Book 5 Chapter 1 - Morning, Greetings Teacher

This year marks the twenty-third year since Yunqin Emperor Changsun Jinse ascended the throne.

This day, outside Yunqin Empire’s western border, in a yellow sand wasteland outside Sanskrit Pass, a large group of sand camel riders, bare upper bodied bandits attacked a caravan transporting tea. However, these weirdly shaped sickle wielding bandits didn’t expect the rumbling of thunder to suddenly sound from the nearby hills behind them.

“Yunqin border army!”

Black arrows that were concentrated like dark clouds suddenly appeared in the skies. The expressions on the faces of these bandits which were covered in terrifying tattoos completely changed.

It was just an instant, but the cries of alarm became howls of grief.

Bandits collapsed heavily into the ground, their bodies were impaled all over by arrows, causing blood to flow along the dry yellow sand.

A group of black-armored cavalry rushed out from behind the hill, the sounds of hooves shaking heaven and earth. The giant bow wielding cavalry at the front suddenly separated into two sides, and then the Black Flower Spear wielding cavalry were like black reapers, ruthlessly charging into the bandits who suffered disastrous casualties.

Suddenly, a wave of tremendous air surged in the battlefield. A middle-aged tall hatted bandit that wasn’t all that tall, but his body was black like flowing oil, covered in tattoos, released a great roar of fury. His arms shook, a dark cloud rushing out. This was actually a Blacksteel Python Whip, its thickness that of an arm, more than ten meters in length, scale-like sharp blades covering its surface.

Following an explosive pa noise, this python whip swept outwards, slicing straight through five brave black-armored border army riders together with their horses. Blood and inner organs flew everywhere, the scene indescribably miserable.


However, right at this time, a sword figure suddenly silently flew out from the sand below. While carrying a trace of icy coldness, it directly made a turn, slicing through this bandit’s neck, cutting the howling laughter that just left this bandit cultivator’s throat short, a head thus propelled high into the air from its own blood.

The remaining bandits didn’t have any more fighting spirit, completely at a loss as the Black Flower Spears passed through their bodies. These were clearly Yunqin’s regular border army… why would Yunqin’s regular border army enter this deep? Could it be that Yunqin was going to launch a great attack west?

Yunqin’s light armored troops began to quickly clean up this scene. Not even the water sacks that were pierced through by arrows, the bit of water that left inside that was mixed with blood, were let go.

Nanshan Mu and Nangong Weiyang appeared among this dispersed army.

When he heard a high ranking officer’s report, Nanshan Mu’s expression became extremely grave as he looked at Nangong Weiyang. “Our water and food reserves will at most support us for three more days.”

“If we use these war horses as food, it will last us for six more days.” Nangong Weiyang looked at the distant sand dunes, and then at the balls of dried grass rolling on top of the sand dunes. “Six days should be enough for us to hurry to Tortoise Fur Division’s bandit territory, and then we can live.”

Green Luan Academy.

Within Heaven’s Core Peak’s small courtyard.

“It can only be Nangong Weiyang.”

Xiao Mingxuan sat on the other side of Vice Principal Xia, wearing his brass framed crystal glasses. He gestured towards the dozen or so scrolls of analysis, saying, “Ever since Rudong City, she has left Changsun Muyue’s side. Only with her cultivation level, is there a chance of so many military cultivators be killed, only then can the emperor and Changsun Muyue’s connections be used, thus bringing Nanshan Mu and so many people out through Sanskrit Pass.”

“This girl is quite interesting.” Vice Principal Xia nodded. He gave Xiao Mingxuan a look, saying, “However, I don’t understand. With Changsun Muyue’s nature, how can she know what kind of person she is, moreover tell her so much, let her run amok like this?”

Xiao Mingxuan stared blankly for a moment. His eyes flickered with a bit of radiance, suddenly understanding some details. He couldn’t help but cry out, “Your intention is that her birth…”

“Doesn’t Professor Liu boast about his face reading skills? Even though I’ve always jokingly called it a scam, his belief that one’s outer appearance is affected by inner character has a bit of reasoning.” Vice Principal Xia looked at Xiao Mingxuan and said, “Moreover, he has said that Changsun Muyue’s lips are extremely thin, her cheeks lacking meat, so her temperament is definitely extremely cold and unfeeling. Changsun Muyue’s actions during these past few years have indeed proved his words correct. Even though Changsun Muyue could be said to be someone who truly cares for the nation and its people, always upholding righteousness, always moving according to the law, how can the law really be completely merciless? With her nature, she should have long become aware that Nangong Weiyang, this little girl, has a natural warrior’s dao heart, unrestrained, clearly not someone who would continue following her.”

“What you said is correct.” Xiao Mingxuan’s brows jumped. A moment later, he completely calmed down, muttering, “Then according to what you say, if this Nangong Weiyang’s birth has something to do with Gu Xinyin and Changsun Muyue, then it’ll be even more difficult for Gu Xinyin to return peacefully.”

Vice Principal Xia nodded and said, “Regarding Respected Cangyue, what do you think?”

“Nanshan Mu and Nangong Weiyang are unforeseen variables. When the list of casualties was tallied up, Ghost Advisor was not included. Nanshan Mu is already old, he doesn’t care much for his own life and death, but he has to care about the loyal soldiers who follow him, must seize justice for them, not let them forever carry the shame of being rebels. He wants to retaliate, so he will hand over enough proof and Ghost Advisor.” Xiao Mingxuan looked at Vice Principal Xia and said, “For the emperor, this is a great chance, the leader will definitely be switched.”

After remaining quiet for a moment, Xiao Mingxuan then said, “Respected Cangyue won’t let Ghost Advisor reach the capital city easily, and without reaching the capital city, there won’t be enough proof, so it will be hard to attach crimes to his name. If the leader is to be switched… if the military officer who is sent out dies along the way, then there’s obviously no way to complete this. With Respected Cangyue’s nature, he will definitely continue like this. Once Ghost Advisor reaches the capital city, Zhou Shoufu and the emperor will likely begin the change in leadership, thus leaving Respected Cangyue unable to tend to both matters at the same time. As long as he slips up even slightly on a single side, all of his achievements that he has accumulated in this life will become nothing.”

“I have the same opinion as you.” Vice Principal Xia said with a frown, “But Respected Cangyue isn’t that easy to deal with.”

Xiao Mingxuan removed his spectacles. “Then what do you plan to do?”

“Changsun Muyue has let the flames burn too greatly. It is precisely the time when one of the nine elders is going to be replaced, this is actually also a potentially country toppling storm.” Vice Principal Xia looked at Xiao Mingxuan, saying, “Rather than forcing them to fight before making much preparations, they are better off making a bit of preparations… Have them prepare to leave the academy for training. Xu Shengmo’s group and the emperor’s side will definitely be extremely happy to see us change, and also happy to give out even more benefits.”

Early morning.

“Good morning, Teacher Xu.” When he saw Xu Shengmo who stood in the valley like a hawk, Lin Xi immediately purposely called out with a loud voice.

After returning to Green Luan Academy, Lin Xi was informed by Mu Qing that all of Green Luan Academy’s students were arranged to cultivate soul force in seclusion. This way, even though most of the students felt that this was weird, no one knew where Lin Xi and the others were.

As for the seriously injured Yuhua Tianji, there was no need to worry about him. After returning to Green Luan Academy, Yuhua Family already sent their people to Green Luan Academy. Then, the academy randomly found a reason so that the other students wouldn’t know that Yuhua Tianji was missing classes because of serious injuries.

This competition was a game between Vice Principal Xia and the emperor, but Lin Xi similarly viewed it as a battle between him and Xu Shengmo. Meanwhile, for Lin Xi, this battle was his victory. That was why when he saw Xu Shengmo, he naturally felt extremely happy.

There was a common saying that returning in glory made one even happier than always holding top marks, because the former could not strut around their old rivals.

Lin Xi knew that with Xu Shengmo’s relationship with some of the academy’s old figures, even if he didn’t know the exact details of what went on in Ten Fingers Ridge, he should still know about the results of this battle, and also know that Lin Xi was a huge factor in deciding victory. Moreover, previously, Vice Principal Xia had sought him out to talk to him, so Lin Xi understood that news of him being a Windstalker will begin to spread within a set scope even more clearly.

“You seem quite happy?” Xu Shengmo’s face was expressionless, still as gloomy as before. However, this was the first time he looked straight at Lin Xi, not immediately turning his head away.

Lin Xi was smiling to the point where his eyes were narrowed. “I indeed feel extremely happy.”

Xu Shengmo looked at Lin Xi for a moment, and then said with a cold laugh, “I admit that I indeed underestimated you.”

Lin Xi’s smile became even more brilliant. “Now that I heard Teacher Xu say this, I feel even happier.”

Xu Shengmo’s eyes narrowed slightly, saying coldly, “However, you shouldn’t feel happy too early. I can tell you ahead of time that even though Thunder Academy has suffered a great defeat in the competition with Green Luan Academy, our academy has already undergone changes. From today forth, all students will leave the academy and primarily cultivate through practical experience in the armies, you all will leave Green Luan Academy in a few days. When you attend other classes, this information will be declared, and the course evaluations will begin. For me, to see Green Luan Academy achieve a great victory, and then see a change that is to my liking, this is naturally the best result. That is why even though you are happy, I am even happier.”

Ha! Ha! Ha!” After saying this, Xu Shengmo raised his head towards the sky, releasing three loud laughs.

Lin Xi was completely stupefied.

He felt that Xu Shengmo really did go crazy.

If an academy lecturer who normally wasn’t so serious laughed loudly three times on purpose like this, then that was that, but Xu Shengmo was someone who normally had his face sunken all day, as if everyone owed him several million silvers. For him to deliberately laugh three times like this, just what kind of feeling were those who saw this supposed to feel?

This type of feeling, really was too… second.

This type of ‘second’ feeling made even his brain become a bit ‘second’, momentarily unable to even react in time. Why was it that even though they won, Green Luan Academy still suddenly underwent changes?

Perhaps because he also felt like his three laughs towards the sky didn’t really match his normal appearance either, a bit unfitting, when he saw Lin Xi’s stupefied expression, Xu Shengmo’s face went rigid, not saying anything else either, instead turning around and leaving.

“What, the course evaluations can be started now?”

“Even the academy’s first year students are starting to leave the academy for training?”

Early this morning, the words of various course lecturers immediately produced a commotion among Green Luan Academy’s new students from various departments.

According to Green Luan Academy’s conventional practice, only during their second year, moreover only after attaining a set amount of course points, would they be assigned various missions to carry out. They would then head to the various local or border armies to assume the posts they desired, conducting their training like this.

However, for some reason, the academy suddenly made such a huge change.

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