Book 4 Chapter 28 - Who is the One Painting the Alley Deep Red

The flying sword’s terror did not only lie in the fact that it was used by a cultivator who could control soul force externally, infusing the astonishing force of Sacred Expert level cultivation. It also possessed both the speed and viciousness of an arrow, as well as the ability to change its flight trajectory unpredictably.

For sword manipulators, the weaker ones killed within a hundred steps, the stronger ones able to kill at a thousand steps.

However, even this so-called weaker sword manipulator was already a top expert of this world!

Only at this time did Ghost Advisor understand why Nangong Weiyang could enter this deep alley courtyard, why there were no arrows flying through the sky.

It was because only through the assassination of this type of flying sword could so many cultivator hidden in various high points be dispatched of so quickly.

Previously, when those cultivators killed Luo Li, it only helped her quickly locate these cultivators’ exact positions.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Even though the other party was incomparably powerful, stepping over so many cultivators’ corpses to enter this small courtyard, these Sky Wolf Guards that were hand-picked and trained by the awe inspiring respected great general didn’t display any alarm or fear. The instant the sword shadow appeared, four vicious blade winds swept about.

It was clear that these two Sky Wolf Guards had experience in facing flying swords. However, the instant they removed their excessively wide and long massive blades from their backs, they didn’t pay the flying sword’s trajectory any attention, instead immediately guarding Ghost Advisor’s left and right like two shields. Their massive twin blades that were even longer than Nangong Weiyang’s body took in and sent out green light, intersecting in front of their faces, making their Sky Wolf Guard metal masks appear even more eerie.

All of the runes on the two individuals’ armors looked like green mercury was flowing through them, the radiance becoming more and more dazzling. The runes on their chests and backs formed two green vicious wolves, looking as if they would jump out from their ice-cold and heavy armors at any time.

When facing a flying sword, one had to restrict the flying sword’s range of activity, or else there was no way of keeping up with its speed.

Under the two Sky Wolf Guards’ coordination, the only opening around Ghost Advisor seemed to be the space above his head.

When faced with this rapidly falling flying sword, Ghost Advisor’s expression was cold and calm. His entire body suddenly exerted force, the longsword in his green sharkskin scabbard releasing a clear noise. A streak of brilliant sword light rushed out from his hand, hacking at the flying sword aimed at the back of his head with incomparable precision.

The flying sword that was moving at high speed was clearly about to be struck by this brilliant streak of sword radiance, but it suddenly came to a strange stop. Then, with a speed that was more than double that of before, it made a turn, miraculously avoiding the area this sword covered. Chi. It aimed at Ghost Advisor’s nape, indescribably agile and strange.

The two Sky Wolf Guards continued to defend the region in front of them. When they saw that Ghost Advisor’s strike missed, they instead only saw his left hand turn backwards. It was as if he had a pair of eyes on his back.


The sound of metal clashing rang out. The agile sword shadow was actually forcibly struck down by the black dagger in his left hand.

Because of the tremendous impact, Ghost Advisor’s black dagger pressed into his own nape, producing a wound that wasn’t light, blood squirming out like earthworms.

The flying sword that was falling suddenly stopped, and then quickly moved along the ground. It then made a sharp perpendicular turn, shooting upwards, shooting at the face of the Sky Wolf Guard to the left.

However, the calm and gloomy expression on Ghost Advisor’s face didn’t seem to show any changes. He only turned his head slightly, his eyes always locked onto this sword shadow that was extremely hard to even see.


This Sky Wolf Guard released a cold explosive shout, one of his blades hacking towards this flying sword that was swimming up his chestplate like a fish.

The flying sword shifted to the side like a falling leaf, flying past while brushing this long green blade’s edge.

However, right at this time, the Sky Wolf Guard’s other long blade also already sliced over.


Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword was strucke once again.

The Sky Wolf Guards established by the respected great general once again displayed their mysterious and powerful strength. However, right at this time, Nangong Weiyang’s face turned slightly pale, her fingers actually pointing forward.

Chi chi wind noises erupted from around her fingertips. A wave of majestic power seemed to suddenly emerge between this world and herself, pouring into the flying sword that was falling, seemingly already powerless.


This handleless flying sword released a scream that was even more ferocious, actually forcibly carving out a long scar on that long green blade surface. A string of sparks was drawn out, and then it ruthlessly stabbed into this Sky Wolf Guard’s metal mask.

Following metal cracking sounds, blood shot out. However, this Sky Wolf Guard was dauntless to a terrifying degree. He didn’t even release a cry of pain, the instant this flying sword stabbed through, his hands let go of his blades, actually firmly grabbing the flying sword that pierced straight through his right eye socket.

The handleless small sword struggled between the metal palms and fingers intensely. It cut out another expanse of dazzling fiery light, releasing a grinding noise that made one’s teeth sore, rigidly retracted from this Sky Wolf Guard’s hands.

Blood gushed out from the gap in his hands that were covering his eye socket. This Sky Wolf Guard’s eerie and gloomy body also swayed back and forth as if he was drunk, as if he would fall forward at any time.

However, right at this time, Ghost Advisor also already let go of that brilliantly colored fine longsword. A wave of an ancient and astonishing aura was released from his hands.

A long green banner that was covered in red patterns swept out from his hands like a cloud, instantly wrapping around the flying sword that just left this Sky Wolf Guard’s eye socket and fingers.

The flying sword struggled in this long green banner, soul force and heaven and earth vital energy roaring within. The shrill cries like that of an infant rang out.

In that instant, even the faintly discernible lute music came to a stop.

“Asura Banner! You… you were actually a Xiyi bandit!”

Nanshan Mu watched as this long green banner wrapped around Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword like a fish net, his expression as if he just discovered a huge conspiracy, unable to help but cry out in alarm.

The moment Ghost Advisor abandoned his sword, his expression already became exceptionally pale.

The sword ‘Serenity’ was a powerful soul weapon from one of Yunqin’s three great academies, Immortal Academy, able to release dazzling sword radiance even in the dark of night.

The banner’s name was ‘Asura’. Yunqin’s people, who Lin Xi obviously felt were extremely superstitious, called the monster god who appeared in their nightmares Asura. Since the ancient times, when young children cried at night, they would attribute it to the works of Asura. Once a small child began to wail continuously through the night, they would do things to chase the Asura away. However, originally, in Xiyi’s Fifteen Divisions, there was a tribe that worshiped the Asura as its main god, worshipping it with incomparable faith. The runes on some of their weapons were precisely of the red monster god, Asura.

Yunqin’s military personnel all knew that the Ghost Advisor who followed the respected great general was also a powerful cultivator, but only rarely did anyone see him take action himself. Since Ghost Advisor always carried Immortal Academy’s soul weapon on him, Nanshan Mu and many cultivators in Jadefall Border Army believed that this Ghost Advisor came from Immortal Academy.

However, the Asura Banner was designed specially to restrain arrows and flying swords, it was a unique soul weapon of the Xiyi Bandits who’d already fallen to the same level as locusts. Moreover, this was a soul weapon that could only be used if it was cultivated from one’s youth, harmonizing with it through qi and blood, only then could they grasp the profound mysteries of the runes… Only the powerful cultivators of those Xiyi Bandits could use it!

During these years, the respected great general had killed who knew how many of the ‘Xiyi locusts’, half of his military achievements were because of them. Even if there were some Xiyi cultivators captured alive, he definitely wouldn’t make any use of them, this was a hatred established through mountains of corpses and seas of blood… However, his most loyal military advisor was actually one of those Xiyi Bandits!

Before Principal Zhang’s sword cut straight through the Xiyi’s Fifteen Divisions, the conflict between these fifteen divisions and Yunqin had already persisted for too many years. This type of entire family eradication and endless corpses, this hatred was completely impossible to reconcile. These Xiyi locusts and Yunqin’s army had no chance of working together. Outsiders might not know about Ghost Advisor’s background, but there was no way Respected Cangyue didn’t… This only meant that of these Xiyi Bandits, there were at least a few that were working with the awe inspiring respected great general!

Yunqin… this powerful Jadefall Border Army, its main responsibility was to defend this border, eliminate all of these bandits. However, this army was actually colluding with the bandits!

Nanshan Mu knew a lot of Respected Cangyue’s secrets, knowing that he was ruthless and brazen, familiar with his way of doing things, but he still never expected for him to be brazen to this degree!

The entire world thought that Ghost Advisor was a powerful swordsman.

Even his first move similarly gave others this type of impression.

However, no one expected that he was a powerful Xiyi cultivator.

When the flying sword’s power was weakened by the final bit of strength the Sky Wolf Guard exerted through his hands, his ‘Asura Banner’ was like a barbarian god that suppressed a flood dragon, tightly binding Nangong Weiyang’s flying sword.

The flying sword jumped about between the green banner’s surface and the flowing red runes, momentarily unable to struggle free.

Right at this time, another wave of vicious strength suddenly emerged in this world.

In the alley, in a single breath’s time, it was unknown just how many trees’ leaves were shaken off, scattering into the air, the branches becoming bare like the dead of winter.

A long red arrow shot out from the unknown distance, carrying waves of flowing ripples, screaming through the air as it flew at Nangong Weiyang’s rather thin back.

This long red arrow was a bit longer than normal arrows, entirely made of metal, flickering with cold radiance. Moreover, even the shaft had several metal wings on it, making this dark red arrow fly even faster, even more stable than normal arrows!

Apart from Green Luan Academy’s Windstalkers, there were some other outstanding powerful archers that existed. Before Nangong Weiyang entered this deep alley’s small courtyard, she already killed so many archers and cultivators, but there was still this one most powerful archer who remained in hiding, hidden somewhere in this alley where not even she noticed his presence. This archer was always waiting, only at this moment was an arrow released, coordinating with Ghost Advisor.

The respected great general was terrifying not only because he himself was terrifying, it was also because the Ghost Advisor and Sky Wolf Guards were terrifying, as well as due to having many other powerful and special cultivators under him.

The flying sword was still stuck in the green banner, unable to struggle free. This dark red arrow carried horrifying power, heading straight for Nangong Weiyang’s back.

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