Book 5 Chapter 7 - Green Luan Weapons Hall

Lin Xi knew that at least half of Yunqin Empire’s priests were loyal to Yuhua Family. He also knew that it was because of this fact alone that an elder from Yuhua Family sat on one of the seats behind the layers of curtains.

The reason he was arrogant was because he understood his own ability clearly. However, he wasn’t inflexible either, knowing that this favor Yuhua Family owed him might be extremely useful in the future, and as such, he put away this small golden silk flag.

When he walked out of the classroom, he ran into the Medicine Department female lecturer in charge of Medical Care course.

After chatting a bit with this female lecturer, and then giving her a respectful bow, watching her rear figure leave, Lin Xi couldn’t help but release a sigh, feeling more and more that this Green Luan Academy was lovely.

It was because the academy’s evaluations lasted three days, with Toxicology, Speed Reading, Spiritual Studies and Medical Care, these four elective courses, he didn’t have confidence in passing a single one.

That was why he expected to not necessarily be able to pass this last Medical Care course either, but he never expected that not only did he not have to use his ten minute rewind ability, instead somehow passing Spiritual Studies course, now, while passing by, this Medicine Department female lecturer even specially told him that he was exempt from the evaluation for Medical Care.

This was all only because Xu Shenmo and the others didn’t treat him fairly.

He was quite fond of this type of undisguised love and hatred.

However, regardless of whether he was fond of it or not, he understood that he was just a small fish in a great lake extremely well. With his cultivation and ability, it still wasn’t enough to change anything.

Green Luan Academy not only had some soul force cultivation pills the outside world didn’t have, it also had many special soul weapons and armors.

Normally, there was a rewards hall on every peak the students resided on, within them article picture albums that could be examined for exchanging points. On other special peaks, there were goods warehouses where points could be exchanged for goods on the spot.

An Keyi didn’t know how many points Lin Xi could obtain before leaving either, so she instead took several possibilities into consideration, calculating and measuring everything, helping Lin Xi sort them out.

On the small scroll she left Lin Xi, she specially added a line, saying that Lin Xi should head to the academy’s goods warehouse to exchange for the items himself. With her elegant handwriting, she wrote that the things one saw with their own eyes would leave behind a deeper impression. In addition, when he left for his practical training, he might see some soul weapons or other useful things, it wouldn’t be good if he saw them but didn’t know they were useful.

Because he was exempt from Medical Care’s course evaluation, after Lin Xi left Spiritual Sacrifice Department’s exam room, he directly arrived at a goods warehouse on Heaven’s Pearl Peak.

Then, Lin Xi was immediately stunned.

This goods warehouse that only had a Yunqin ‘Weapons’ character signboard, for him, was completely like a museum filled with all types of cultural relics.

Various compartments were made from ordinary green jade, separately displaying different things one after another.

What was closest to the entrance of this ‘museum’, were various bladed weapons.

“Teacher, is there a time restriction here? I want to take a good look at everything.” After his initial shock, Lin Xi turned around to ask a freckled black-robed lecturer.

Because there were more than one of these goods warehouses in the academy, if this taciturn looking freckled black-robed lecturer wasn’t all that agreeable, purposely making things difficult for him like Xu Shengmo and the ‘horse face’ he was close to, then he would just immediately pick another one.

“It’s fine.” However, this seemingly taciturn freckled black-robed lecturer clearly wasn’t a ‘good basic friend’ of Xu Shengmo. When he heard Lin Xi’s question, he only said these two words.

Lin XI moved, starting to tour this ‘museum’.

First were blades, all different types of excellent blades.

Moreover, apart from the ‘Beheading Iron’ closest to him, the other blades all had different splendid and magnificent runes, all of them soul weapons.

Beheading Iron Blade, forged from dark gold and black steel, the blade itself dark, flickering with bits of dark light, one point to exchange.

Blazing Flames Blade, forged from scarlet copper and rare firestone, ‘Blazing Flames’ runes engraved, two points to exchange.

Flame Spirit Blade, high-grade well-tempered with Flaming Bird’s bone meal and scarlet gold, ‘Spirit Flame’ runes, three course points to exchange.

Every single weapon, apart from the name and a simple explanation, there were also point exchange requirements like price tags.

“Heaven’s Jade, Windbreaker, Rolling Thunder… Rolling Thunder?”

Lin Xi casually examined everything, and then suddenly, his brows jumped. He saw an entirely golden long blade. This long blade was entirely flickering with golden crystalline brilliance. It was clearly the weapon used by the Thunder Academy lecturer Gao Liren when he faced Mu Qing, its entire body flowing with dazzling electricity, that breathtaking soul weapon.

This golden long blade also had a simple annotation below it, forged from natural crystal iron from Rolling Thunder Mountain, able to release the rumbling of thunder. The ‘Golden Thunder’ runes engraved could release thunder radiance, eight points to exchange.

The freckled black-robed lecturer in charge of this goods warehouse always followed not far from where Lin Xi was. Right now, he sensed that Lin Xi was clearly acting a bit different, and as such, calmly said, “What is it? Do you wish to exchange for this soul weapon?”

Lin Xi immediately shook his head. “That isn’t the case. Only, isn’t this soul weapon exclusive to Thunder Academy?”

The freckled black-robed lecturer said, “What you said is correct, this soul weapon is indeed something exclusive to Thunder Academy, but our Green Luan Academy’s warehouses are naturally not only limited to things exclusive to Green Luan Academy. Once you all go out for practical training, the soul weapons you obtain, if you have no need for them and bring them back to the academy, you will definitely receive the academy’s reward.”

After a slight pause, the freckled black-robed lecturer looked at Lin Xi again, patiently explaining, “Inside this Green Luan Academy warehouse, apart from some unique soul weapons whose manufacturing methods have long been lost, those whose materials are already impossible to gather, or those where even though the manufacturing method is known, are still extremely difficult to produce, pretty much all commonly seen soul weapons are all here.”

When Lin Xi heard these words from this freckled black-robed lecturer, he knew that even if he wasn’t someone like Tong Wei who agreed with Vice Principal Xia’s principles, at the very least, he handled affairs extremely fairly, someone without much bias against him.

As such, his way of talking also became a bit more carefree, saying in praise, “Then in that case, our Green Luan Academy’s warehouse here is already equivalent to an exhibition hall of all the weapons under the sky.”

The freckled black-robed lecturer seemed to be quite fond of Lin Xi’s words, and as such, he smiled with pride, saying, “it can indeed be described like that… if it wasn’t because pill medicines and other consumables are easier to exhaust than weapons, our Green Luan Academy’s Weapons Hall here could be called an exhibition hall of all of this world’s weapons and spiritual pills.”

Beheading Iron, Blazing Flame, Flame Spirit, Heaven’s Jade, Windbreaker, Rolling Thunder, Shattered Soul, Bloodthirst, Splitting Wind, Frostlight, Frigid Moon, Mad Dragon, Mad Dragon’s Wings, Defying Chilling Edge, Malevolent Spirit, Seven Star Witch, Descending Proud Dragon, Lonely Sorrow, World Eradicator.

Lin Xi counted them up. In Green Luan Weapon Hall, just blades alone had nineteen types.

Just the Rolling Thunder blade already needed eight points to exchange for, the further down one went, the higher the points needed to exchange for those weapons. The last one known as World Eradicator was simply explained as being a blood-colored long blade forged with Blood Spirit Gold and a soul crystal, having six phoenix feathers and a pair of Phoenix Eye runes, needing sixty points to exchange for.

When Lin Xi saw the Rolling Thunder blade in Thunder Academy Gao Liren’s hands, he already longed for it. However now, in this Weapons Hall, there were already five or six long blades, just from their appearance, they already looked many times more beautiful than the Rolling Thunder Blade.

For example, that Frigid Moon blade, the blade was entirely crystal blue, moreover releasing shining clean white radiance, swirling around the blade’s surface like a frigid moon. The Mad Dragon’s Wings blade even more so looked like a fierce dragon, the blade’s radiance even more so forming two scarlet wings at the blade’s sides. Moreover, this was still its appearance before soul force was poured in, once soul force was infused, who knew just how astonishing it would become.

Lin Xi passed all seven courses, but the Soul Force Cultivation course’s two points could only be earned after he raised his cultivation to initial stage Soul Expert level with the pills he obtained here. When he entered this Weapons Hall before, he already asked this freckled black-robed lecturer about it, this lecturer also explaining to him clearly that the points he could use for exchange were precisely the two points he had left over, as well as the six courses worth with results already determined, a total of fourteen points.

These fourteen points, for ordinary students, were naturally extremely astonishing, but as he walked through this Weapons Hall, Lin Xi could only sigh at his own poverty.

As if he saw through what Lin Xi was thinking, the freckled black-robed lecturer spoke out again in advice. “These soul weapons, for any cultivator, are naturally extremely enticing. However, no matter how formidable the soul weapon, if one’s own cultivation is not enough, unable to use them, then they are still useless. Just like the Rolling Thunder you just asked about, only a bit of its true power can only be displayed even when supported with Soul Master level cultivation. That is why the key factor still lies in choosing things most suitable for yourself.”

This reasoning was naturally not hard to understand.

“Many thanks for teacher’s reminder.” When he sensed this freckled black-robed lecturer’s good intentions, Lin Xi became a bit embarrassed, explaining, “Truth be told, Professor An Keyi already gave me some suggestions for what to exchange for, student should listen to her advice. Only, because this is the first time I entered our academy’s Weapons Hall, like Granny Liu entering the Grand View Garden, I suddenly lost myself, letting teacher see a poor side of myself.”

“With Professor An’s guidance, there should be no issues.” The freckled black-robed lecturer calmed down, but then instead looked at Lin Xi in confusion, asking, “Granny Liu entering the Grand View Garden… what does this mean?”

Lin Xi immediately couldn’t help but laugh, knowing that he unknowingly spoke another line of ‘nonsense’. He immediately explained, saying, “This is a local phrase from my Deerwood Town, the meaning of Granny Liu entering the Grand View Garden is like a countryside elderly lady entering the capital city, everything she sees is full of novelty.”

The freckled black-robed lecturer immediately understood. With a smile, he said sincerely, “Your Deerwood Town’s local phrases are quite interesting. Then you can continue wandering about like Granny Liu entering the Grand View Garden.”

Lin Xi smiled while nodding, continuing to examine this Green Luan ‘museum’.

After blades were battle-axes.

The giant axes looked extremely domineering. It seemed like on the battlefield, because these weapons were extremely suitable for cultivators to use, their statuses were also extremely high.

Splitting Mountain, Wolf Teeth, Sky Quake, Bone Smasher, Mysterious Collapse, Doomsday, Ghost King, Lonely Fiend Dragon… Lin Xi also counted them up. RIght now, Green Luan Academy’s Weapons Hall had a total of twenty axe type soul weapons.

The largest ‘Sun Seizing Demon’ was terrifyingly large, about two Lin Xis in height. The handle had four underworld demons winding about it, the blade itself two circles. Just a single edge was larger than Lin Xi’s body.

After axes were swords.

The swords’ names were Green Treasure, Evilslayer, Daybreak, Purple Jade, Intimidation, Serenity, Singularity, Spirit Sparrow, Phoenix Pool, Jade Dragon, Dazzling Six Yang, Rippling Hurricane, Black Dipper, Crimson Heavens Dragon Roar, Green Cloud Cascade, sixteen types in total.

Among them, Lin Xi saw the ‘Daybreak’ longsword An Keyi suggested for him to exchange for.

‘Daybreak’ longsword was refined from Sunken Iron Essence, ‘Celestial’ runes engraved on it, the price of exchange four points.

This starlight longsword was entirely faint green in color, fine groves of varying depths made on the blade’s surface. Regardless of whether it was the sword itself or the runes, it all looked extremely ordinary.

However, as for the reason why she had Lin Xi pick this sword, An Keyi had also explained in detail.

As a ‘Windstalker’, Lin Xi definitely needed a suitable bow and arrow, but apart from the bow and arrow, he also needed a comfortable personal bladed weapon.

This ‘Daybreak’, looked quite ordinary, and like most soul weapons, needed Soul Master level cultivation before soul force could be infused into the runes, displaying its true power.

However, this ‘Daybreak’ longsword’s Celestial runes were a bit special… Sacred Expert level cultivators who could manipulate flying swords, before they obtained suitable flying swords, could also get by with this ‘Daybreak’ longsword.

Not all soul weapon longswords with runes engraved could be controlled and used as flying swords. On the contrary, the runes that could be used like this were extremely few.

To put it more simply, this ‘Daybreak’ was the lowest level flying sword.

If one wishes to use a flying sword, not only do they need Sacred Expert level cultivation and sufficiently powerful soul force, one’s perception towards heaven and earth’s vital energy and flying sword runes need to reach a special level as well.

When this type of longsword was used more often, the chances of being able to use flying swords in the future might become a bit higher, this was An Keyi’s intention.

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