Book 5 Chapter 9 - Small Black Scroll

In Lin Xi’s room were three pinewood cases, one large and two small.

Apart from the three pinewood cases, there was also a small scroll that seemed to have been made from stone rubbing, the packed characters extremely fine and neat.

Lin Xi pushed open the door, entering inside. When he saw the three pinewood cases placed on his desk, he was momentarily distracted.

He didn’t immediately open up these three pinewood cases, instead, he first picked up the paper scroll on the big pinewood case, starting to carefully read it.

Only after carefully reading everything on the paper scroll, did he open the three pinewood cases.

The three pinewood cases were separately a slightly yellow bow with emerald green bowstring, a light green longsword, and four arrows.

‘Divine Pear Longbow’, ‘Daybreak’ sword, and the Dendrite Iron and Black Gold Armor Piercing Arrows.

Lin Xi slowly grabbed the Divine Pear Longbow. The bow’s body was completely that of an old, sturdy, glossy wooden feel, the weight of the entire longbow wasn’t even as great as the Black Stone Power Bow he used during the competition.

However, when he placed his two fingers on the emerald green bowstring like before, his brows couldn’t help but furrow slightly.

Even after using all of his strength, this emerald green bowstring was only silently drawn by him inch by inch, all of the muscle fibers on his back and right arm completely taut as he slowly drew the bow. Only when he drew the bowstring to a third of his usual drawing distance did he release a light exhale, then he let it go.

The emerald green bowstring trembled slightly, but it was like a grass stalk in the breeze, not releasing the slightest bit of sound.

Lin Xi’s bright and clear eyes were full of praise. He lowered this ‘Divine Pear’ Longbow, and then picked up an arrow from another pinewood case in a proficient manner.

This arrow was shockingly completely transparent, like a work of art made of crystal, even the tail feathers were like this.

However, Lin Xi knew that this wasn’t crystal, because the arrowtip was conical, the body having wind guiding grooves, and it was much heavier than crystal.

This arrow was made completely of a type of transparent metal, especially the tail feathers which were especially thin, looking almost a bit soft.

Lin Xi himself had previously understood why Principal Zhang also said that in this world, there weren’t really any materials used for firearms. However, by relying on some unique metals and smelting methods that didn’t exist in his previous world, on unique runes and cultivation methods, this world instead developed many unimaginable powerful weapons.

Green Luan Weapons Hall was indeed just like an exhibition hall of all of the world’s weapons.

As for this type of completely transparent crystal arrow, its effects during assassination were naturally exceptional. Meanwhile, the other two arrows that An Keyi had him exchange for, the Black Gold Armor Piercing Arrows whose arrowheads were forged with an especially tough metal, could be used to defeat enemies of higher level.

These two arrows both weren’t all that incredible. In Green Luan’s Weapons Hall, he saw an arrow with special runes on it where, the instant it was released, it would turn into a streak of blazing flames, a Blazing Arrow. Another had runes carved inside, the instant it was fired, it would rely on the eruption of soul force to release an astonishing jet of air, Wise Tail Arrow. There was also one where after flying out a set distance, it would explode into countless fine fragments, Peacock Arrow. It was to the extent where there was an arrow that had machinery inside, hiding a smaller arrow that carried even more astonishing power within.

For the sake of killing powerful enemies, the cultivators of this world never lacked imaginative ability.

Apart from these arrows, he also saw all different types of bizarre, unimaginable weapons.

There was a long zither that had special runes, able to make a powerful cultivator really become like a ‘Six Fingered Zither Devil’, sending out compressed soul force-like waves of vital energy.

There was a long banner with strange diagrams, this type of strangely shaped weapon the natural bane of arrows and flying swords.

There were all types of magical staves used to help soul force condense the vital energy of the world, as well as all types of rings, whips…

According to some of the things the freckled black-robed lecturer told him, every single weapon here perhaps represented a type of different cultivator or cultivator inheritance.

Yunqin’s cultivators prefered blades, swords, and hatchets.

Tangcang’s cultivators preferred staves, battle-axes, and pestles.

Two divisions of Xiyi Bandits, as well as some Great Mang cultivators instead liked to use banners and rings.

Meanwhile, most of Xiyi’s Bandits instead liked long whips, while some Great Mang cultivators liked staves, or even zithers.

Apart from the armors and shields that could only defend against incoming attacks, everything else was used to kill.

Meanwhile, these powerful soul weapons made Lin Xi sense Principal Zhang’s words even more clearly, a direct observation: there were too many unknown things in this world, too many powerful individuals. This might be the true reason why An Keyi insisted on Lin Xi touring Green Luan’s Weapons Hall.

Lin Xi lowered this sparkling and translucent Dendrite Iron Arrow, his eyes carrying a feeling of amazement.

He didn’t try to see if he could make the runes light up or display ‘Daybreak’ Sword’s true power, instead picking up the small scroll densely covered in characters.

“Why are they spreading us out so much? … can’t they pack people together as much as possible?”

After reading through this small scroll, Lin Xi released a deep sigh, muttering this to himself.

This small scroll wasn’t some explanation on how to use the weapons, but rather the places of office they could choose from after leaving the academy for practical cultivation this time.

Green Luan Academy always gave their students the room to choose freely, which was why they could freely choose wherever they wanted to go.

All of the positions recorded on this small scroll were some lower level subordinate branches under the eight sectors, even though there were some local and border army positions, they were branches that weren’t closest to the front lines. As such, compared to the places Green Luan Academy’s second year students usually went to for their practical training, the positions they were entering really were considerably less dangerous. The academy still gave them enough time to grow.

Of course, Lin Xi didn’t believe this would allow them to grow faster than remaining in the academy and learning more things. He understood Vice Principal Xia’s ideals clearly, the academy taught principles first, cultivation second. However, he knew that there were definitely some huge things about to happen, so Vice Principal Xia’s decision definitely had a reason behind it.

However, the key laid in that Yunqin Empire really was too big, and these positions were all over this massive empire… Just like how everyone left for different paths after graduating the universities of his past world, these positions of duty were scattered extremely far apart, basically no such thing as many people remaining together in a certain branch.

Lin Xi knew that it would be the same once they all formally graduated from Green Luan Academy, there was no way groups of Green Luan Academy students would stick together, this was something that couldn’t be helped to begin with. However, despite this, when he thought about how they were all going to separate, his heart was still filled with great emotions and worry.

After the three pinewood cases were put away, Lin Xi sat down on the stone bed.

He already officially broke into initial stage Soul Expert level cultivation, or else there was no way he could have exchanged for everything.

However, right now, when he sat down, it wasn’t to sense how much difference there was in his own dantian, but rather to sense the ‘green roulette’ in his head.

It was because what he understood extremely clearly from the words Principal Zhang left him, was that this "roulette" could be pushed bit by bit. Principal Zhang had specially said that once he cultivated to Soul Expert level, he’ll know what he meant by ‘it could be pushed bit by bit’. He also added that once he reached State Knight level, there would be another different change that would take place.

The so-called ‘Divine General’, his unknown source of arrogance, actually came from this green ‘roulette’.

Because he still hadn’t used this special ability during Spiritual Studies’ evaluation today, right now, this shining green light in his brain was still flickering like a bright green moon.

In Lin Xi’s consciousness, he was like a child who raised his head, carefully looking at this bright green moon. However, what made his brows couldn’t help but furrow was that no matter how he looked at it, this bright green moon didn’t seem any different from before.

After ‘looking’ at it for who knew how long, he suddenly heard a familiar knocking sound.

He opened his eyes. After taking a deep breath, he quickly pushed open the door, walking out.

The one who stood outside his door was Mu Qing.

“There is someone who wishes to see you.” Mu Qing spoke gently just like she always did, indicating for him to follow her out of this hall.

“Teacher Luo?”

In a vacant area not far from the Self Defense Freshman Dormitory, Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment, but then immediately gave this person a sincere bow of respect.

The one who sought him out was the Academy Protector dressed in old lecturer robes, Luo Houyuan.

Meanwhile, Lin Xi was completely unaware that this academy elder who always remained in the training valley had this special identity.

Luo Houyuan nodded his head slightly, returning the greeting. Only when Lin Xi walked up to him, did he calmly ask, “You’ve already reached initial stage Soul Expert level cultivation?”

Lin Xi didn’t understand his intention, but he immediately nodded, seriously replying, “Yes.”

Luo Houyuan calmly said, “Bring your soul force to the surface of your body for me to see.”

Lin Xi nodded. He concentrated on sensing that stream within his dantian, using his will to spread this stream out through his body.

A great wave of warmth filled his entire body, the surface of his body releasing a faint yellow light.

“Your willpower is not bad, able to focus your mind quickly as well. Normally, cultivators who have just reached initial stage Soul Expert level cannot bring their soul force to the surface of their body this quickly.” Luo Houyuan looked at Lin Xi as he said this. Then, he continued, “However, you need to understand that starting from initial stage Soul Expert level, only then is one really controlling soul force. Bringing soul force to the surface of the body alone is merely the most shallow method.”

Lin Xi understood Luo Houyuan’s purpose for coming. He immediately became completely serious, saying, “Teacher, please instruct me.”

“There are some things recorded on this scroll, you are the only one allowed to read its contents. Also, you absolutely must not let it be passed around, cannot even mention it to anyone. You cannot even tell the other lecturers in the academy.” Luo Houyuan reached out a hand, handing Lin Xi a small black cowhide scroll. “Before you leave the academy, burn this small scroll.”

“This student understands.” Lin Xi’s brows jumped, knowing that the things recorded on this small scroll were definitely extremely important. Thus, he didn’t say anything else, directly storing this scroll into his sleeves.

“Alright, someone came to look for you. If there is nothing else, I will leave first.”

Luo Houyuan glanced behind Lin Xi, and then calmly said.

Lin Xi turned around, seeing that it was the Medicine Department’s gray-clothed Gao Yanan who was currently walking over.

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