Book 5 Chapter 3 - Goodbyes, Dialects

This young female professor was someone all of the new students had seen before, Medicine Department’s An Keyi. When they met her previously, she was still only an associate professor, but now, she already wore black robes unique to professors, her cuffs and collar all having special silver star patterns.

“Professor An.”

The black-robed lecturer gave Professor An a respectful greeting.

Even though this black-robed lecturer was much older in age than An Keyi, the academy’s ranks had always been determined by contribution. Apart from the students, for everyone else in the academy, seniority in status was even more important than at the imperial court.

Someone like Xu Shengmo was still naturally extremely formidable. If the students he taught had especially astonishing accomplishments, he would also be given a share of contribution, but after all these years, he still remained a lecturer, the first meaning that his luck wasn’t all that great, the other that this academy’s promotion system was extremely difficult. Someone like An Keyi who obtained professor status at such a young age definitely made many shocking contributions to the academy, attained many great achievements, enough to earn the respect of others.

Apart from Lin Xi, Qiu Lu and the others weren’t familiar with An Keyi, only knowing that this female professor normally always locked herself up researching some ancient texts and pill recipes, not teaching any lessons normally. That was why when they saw An Keyi walk over right now, none of them knew what she came here for.

Amidst their confusion, they only saw An Keyi return the black-robed lecturer’s greeting. With a reading voice, she said, “I came for Lin Xi… I have some things to say to him alone.”

“It’s Lin Xi again?”

“What kind of relationship does a Medicine Department professor have with him?”

“Is it only because he is heaven’s choice?!”

When An Keyi spoke these words, Qiu Lu and the others who had just revealed pleased expressions immediately felt their faces freeze, their hearts became filled with indescribable jealousy and resentment.

“Professor An.”

Lin Xi always greeted her with great respect. Even though An Keyi was close to him, after walking up to An Keyi alone, he still gave An Keyi a greeting.

An Keyi thought for a bit, as if she was thinking over whether she forgot anything. Then, she looked at Lin Xi, saying with her usual reading voice, “You all will leave Green Luan Academy in five days. I have other matters to tend to, about to leave the academy soon as well, so this can be considered an early goodbye.”

After a slight pause, she continued, “I already asked before, your Wilderness Survival course does not need any more evaluations, all of you will be passed without examination. This way, together with your two points you haven’t used yet and today’s two points from Equestrian Archery, you have a total of six points. Apart from Soul Force Cultivation course not being an issue, because Xu Shengmo feels there hasn't been enough time for his Martial Skills course, the students' martial skills still not sufficient, he won't conduct evaluations. As for Medical Care, Toxicology, Spiritual Studies and Speed Reading, these four will all hold evaluations in these next few days. Which ones do you have confidence in passing?”

“Martial Skills course won’t hold evaluations?”

Lin Xi curled his lips. “It seems like Xu Shengmo’s dislike for me really has reached a certain point, he would rather have none of the students be able to obtain points than give me the chance to earn two points.”

“Teacher, if I didn’t remember incorrectly, one needs to reach initial stage Soul Expert level before they can be considered to have passed the Soul Force Cultivation course. This means that originally, only after Green Luan Academy’s students have reached Initial Stage Soul Expert level, can they leave the academy and carry out practical training. With my current cultivation level, why is there no issue with passing this course?” Lin Xi who was familiar with An Keyi’s slow nature wasn’t scared of her being impatient at all. He didn’t immediately respond to her question, instead asking about this first.

An Keyi calmly explained, “Soul Force Cultivation course’s evaluation can be done last. You already have six points, so even if you cannot obtain any points from the other courses, reaching initial stage Soul Expert level still shouldn’t be too great of an issue, right?”

This wasn’t something hard to understand to begin with.

Lin Xi just momentarily didn’t think of this. He immediately laughed in embarrassment, saying, “What teacher says is correct. The evaluation for Speed Reading is something I’ve already heard of before, it will just depend on whether or not I can remember the segment the teacher designates. My memory is not that bad, so it shouldn’t be an issue. As for the other three, I don’t know what exactly will be tested, so I have no certainty at all.”

An Keyi shook her head, organizing her somewhat messy hair and saying, “Speed Reading course’s Lecturer Song had family matters to tend to these past few days, already returned home from the academy. The one in charge of this course is Statecraft Department’s Lecturer Zheng, one of the lecturers who has the best relationship with Xu Shengmo. Xu Shengmo is someone who is extremely direct about who he likes and dislikes, so passing this course might not be that easy.”

Lin Xi released an ah sound, and then after curling his lips again, said, “Who would have thought that even someone with his rigid face could still make a few friends.”

“You have to understand that people like him are still a bit better than some others.” An Keyi seemed to have recalled several things she wanted to say, saying with a frown, “If I am not mistaken, your Windstalker status is something quite a few people will guess at. Once you all leave the academy, the academy obviously wouldn’t do nothing about this, but you need to understand that even with many cultivators protecting imperial court officials, assassinations still happen, no one can be certain that nothing unexpected will happen. Just like previously, our Medicine Department had a student who was quite excellent, but in a place without any dangers, a place the academy felt at ease about, because he drank too much himself, he still accidentally drowned. That is why what is most important is still that you have to depend on yourself, to be more careful.”

When he heard this female professor who normally only knew how to read books show concern, Lin Xi became completely serious as well. He nodded his head seriously, saying, “Many thanks for teacher’s instructions, I will engrave them in my heart.”

An Keyi tilted her head again, thinking to herself.

This type of parting speech wasn’t something she was good at. Compared to some things she normally did, it was easier for her to forget and overlook things.

Only after thinking for a long time, did she remember there were still some other things she wanted to tell him, continuing, “Yunqin attaches great importance to martial prowess, the empire established through law. The academy is not above the law, with your nature… you need to be careful not to be provoked into doing some things that greatly violate the laws, or else the academy might not necessarily be able to help you much.”

En.” Lin Xi nodded obediently.

An Keyi felt like there wasn’t much else she needed to tell Lin Xi. She produced a small scroll from her sleeves, handing it to Lin Xi. “This scroll contains the suggestions on what you can exchange for with the course points you have acquired. At that time, you can make the decision yourself.”

Lin Xi received the small scroll, immediately feeling a bit of different feelings inside, quietly asking, “Did something happen outside? Why did the academy suddenly make this type of change?”

An Keyi nodded, saying, “Right now, what the outside world knows is that a rebellion has started in Jadefall Border Army, but the actual situation is naturally not just limited to this. In order to prepare and act as soon as possible, this is why Vice Principal Xia and the others made these arrangements.”

Lin Xi frowned, but discovered that he didn’t actually care that much about these things. As such, there was a bit of an awkward silence between the two of them.

An Keyi stood there for a moment, and then lowered her head to look at her toes. “I’m leaving.” Then, she turned around to leave.

“Teacher.” Lin Xi looked at her rear figure that took out a few steps, suddenly remembering his past world, the teachers and students he would never meet again. He couldn’t help but call out. When An Keyi turned her head slightly, he said, “You need to be careful too.”

An Keyi nodded slightly, and then didn’t say anything else, holding that thick book while walking further and further, disappearing from his line of sight in the end.

“Teacher Zheng, why is it that the others’ books are so thin, but mine is so thick?”

In the afternoon, Lin Xi looked at the short lack-robed lecturer seated at the front who had a horse-like face, asking this in a consulting manner.

There were two courses that held evaluations this afternoon, one was Speed Reading, the other Toxicology. This Speed Reading course really did end up like An Keyi said.

The evaluations would always be to speed read through a book within a set amount of time, and then the one in charge of the evaluation would randomly pick a page, ask about the contents recorded. However, the others only had to read booklets containing several dozen pages, when it came to Lin Xi, this horse-faced academy lecturer picked up a book with at least a hundred pages.

This was naturally hugely unfair in the eyes of all of the elective course students, none of them able to understand why Lin Xi actually still had such a pleasant countenance, not at all upset. However, when faced with Lin Xi’s question, this lecturer instead coughed twice, calmly saying in an impartial-like tone, “Because you are heaven’s choice, your achievements might be a bit higher than normal students’, the things you read will be more important, the difficulty naturally also a bit greater. This is for your sake.”

“Many thanks for teacher’s favor.” Lin Xi chuckled, saying quietly, “Teacher, I heard that you are a pair of very good ‘basic friends’ with Teacher Xu Shengmo.”[1]

The face of the lecturer in charge of the Speed Reading course immediately became sluggish. However, for better or for worse, he was an academy lecturer, so after a bit of sluggishness, he only said in puzzlement, “What are good basic friends?”

“This is something locals from back home would say.” Lin Xi smiled, saying, “It is the type of relationship that is so good it exceeds friendly feelings.”

“Unbridled!” This lecturer stared blankly, reacting, his face flushing red. He fiercely slapped the table. “Even though I am close friends with Xu Shengmo, where would we have that type of nonsensical thing you are talking about?! If you don’t want to participate in the evaluation, then just…”

Only after shouting angrily, seeing Lin Xi smiling but not saying anything, as well as looking at the other students below who suddenly realized what was happening, did this lecturer realize something wasn’t right, immediately stopping awkwardly.

Xu Shengmo didn’t like Lin Xi, always making things difficult for him during Martial Skills class, this was something almost all of the new students knew about. When he shouted out like this, almost everyone present tacitly understood what was going on.


However, academy lecturers naturally had their own domineering attitudes. An even thicker book slammed down before Lin Xi.

“Since I am in charge of this class, then I will teach you a principle before you leave the academy.” This academy lecturer’s face fell. He looked at Lin Xi and coldly said, “One needs to be able to see the current situation, remember that a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. Since you dare slander my personality before me, you will instead read this book.”

“Teacher, you are so awe-inspiring, you are just as domineering as Teacher Xu has expected.” Lin Xi chuckled, and then didn’t say anything. He picked up the heavy brick-like book and began to quickly read through it.

“What does thirty-fourth page’s second sentence talk about?”

“Observe the truth of the heavens, act according to the heavens as much as possible. There are five evils that the people delight in. The five evils concern the heart, but acting on it concerns the heavens. The universe concerns the hand, all transformations of life concern the body…”

“How is this possible! How could you have possibly remembered?!”

1. Very close same-sex friends, gay partners

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