Book 4 Chapter 31 - Appropriate Suitor and Crimson Dragon Scorched Tail

Night surrounded the Heaven Ascension Mountain Range.

Lin Xi and Gao Yanan got onto a high point, their black cloaks wrapped around them, watching as Yunqin Emperor’s fleet departed through the scattering crystal fragments.

Most of Yunqin Emperor’s entourage had previously stopped at Four Seasons Plains and at the foot of Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, so there weren’t actually that many people in this fleet.

The dusky yellow lanterns illuminated the dragon patterns on the carriage and wheels, displaying unmatched prestige even amidst the faint wind and snow.

Gao Yanan didn’t specially call out to Lin Xi, but when he saw Gao Yanan walk up the unmanned vantage point alone, Lin Xi followed tactfully.

It was because after this life and death great battle, he already spoke to Mu Qing and Bian Linghan alone, while Vice Principal Xia had sought him out for a chat, the imperial princess sought him out to talk to him, and even Wen Xuanyu spoke with him alone, it was only Gao Yanan and himself who hadn’t talked yet.

“Senior Su seems to be a decent person.”

While looking at the young silver-armored high ranking military officer walking at the carriage’s side, Lin Xi gave Gao Yanan a look, saying this quietly.

Gao Yanan customarily moved the hair that was blown in front of her eyes out of the way and behind her ears, also saying quietly, “How can one be sure?”

Lin Xi inwardly pursed his lips, feeling like this really wasn’t like a date at all. However, when he thought how this could still be considered Gao Yanan acting on initiative this time, the corners of his lips still curled up slightly, saying, “If he wasn’t really worried that I would leave the emperor and imperial princess with a bad impression, that it would affect my future prospects, why would he speak those extra lines for me, moreover be so worried he broke out in sweat?”

Gao Yanan looked at him calmly, saying, “You were watching him surprisingly closely.”

Lin Xi looked at her pretty face and her splendid red lips, his face couldn’t help but become a bit warm. “Regardless of what happened, this competition still granted me many insights, I feel that my fine perception of danger is still far behind Hua Jiyue’s, so when I look at people and things, I’ll be a bit more patient and careful.”

“Since you saw through why Senior Su was worried for you, there is something I just can’t figure out.” Gao Yanan suddenly frowned, staring at Lin Xi and saying, “You clearly don’t have any strong feelings towards the imperial court and official rank, why did you ask about them so energetically today?”

Lin Xi looked at Gao Yanan, at the crystals that scattered on her body, the distant pitch-black mountains and the row of dusky yellow lanterns proceeding through the snow. For him, all of this carried great aesthetic sense, as if they were all parts of the most beautiful painting. The heat on his face gradually lessened. When he thought about the calligraphy and painting hanging in his dad’s study back in Deerwood Town, ‘the various foolery of man in this world’, he couldn’t help but laugh. He looked seriously at Gao Yanan’s pretty eyes and brows, quietly saying, “I indeed don’t feel strongly about these things… Just like right now, I feel like you and this mountain scenery are much more beautiful than the so-called high position and great wealth, and also much more real. Vice Principal Xia said something to me, that true gold will always shine, this is also something I agree with. As long as our cultivation and strength are great enough, the so-called high position and great wealth aren’t issues at all. I don’t care about these official ranks, and care even less about what others think.”

Gao Yanan gave Lin Xi another look. She then turned around, her face not having much of an upset expression.

Lin Xi stood at her side, and then with a smile, continued, “It is precisely because I felt like my attention to details wasn’t as good as Hua Jiyue’s that I am starting to look more carefully. This time, I discovered that among these Central Continent Guards, especially the leaders, when facing us and facing you, their attitudes seemed to be a bit different.”

Gao Yanan’s brows furrowed again. “Is there a difference?”

“There is.” Lin Xi nodded in a certain manner, and then said, “I could tell that even in Senior Su’s eyes, there is a different type of respect. Together with how you weren’t willing to talk about your background before, I figure that you probably came out of a Central Continent Imperial City prestigious house, moreover one that has an extremely, extremely great background.”

“However, even the other golden spoons don’t know about your origins, yet Central Province Guards’ leaders do. This means that your family should have someone of extremely, extremely high status in the Central Continent Guards.”

Gao Yanan’s body went slightly rigid. She didn’t turn around to look at him. After hanging her head for a moment, she said, “What does this have to do with you asking so many questions today?”

“How could it not have any connection?” Lin Xi put on a straightforward and strong appearance, quietly looking at Gao Yanan and saying, “Even if I am a bumpkin looked down on by many students in the academy, mom and dad back home in Deerwood Town still had me read many books, learn about many principles of this world… this Yunqin is one that cares about appropriate suitors of equal status to begin with. Moreover, the higher up in status, the more these prestigious houses would care about this. If I can’t reach a certain official rank, there might not be any game to play at all. That is why this type of military rank stuff, I obviously have to ask about it clearly in passing.”

“What are you even saying!”

Gao Yanan also normally had a completely nonchalant appearance, as if she preferred a simple life, not bothered by much, but in the end, she was still a young lady experiencing the first awakening of love. Moreover, this Yunqin was who knew how many times more conservative than Lin Xi’s previous world, and also who knew how many times more pure. When she heard Lin Xi speak so brazenly, Gao Yanan immediately shouted this in humiliation and anger, her white face immediately flushing red.

Either way, Lin Xi already accumulated an instance of ten minute rewind ability, so he wasn’t that worried, only looking at her and saying seriously, “What I said is absolutely the truth.”

Gao Yanan stared at Lin Xi, completely stupefied, thinking how could there be anyone in this world whose skin was thick to this degree. A moment later, she was so embarrassed and annoyed she became a bit flustered. “Who wants to be an appropriate match with you.”

“I didn’t say that it has to be with you either.” Lin Xi said with a chuckle.

“You… then you can go look for Qin Xiyue, or Leng Qiu…” Gao Yanan was angered until her face went deathly white. She pointed at Lin Xi, but she suddenly felt like these words weren’t quite right, making her face become quite red again. After freezing up for a moment, she stomped her feet. “Lin Xi, I already knew your skin was thick, but I never expected it to actually be thick to this degree.”

“When we chase after girls, there needs to be three elements, courage, carefulness, and brazenness, not a single one dispensable.” Lin Xi laughed, grabbing Gao Yanan’s hand that was soft like jade.


The next second, Lin Xi released a muffled miserable groan, struck flying.


Lin Xi who now confirmed that this world really was much more reserved and pure than the one he was familiar with, out of fear that this would affect Gao Yanan’s impression of him, he could only return to ten minutes ago, try again.

He couldn’t even hold her hand… and had to use up a precious instance of cultivation.

Lin Xi was a bit dejected, but the gentle jade-like feeling still lingered about his fingertips, extremely comfortable.

“Lin Xi, I already knew your skin was thick, but I never expected it to actually be thick to this degree.”

“Fine, let’s just say that I am brazen, let’s not talk about these things anymore.” After already testing Gao Yanan’s current bottom line, Lin Xi who tried again changed the topic, saying, “Yanan, coming here with me alone, you should have something else you want to tell me, right?”

Gao Yanan gave Lin Xi a look, after releasing a heavy breath, she calmed down a bit. “I originally wanted to ask you why the imperial princess would personally seek you out.”

Lin Xi was a bit surprised. “You knew the imperial princess sought me out?”

Gao Yanan nodded. “I just happened to see it.”

“Actually, it’s nothing big.” Lin Xi looked at Gao Yanan, released a forced laugh, and then said, “it is because the one who previously recommended me to join Green Luan Academy’s entrance examination was actually her.”

“What?” Gao Yanan immediately became shocked, looking at Lin Xi with a bit of disbelief. “You were recommended by her?”

Lin Xi nodded in an honest manner, saying quietly, “I believe she wanted to say that I can see myself as one of her people.”

After making their way through Four Seasons Plains, the further south they went, the warmer the temperature became.

It was already early summer, the scenery around the emperor’s fleet exceptionally vivid and lively.

Because they were exhausted on their way here, but the return path wasn’t all that hurried, together with the fact that they just left Four Seasons Plains, still within Green Luan Academy’s range of control, all of the retinue, including the Central Continent Guards and Imperial City cultivators in charge of ensuring the emperor’s safety, felt extremely relaxed, a bit lazy.

Most of the ordinary officials in charge of everyday matters inside the carriages even more so had their eyes shut, resting.

However, right at this time, a whistling arrow tore through the clouds.

Five Central Continent Guards who were watching the vanguard roughly five li in front of the emperor’s fleet heard the whistling arrows the scouts fired. When their minds had just turned cold, drawing their weapons, several steeds were already charging crazily at them.

All of the bodyguards and cultivators immediately formed a battle array, surrounding the fleet at the center.

These steeds still didn’t stop, charging madly with astonishing speed.

Only a single rider could be seen on these steeds, from his current position, they could already see the banner representing the emperor’s heavenly might. However, his arrival was even more rushed.

There was actually someone here who dared provoke the emperor’s fleet, dared offend the emperor’s dignity!

There was even a bit of abnormal activity from within a carriage that never pulled aside the curtains. An Imperial City consecrated cultivator reached out a hand.


Several dozen silver-armored archers shouted out, the strong bow in their hands instantly drawn back, the arrows aimed at this rider. A rain of arrows would descend at any time.


Right at this time, this rider shouted out even more loudly, a crimson embroidered dragon banner appearing in his hands.

Originally, when the arrows were being drawn, Yunqin Emperor’s eyes were still closed in rest, while the imperial princess Changsun Muyue was still quietly reading. The two both had absolute confidence. Unless it was Green Luan Academy’s experts who wanted to kill the emperor, there was nothing they needed to worry about at all. However, when they heard this ‘reporting’ word, Yunqin Emperor and the imperial princess’ expressions both changed slightly.

Yunqin Emperor opened his eyes, walking out of the already stopped large scale carriage.

That crimson embroidered dragon banner fluttered about in that rider’s hand, the purple painted end purposely burned. A shadow immediately covered the emperor’s face.


Two black steeds suddenly frothed at their mouths, collapsing heavily at the same time.

The rider leapt onto another steed, still rushing over.

Su Longshu and several other Central Continent Guards with even higher ranking couldn’t control their bodies’ trembling at all, feeling incomparable shock… Just what kind of sky shocking matter happened, for it to reach Crimson Dragon Scorched Tail level?!

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