Book 5 Chapter 6 - Yuhua Family’s Favor

“You have that much certainty?” The old professor had on a bit of a reconsidering expression. He looked at Lin Xi and said, “There is no harm in telling you. The Frost Crows, compared to other special beasts, are extremely rare, and their strength is extremely great, so they are extremely useful for Spiritual Sacrifice Priests. I previously told you all that there is one good Frost Crow egg among these. If you smash the four bad Frost Crow eggs, then I am willing to not punish you, but if you smash the good one, because of this Frost Crow egg’s value, I will deduct ten points from you. Moreover, I believe no one will help you plea for leniency.”

“Ten points?”

When all of the students present heard the old professor’s words, they immediately sucked in cold breaths of air.

Lin Xi nodded. “I will break them.”

The old professor suddenly laughed. “Fine, you can strike them.”

Lin Xi suddenly sensed something, but he still wasn’t sure. However, without any hesitation, he reached out his hand. Kacha, kacha, kacha, after breaking three eggs, he didn’t stop even before the last one, striking down.

“He’s mad!”

Most of the students’ expressions changed. The whites and yolks that flowed out from the following three were just like the first one’s, meaning that he continuously broke four bad Frost Crow eggs. This meant that the last one was naturally a live one. However, Lin Xi actually wanted to break the last one too, did he want to lose ten points?

Right at this time, the students with fast reactions, including Xu Zhenyan and Zhou Tianshui at his side reacted, their faces all suddenly becoming a bit ugly.


The last Frost Crow egg was also broken by Lin Xi, the contents scattering everywhere.

The five Frost Crow eggs were all dead.

“You’ve done well.” The golden-haired old professor nodded towards Lin Xi, a hint of admiration that he had concealed deeply now completely appearing on his face.

“All five Frost Crow eggs were bad!”

At this point, all of the students here completely reacted, erupting into commotion.

“They are all bad, so why say there is a good one, have us sense them?! How are we even supposed to pass this evaluation?!” There were immediately students who felt like they were made fools of, crying out in anger.

“From yesterday until today, there were already thirty-seven students who participated in my test, but not a single person was like Lin Xi, noticing and certain that these five Frost Crow eggs were all bad. Your performances really are disappointing.” When faced with the cries of anger, the old professor instead pretended that he didn’t hear anything, only saying with a cold and somewhat mocking voice, “If you all don’t understand clearly yet, then before you leave the academy, let me teach you all one last lesson. Spiritual Studies course, what we care about are perception and communication. In the very first Spiritual Studies course, we already told all of you that spiritual beasts’ perception will always be far above ours, they are far more capable at sensing our mental states. In order to communicate with spiritual beasts, even if it is just for them to sense that you have no hostility, that you do not wish for conflict, you must be direct, carrying a magnanimous and sincere heart. Even if it is just hesitation, doubt, cowering, or fear, they will keenly sense it, interpret it as malice. If you all don’t even have this type of direct and utterly sincere heart, no matter how great your perception is, what use is there? Even if I know there were some among you who were able to detect not a single egg was living, if you all pointed at an egg because of something I said, not even daring to make decisions on your own or question what I say, don’t tell me that you think you can pass this Spiritual Studies course’s evaluation?”

The old professor’s words made all of the students outside become silent.

“You all can leave. Spiritual Studies’ course evaluation has already ended.” The old professor shook his head, saying ruthlessly.

“Teacher, this isn’t fair.” When he heard the old professor actually direct end the evaluations, meaning that Lin Xi was the only one who passed, Wang Ling at Xu Zhenyan’s side immediately moved the jade fan in his hands, stepping out and saying, “Even if only Lin Xi discovered it and was sure of this, there are quite a few students who haven’t been tested yet. How does your respected self know that none of them can pass?”

“What you said also has reason.” The old professor coldly swept his eyes over him, and then said, “How about this, I’ll bring out five more eggs, and then I will also tell you all that one of the eggs is alive, but I won’t guarantee that what I say is true or false. Either way, as long as you come up and strike them, strike four eggs and leave one, for each wrong egg you break, I’ll deduct ten points, I can continue this evaluation.”

“However, if I am not mistaken.” After a slight pause, the old professor gave Wang Ling and the other students behind him who didn’t get tested yet a look, and then continued with a cold voice, “The ones who haven’t been tested yet have all hesitated for a long time. I refuse to believe that any of those who are stalling for time and still haven’t taken the exam yet dare take this risk.”

No one replied, some people starting to lower their heads and leave.

There was indeed no one who dared gamble with ten points, because most people only had two to four points on hand. If they had ten points deducted, then that not only meant they would not be able to leave the academy with some things, it also meant the points they earned in the future had to be deducted.

“Let’s go.”

Xu Zhenyan silently turned around, telling his good friends at his side to leave.

“Even if Lin Xi is the only one who passed this course this time, so what? The deciding factor of who is more outstanding isn’t something a single course can determine. Don’t tell me his total achievements this time can compare to Brother Xu’s?!”

Wang Ling grabbed his jade fan with an ugly expression, saying this resentfully, unconvinced.

This time, he wasn’t purposely praising Xu Zhenyan, because just now, the old professor’s words and actions included all of them. They were originally here to watch a play, but none of them expected Lin Xi to actually show them something.

“How do you know Lin Xi’s total achievements aren’t great?”

Right at this time, a woman’s voice suddenly sounded.

Wang Ling, Xu Zhenyan, and others’ eyebrows jumped. They turned around, but instead saw a black-robed middle-aged woman currently walking over a flagstone paved road.

Wang Ling didn’t recognize this ordinary looking female lecturer, while stunned, he defended himself, “Xu Zhenyan has already passed five out of seven courses, could it be that Lin Xi can do even better?”

“When you all leave, I have the same advice, do not be so quick to come to a conclusion. What if I told you that apart from Self Defense Department’s Martial Skills course not holding evaluations, he has passed all other seven courses?” The middle-aged black-robed lecturer looked at Wang Ling and the others, saying this indifferently.

Xu Zhenyan’s mind was originally already calm, but when he heard what this female lecturer said, his face immediately paled considerably.

“What?” Wang Ling, Zhou Tianshui, and the others shuddered fiercely, crying out in disbelief and shock.

“Of course, strictly speaking, he has only passed five as well, but with the points he obtained from these five courses, it is enough for him to break into initial stage Soul Expert level cultivation, so he will naturally pass the Soul Force Cultivation course as well. As for my Medical Care course, as long as I tell him that he is exempt from evaluations, then he will have already passed it as well.” The middle-aged woman looked at Wang Ling and the others, calmly saying this.

“Exempt?” Xu Zhenyan’s brows furrowed. He looked at this female lecturer and said, “Medical Care assessment’s difficulty is rumored to not be easy, if teacher says that he is exempt, that seems to be a bit unfair.”

“Unfair?” The originally good-natured middle-aged woman instead instantly became filled with a sneer filled with disdain beneath contempt. “That old fella Zheng, because of his relationship with Xu Shengmo, he can purposely make things difficult for him, tossing a several page book to test his speed reading, why can’t I intentionally reduce his difficulties because I don’t agree with their viewpoint? This can only be considered making things even at most.”

“He passed even when a several hundred pages long book was used to test his speed reading?”

When this middle-aged woman’s clearly biased words were spoken, Xu Zhenyan and the others all hung their heads.

The academy’s lecturers were all arrogant and eccentric, there was no reasoning to discuss with them. However, just this Speed Reading course alone, if they were the ones who participated, the evaluating lecturer purposely making things difficult for them like this, then not a single one of them would pass.

All seven courses were passed… even this type of speed reading passed, together with personally seeing how Lin Xi passed Spiritual Studies course today… these people only felt like their faces were fiery hot, as if they were viciously smacked a few times.

“Worthy of being the heaven’s choice Vice Principal Xia designated, there is something special about you after all.”

In the Spiritual Studies exam room, the old professor stopped Lin Xi who prepared to leave, saying these words of praise without hiding anything.

Lin Xi chuckled in embarrassment. “Teacher is too kind with his praise.”

He really was embarrassed, because just like how there was no way Xu Zhenyan and the others could understand his arrogance, no one knew where his abilities lied. During these three days of evaluations, regardless of whether it was Speed Reading, Toxicology, or Spiritual Studies course, he relied on his own unique ability. Only, he didn’t even use today’s ability today, yet he already accidentally passed this evaluation.

Xu Zhenyan and the others secretly wanted to compete against him, but they didn’t know that Lin Xi possessed Principal Zhang’s innate ability.

However, right now, his embarrassment, in the old professor’s eyes, instead looked like true modesty and humility, so there was only more admiration in his aged eyes.

“You’ve done well.” After repeating this line again, this old professor gave Lin Xi a look, with a voice only the two of them could hear, he said to Lin Xi, “As an academy professor, I cannot make an exception to give you more rewards. However, our Yuhua family, despite never being scared to make sacrifices for our own faith, still owes you a great favor.”

Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment. Only when this old professor walked past him and left, did he react. Yuhua Tianji was someone from Yuhua Family, the favor this old professor spoke of should refer to his outstanding performance in Ten Fingers Ridge, saving Yuhua Tianji’s life. After all, if he wasn’t there, Yuhua Tianji definitely wouldn’t be alive.

Only when the old professor and his student Liu Yan walked out of this spacious exam room, did Lin Xi see that there was a small, triangular, golden silk flag on the redwood table.

It was half a palm in size. On the golden silk woven small flag, the word ‘Yuhua’ was embedded with silver silk.

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