Book 5 Chapter 2 - Exempt From Evaluation

Today, it just happened to be Self Defense Department new students’ Equestrian Archery course.

The black-robed lecturer in charge of Equestrian Archery course explained the great changes that were taking place in the academy extremely patiently.

“This type of practical training will be of the same nature as that meant for the second year and third year students in the academy, the academy will choose some suitable places and positions to be selected from. After completing the missions arranged by the academy, it will be just like the second and third year students from before, return to the academy to continue your studies, choose new coursework.”

“As for the courses that you have chosen, after passing the academy’s evaluation, the appropriate points can be acquired.”

“The academy’s students who officially graduate start from minor eighth rank, but when you guys leave, you will be major tenth rank. Your following performance and the contributions you all acquire will also be recorded in the various sectors, used for accumulation and promotions.”

“During these next two days, you all may participate in various course evaluations. If you pass, then you can obtain point rewards. If you cannot pass, you can still take them again once you return to the academy.”

After such a thorough examination, all of these new students who weren’t stupid could tell that because they already had an official rank once they left the academy, their performances recorded in the various sectors, this meant that apart from still being allowed to come back to the academy to further their studies, they weren’t much different from officially graduated students.

There were some who were happy and some who were worried.

There were many reasons to be happy. Some of them felt like practical training was much more interesting than the dry and dull coursework of the academy, while some felt that by starting their military merit accumulation now, after several years of accumulation, they would go far beyond eighth rank when they graduated, their prospects becoming even greater.

Those who were worried also had many reasons to feel this way. Some felt like their cultivation was still too low. The casualty count of official graduates from the academy in the various local and border armies was already high, so if they went out, it would naturally be full of dangers. There were some who felt like starting from tenth rank was too low, that it wouldn’t be too good if they just spend their time in the local armies.

When they heard the black-robed lecturer’s explanation, many students couldn’t help but start whispering among themselves. Hua Jiyue also couldn’t help but frown deeply. “Why are there suddenly changes for no reason? According to normal reasoning, the academy attaches great importance to tradition. Could it be that there are shocking developments taking place in the border stations?”

Li Kaiyun shook his head, saying quietly in doubt, “I didn’t hear anything like that. With so many students… if there really was some great war, there should have been news a long time ago.”

Hua Jiyue’s brows immediately furrowed even tighter. “Could it be that it is something from the academy itself? Did something unexpected happen to Vice Principal Xia?”

Lin Xi shook his head. “That is not possible.”

“How are you so sure?” Hua Jiyue gave Lin Xi a look.

Lin Xi immediately snapped out of his daze. He knew that this good friend of his was best at seeing through clues, but after some hesitation, he didn’t want to trick Hua Jiyue either, only quietly saying, “Two days ago, Vice Principal Xia had just sought me out to discuss some things with me, so I know that nothing has happened to him or the academy. However, because the contents of our discussion is regarded as an academy secret, I cannot tell you all in detail.”

“What?” Li Kaiyun was immediately shocked. “Vice Principal Xia actually personally sought you out for a chat?”

Hua Jiyue’s brows jumped again. She gave Lin Xi a look, saying quietly, “It seems like there really were some unusual things that happened, or else why would Vice Principal Xia chat with you alone?”

Lin Xi could only shake his head. “However, I didn’t expect the academy to make this type of decision either.”

Ever since the lecturer declared the official duty training, Bian Linghan always remained silent. She knew that this day would definitely come in the future, but this day, for her, came so suddenly, so early.

“I wonder what kind of places we’ll all be sent to.” She couldn’t help but mutter this quietly to herself.

Precisely at this moment, the black-robed lecturer already finished explaining the matter of practical training, and as such, he declared, “Those who wish to have their evaluation, we can now begin.”

Green Luan Academy’s Equestrian Archery course evaluation consisted of stationary mounted archery, as well as riding while shooting.

Stationary mounted archery was precisely to control the horse below, shoot arrows from a fixed location. Meanwhile, riding while shooting was firing arrows while riding at high speed.

The former should be used mostly in army formations and coordinated attacks with others, while the latter was naturally used more often during pursuit and surprise attacks. The distance used in both evaluations was a hundred steps. Unknown as to whether Principal Zhang interfered at all, the target was full of modern characteristics Lin Xi was familiar with, the different vital points having different point values. After a certain point threshold was met, then it would be considered passing.

Meanwhile, with Lin Xi’s archery skill, even if he didn’t use the Windstalkers’ unique three finger arrow gripping method Tong Wei passed down, under this type of distance, even if he couldn’t seize the highest point value from every single shot, only a few would miss. Easily passing was definitely not an issue.

Originally, according to what Tong Wei said, for Lin Xi and Bian Linghan, this course was basically free points.

Meanwhile, for the other Self Defense Department new students, whether or not they pass, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Moreover, if their archery skills weren’t up to par, they would at most lose a bit of face. If they got lucky, then these were two course points, allowing their cultivation to advance a bit higher before leaving the academy.

That was why most of the new students were moved, many Self Defense Department students who felt like their archery skills weren’t bad immediately said they wanted to join the evaluation.

Arrow whistling sounds quickly sounded over this Green Luan Academy slope.

Suddenly, a moment later, waves of cheers sounded.

The one on the horse was Lin Xi’s good friend Tang Ke.

His archery movements were extremely flowing and natural. In the mounted stationary evaluation, all ten arrows respectively hit the vital areas of the ten targets a hundred meters out.

Then, he rode the horse, riding quickly, with an extremely cool-headed and standard posture, firing arrow after arrow in succession. Amidst the loud cheers, not a single arrow missed, hitting the ten targets one after the next.

One has to understand that among the seven students who tested before Tang Ke, the ones with the best results still missed four of the twenty arrows.

Lin Xi watched with a smile. Tang Ke was already a cultivator before he joined Green Luan Academy, his archery also trained well in the border army as expected. If he didn’t use the three finger arrow gripping method, he might not even be able to match Tang Ke’s performance. Meanwhile, when he saw his good friend’s performance receive the acclaim of so many people, Lin Xi naturally also felt extremely happy.

Li Kaiyun was also excited when he saw this. When he saw Tang Ke finish firing the last arrow, Li Kaiyun couldn’t help but nudge Lin Xi with his arm. “Lin Xi, why don’t we give it a try as well? If we pass, then we can obtain two course points of reward!”


Lin Xi gave Li Kaiyun and Bian Linghan a look, agreeing. As soon as he walked up to the queue, before he even said anything, when the black-robed lecturer who had just recorded Tang Ke’s results saw him walk out from the crowd, he immediately said, “Lin Xi, you are exempt from Equestrian Archery’s evaluation, there is no need for you to take it.”

Lin Xi stared blankly for a moment. When he raised his head, he saw a hint of a different feeling from the eyes of this black-robed lecturer who normally didn’t reveal much. Together with how this was only his name that was mentioned and not Bian Linghan’s, he suspected that this was precisely a special method Vice Principal Xia used, making even more people suspect or become even more certain of his ‘Windstalker’ identity.

Once his Windstalker identity was recognized, not only would it hide his ‘Divine General’ identity, it could also conveniently cover Bian Linghan’s true Windstalker identity.

According to what Tong Wei said, those who had Windstalker talent were like those chosen by the heavens, one appearing every few dozen years. Meanwhile, in Green Luan Academy’s history, there has never been an  instance of two students with Windstalker talent in one batch.


This place immediately became quiet.

“Why are you exempt from evaluation?” Li Kaiyun, Hua Jiyue and the others all looked at Lin Xi, seemingly wanting to pick up some clues from his face.

Lin Xi shrugged his shoulders in a distressed manner, saying quietly, “This is related precisely to the secret Vice Principal Xia discussed with me, I cannot talk about it either.”

“Why is he exempt from evaluation? When we were practicing normally, his archery has never been especially outstanding.”

“Right? Just because he is heaven’s choice, he gets special treatment?”

“This is related to two course points! How is this fair for the rest of us?”

There were several Self Defense Department students who were upset. There was a tender-faced student on the side whose expression was overcast, not saying anything, precisely Qiu Lu who had the most conflicts with Lin Xi.

“You’re really something…”

While these students were saying something, they heard a line of vulgar words. When they turned around, they discovered that it was precisely Mu Shanzi who didn’t get along with Lin Xi either.

“Brother Mu, don’t you think this is extremely unfair? Our Green Luan Academy approves of calling things into question, don’t you think we should voice our complaints?” A student next to Qiu Lu began to get worked up, cupping his hands towards Mu Shanzi, saying this quietly.

“Do you think I’m an idiot? If you want to oppose it, then go at it yourselves. You even want me to participate in this type of metal board kicking thing? Even if I was stupid to the point where I want to help you all, I don’t want my face to be the one beaten until it swells.”

Mu Shanzi’s brows jumped. After giving that student a glare, when he finished speaking these words, he didn’t even give those people another look, turning around and walking to the other side.

The face of the student at Qiu Lu’s side immediately turned deathly pale, saying angrily, “What kind of bad medicine did that fella end up taking? Normally, he is the first one to argue with Lin Xi, but now, why does it actually seem like he feels this matter is appropriate?”

“Forget it, Mu Shanzi’s type is arrogant and despotic to begin with. Even though his background is similar to ours, normally, there aren’t many who have good relations with him at all.” Qiu Lu said with a gloomy face, “With his nature, once he leaves, he’ll definitely suffer. Why do we need to argue with this type of fool?”

“What you said makes sense.” Another tall and white-faced student looked around, and then suppressed his voice to a level only Qiu Lu and the others could hear. “In the academy, there’s not much we can do to him, but once we leave the academy, if we want to help Brother Qiu vent his anger, it shouldn’t be too difficult, right?”

“There’s no need for us to do these pointless things at all.”

Qiu Lu sneered and said, “According to what I know, there are quite a few who wish to put him in his place. Apart from Medicine Department’s Liu Ziyu, Capital City’s Third Young Master Xu, even Prince Zhou wouldn’t let him have it easy. Once we leave, we just need to wait for the good news.”

The people around Qiu Lu all became stunned. “Liu Ziyu’s grudge is indeed the real deal, but how did he end up provoking Statecraft Department’s Xu Zhenyan, even end up provoking Senior Zhou Yongxian?”

“There are some things you all aren’t aware of.” Qiu Lu sneered and said, “Xu Family and Qin Family, even though one is in Judicial Sector, one in Trade Sector, their families’ old heads have fought through life and death together in the border army. Third Young Master Xu and Qin Xiyue both entered Green Luan Academy at the same time, so even though the two families haven’t stated anything clearly, Xu Family naturally views Qin Xiyue as someone from Xu Family. When they heard that Qin Xiyue and Lin Xi’s relationship was good, it is rumored that Third Young Master Xu was furious, telling his few good friends in private. As for Prince Zhou, it was rumored that during the previous association recruitment, Lin Xi’s rejection made him extremely unhappy. With Prince Zhou’s abilities, just by using a bit of his connections within the Government Sector, it would already be enough to crush this country bumpkin brat who doesn’t know his place. He himself might not care too much about this, but those who have good relations with him, wishing to use him to rise up in status definitely won’t forget. Once they deal with this brat and talk about it in leisure, it will make Prince Zhou feel much better, this perhaps bringing great benefits.”

Everyone became a bit stunned when they heard this. They immediately shook their heads, saying with a sigh, “Lin Xi actually dared offend even Zhou Yongxian, he really doesn’t cherish life. It seems like we indeed only need to wait for the good news of his misfortune.”

In this world, what was better than seeing people one normally couldn’t do anything to suffer misfortune?

However, right at this time, these people and the surrounding Self Defense Department students were all stunned.

A young female professor holding a thick book, a bookworm air about her, appeared in their line of sight, walking towards them.

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