Book 4 Chapter 29 - Natural Dao Heart

“I came from the south, wanted to take a look around Heaven Ascension Mountain Range…”

“Your ring isn’t bad.”

“You won’t die.”

“No one here can take your head.”

On Nangong Weiyang’s hand was a golden ancient ring.

This ancient ring originally belonged to Nanshan Mu.

The moment this dark red arrow descended upon her back, the soul force within her poured into this golden ancient ring’s runes with terrifying speed.

If Lin Xi saw this himself, he would definitely feel exceptionally stunned once more.

A lump of rising sun like golden light erupted from the ancient ring, forming a golden transparent great bell, surrounding Nangong Weiyang.

The dark red arrow spun about in the golden radiance, yet just couldn’t advance even an inch, producing a momentary stalemate.

The flying sword was still struggling in the green banner, about to lose its power like a carp caught in a net.

The Sky Wolf Guard who had his right eye pierced by the flying sword, his brain already stabbed through by the vicious sword energy knelt down, his golden mask covered in blood. At this time , the other Sky Wolf Guard left Ghost Advisor’s side, leaping out. The blades in his hands released screaming wind noises, hacking at Nangong Weiyang.

The air around Nangong Weiyang’s body suddenly surged, several streams of blood spraying out from her five sensory organs. Streak after streak of yellow radiance poured into this world from her fingers.

The flying sword that was wrapped under Ghost Advisor’s Asura Banner suddenly released a terrifying ringing noise.


The eyes of the Sky Wolf Guard behind his mask immediately erupted with cold light, knowing the situation was dire. He completely ignored his body’s injuries, sending all of his soul force towards his armor and the blades’ runes. Cracks quickly extended outwards along the brick floor.

Chi la! 

A cracking noise sounded. The already extremely cold-faced, hair wriggling and dancing about like vipers Ghost Advisor released a muffled groan. The flying sword tore through the large green banner in his hands, stabbing out. The ice-like runes on the flying sword shone dazzlingly, the sword itself also shaking. In the surrounding air, there were actually snowflakes that appeared one after another.


Another streak of deep red light appeared in the skies, releasing an even more vicious screaming noise, shooting straight at Nangong Weiyang’s back.

The Sky Wolf Guard’s blades also landed on Nangong Weiyang’s shoulders.

Nanshan Mu’s body also rose into the sky, but right now, even if he took action, he was powerless to change anything.

Ghost Advisor’s left hand reached out from his sleeve. In this instant, the dagger he previously used to stop Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword was nowhere to be seen. A bit of green brilliance gathered, vital energy condensing in this hand with speed exceeding one’s ability to react, as if he was trying to create a sphere of half human half tree-like existence… however, this instant of time really was too short.


The handleless sword fell rapidly, like lightning as it tore through his clothes, slashed apart the chain armor in his clothes, and then instantly hacked through the main artery of his right leg, slicing open a terrifying wound, and then it flew out.

Blood gushed out like a fountain.

No matter how cold and gloomy Ghost Advisor looked on the outside, his blood was still hot and sticky.

His hands immediately pressed down on this wound, doing everything he could to stop the bleeding.

Two dark red arrows both stopped behind Nangong Weiyang’s back, both of them stopped by a layer of soul force. The first dark red arrow was still spinning like a top, not falling.

The Sky Wolf Guard’s blades already sunk into Nangong Weiyang’s shoulders, two streaks of blood running along the blades’ surface.

The instant the flying sword hacked through Ghost Advisor’s main thigh artery, this Sky Wolf Guard released another vicious roar full of pain and suffering. The blades in his hands once again exerted strength far exceeding their normal power, forcefully pressing down.

Blood also flowed out from his metal mask.

The eruption of soul force beyond what his body could handle already left behind unimaginable injuries, but he also understood it extremely clearly, life or death laid precisely in this moment.

It was either him who killed Nangong Weiyang, or Nangong Weiyang who killed them all.

The two long green blades went in deeper, this power with the resolve of death behind it made Nangong Weiyang’s two embroidered shoes even sink into the crushed stone and earth. However, apart from her face appearing even more pale, she still stood extremely steadily.


A sword shadow suddenly made its way around the back of the Sky Wolf Guard’s brain, stabbing deeply into this Sky Wolf Guard’s right eye socket.


Another dark red arrow passed over the deep alley, stabbing into this small courtyard.

However, Nangong Weiyang’s strength and the current situation made the archer display some hesitation, not knowing if he should shoot at Nangong Weiyang or Nanshan Mu. Even though the dark red arrow was still aimed at Nangong Weiyang’s back, it was almost imperceptibly much slower than the previous two arrows.

The flying sword that released icy frost energy left the Sky Wolf Guard. It accurately flew out, jumping like a lively arm, and then knocked the third dark red arrow off its trajectory. It smashed into the courtyard’s earth next to the wall heavily, all the way until the entire arrow was embedded within, only a hole visible.

Nangong Weiyang reached out her hand. The two arrows that were still spinning endlessly were slapped outwards.

Then, she took a step out, making her way around the Sky Wolf Guard in front of her.

This Sky Wolf Guard’s blades fell onto the ground, his heavy body first kneeling down, and then it crashed heavily into the ground.

The handleless flying sword just happened to land in her hand. Her cheeks and shoulders were all dripping with her own blood.

Nanshan Mu looked at her, his body continuously trembling. He obviously understood that there was the concept of friends despite difference in age, but he never expected for Nangong Weiyang to actually go this far for him.

“Just what kind of person is she?!”

While tightly pressing down on the wound on his leg, Ghost Advisor knew that he might not necessarily be able to obtain the answer he wanted from this young lady who could only be described as a monster, so he took a deep breath, and then asked Nanshan Mu.

“I do not know.”

While looking at the corpse of Internal Affairs Sector General Manager Luo Li, and then at Ghost Advisor who already lost most of his strength, glancing at the tattered Asura Banner on the ground, Nanshan Mu suddenly felt like this world truly was extremely laughable. He couldn’t help but laugh, laughing to the point where he continuously coughed. “Advisor, you might not believe me, but the two of us only met once while I was fishing, chatted for a bit. Then, she said that I wasn’t a bad person.”

“You two only met once, yet you are willing to risk your life for him, making the respected great general your enemy, killing so many Yunqin cultivators?” An expression that couldn’t be described with words suddenly covered Ghost Advisor’s face. As if he was looking at a lunatic, he looked at Nangong Weiyang and said, “You two only met once… for the sake of saving him, you actually didn’t hesitate to stimulate your soul force to this extent? Even if you are a Soul Expert, when your inner organs are damaged, there will still be hidden injuries, it will affect your cultivation aptitude, affect your future cultivation. Going this far, is it worth it? Why exactly would you do such a thing?”

“Because this is what I felt like doing.” Nangong Weiyang only gave Ghost Advisor a look, saying this.

All because this is what she felt like doing?

Ghost Advisor thought about all of those cultivators who died in this alley, then looked at the corpses lying on the ground, the Sky Wolf Guards who didn’t die even after experiencing so many life and death situations, and then at his own miserable situation… all of this, was actually only because a young lady felt like doing this. Even he could only feel that this world really was filled with indescribable joys and sorrows.

However, at the same time, he also understood why at Nangong Weiyang’s age, she actually had this type of cultivation.

She was one of the true, legendary innate warriors who only sought the dao.

No amount of fame, profit, and mortal affairs could be of any hindrance to her, not even Yunqin’s great army or respected great general mattered to her. This type of person wasn’t a member of the secular world at all, she couldn’t be assessed with normal reasoning.

However, Ghost Advisor just couldn’t accept that his everything was destroyed under the pure interests of this type of person. He couldn’t help but look at Nangong Weiyang, saying with a sunken voice, “Even if you can walk out of this Shuren City, there is no way you can leave Jadefall City. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Nanshan Mu. You have to understand that what you face aren’t cultivators, but rather Yunqin’s army.”

Nanshan Mu opened his mouth, preparing to nod and have this young lady leave.

It was precisely because this mysterious young lady went so far for him, that he couldn’t let this young lady die because of him here.

However, before he could say anything, Nangong Weiyang instead already turned around, giving him a look, saying, “I will be able to leave.”

Because of her words, the courtyard once again became silent.

There were no arrow screaming sounds. That powerful archer already saw that right now, no matter how many arrows he shot, he couldn’t pose any threat to this young lady or Nanshan Mu, so he decided to go into hiding.

However, Nanshan Mu knew that the news from here was definitely already transmitted out.

“I cannot leave. If I go, many of my brothers will die because of it.” Nanshan Mu didn’t know why he chose to trust the young lady’s words at this time, but he still shook his head, saying this to her.

“Bring away as many as you can, withdraw to Sanskrit Pass. Respected Cangyue and Xiyi Bandits are colluding, fabricating it as you rebelling against the army, so you should really bring your troops in rebellion, seize Xiyi Bandits’ territory.” Nangong Weiyang’s brows furrowed slightly, looking at Nanshan Mu and saying, “Even if you stay here, so what? Once you die, with so many people here dead, even Ghost Advisor dead, will he let those people go?”

After a slight pause, Nangong Weiyang looked at Nanshan Mu, then said with her customary serious voice, “You understand Respected Cangyue, this is the only way.”

Nanshan Mu was immediately drenched in sweat, just like Luo Li before.

Previously, he only thought that Nangong Weiyang just happened to be a pure cultivator who was passing by, but now, he discovered that Nangong Weiyang’s understanding of the outside and inside situation might even be more thorough than his own general self!

She understood these military personnel extremely well… but she still unleashed a great slaughter here.

Nanshan Mu felt countless weights fall onto his body. Right now, he still knew absolutely nothing about Nangong Weiyang’s background, but it was definitely extraordinary. However, when he thought about Respected Cangyue’s inevitable revenge and vicious methods, about those people, he knew that he had no choice. As such, even though his clothes were drenched in sweat, even though his face was pale, he instead still nodded, saying the word ‘okay’.

When he said this, Ghost Advisor who carried who knew how much ambition, now truly shuddered in fear.

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