lin Xi.”

Vice Principal Xia couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at Xiao Mingxuan and said, “For someone like you to not have had close associations with a woman, that is what is called something is wrong. At their age, not caring about what kind of background the other party has, that can’t be considered a problem.”

Xiao Mingxuan’s face became a bit reddish purple, saying with a bit of anger, “However, Qin Xiyue and Bian Linghan seem to be quite interested in him as well. You don’t need to tell me that who he chooses is his matter, however, you should also understand that getting too involved with this girl’s private affairs will definitely greatly affect his cultivation and prospects. Moreover, all because of Gao Yanan and Qin Xiyue, he already incurred the hatred of Liu Ziyu, Xu Zhenyan, and others.”

“Principal Zhang was even better at incurring hatred than him.” Vice Principal Xia was still smiling as he said, “The more fights they join in, the better they will become at fighting, this is precisely the reason why I am releasing them out there.”

“Placing so much on him, in the end, the one who changed you the most this time is still him alone.” Xiao Mingxuan released a cold snort. “Could it be that you don’t think you have a bit too much faith in him? After all, he still only has initial stage Soul Expert level cultivation.”

“Perhaps the older one gets, the more we have a type of indescribable intuition. This is a type of sorrow, as well as a type of blessing.” Vice Principal Xia looked at Xiao Mingxuan, saying with a sigh, “Also, it isn’t me alone who has this type of faith and feeling, so does Old Luo. Otherwise, why would he care about these things, choose a Watchman? Also, you might not know, but he specially sought out Lin Xi, most likely to pass on the Glorious King Destroys Restraints to him.”

“What?!” Xiao Mingxuan immediately cried out in shock, the reddish purple color on his face quickly disappearing, becoming extremely pale. The fingers placed on his knees began to shake. “Even he’s acting like this?”

Vice Principal Xia released a light chuckle and said, “Apart from the arrow in Ten Fingers Ridge being inconceivable, making me confirm my suspicion that he has the same Divine General aptitude as Principal Zhang, he indeed has many other special areas about him. If you were to personally chat a bit with him, you would find that he is especially similar to Principal Zhang.”

“Today, he told Gao Yanan that he is going to release some flames tomorrow night.” Xiao Mingyuan said this after staring blankly for a bit.

Vice Principal Xia instead became stunned. “Release some flames?”

“Yes.” Xiao Mingxuan nodded certainly, saying, “He told Gao Yanan to wait in Medicine Department’s Freshman Dormitory, that he’ll release some flames tomorrow for her to see.”

“Is that so?” Vice Principal Xia laughed, and then said, “Then how about we head over there and take a look, see just what kind of flames he is going to release?”

Xiao Mingxuan thought for a bit, and then nodded. “Alright, I am also quite curious as to just what kind of flames he is going to release.”

Vice Principal Xia looked at Xiao Mingxuan. “Apart from those files, your interests are indeed a bit too few.”

Xiao Mingxuan snorted inwardly, thinking ‘because of my interests, I know much more than you’, but he didn’t say these words out loud.

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