Book 4 Chapter 22 - Flame Within the Sleeve

While supported by the achievement of a great victory, the black-cloaked Lin Xi, Bian Linghan, and Gao Yanan seemed exceptionally large and tall. Lin Xi’s forceful shout also seemed especially powerful.

Those Thunder Academy students who were still noisy a second ago now all immediately became silent.

That hand that grabbed towards Wang Jianyu’s collar subconsciously shrunk back.

“Aren’t you all a bit too fierce?!”

A moment later, a red-eyed Thunder Academy woman stood out first, saying through clenched teeth.

“All of you should understand just what kind of people were sent into the competition from your side even more clearly. That is why I don’t wish to bicker with you all.” Lin Xi swept his eyes over these golde- clothed Thunder Academy students, saying, “I only wish to tell you all one thing, Yuhua Tianji wanted to save your Liu Rou, but your Brother Helan instead tied both him and Liu Rou up, dragging them across the snow for who knew how long. Also, the competition has already ended, we are tired. All of you, please leave.”

“Victory and defeat has been decided, we acknowledge the results.” A tall and sturdy Thunder Academy student also stood out, saying with an angry and overcast voice, “But this prisoner harmed our Brother Wanyan to this extent, harming a pillar among our Yunqin’s geniuses, we cannot let him go.”

Lin Xi shook his head while looking at him, “Could it be that you all wish to defy the emperor? Do not forget that the competition is already over, he has already obtained amnesty, no longer a prisoner.”

When he was suddenly charged with this accusation, the face of this tall and sturdy Thunder Academy student immediately paled. However, another Thunder Academy student at his side still continued to quibble on, “He has indeed obtained the emperor’s amnesty for his previous crimes, but now, this is a matter between our Thunder Academy and him…”

“Are you the one who has the final say?”

Gao Yanan was already impatient. She reached out her hand, directly grabbing a wooden stake used to hold down the tent. With lightning speed, she stabbed it at this long and narrow-faced Thunder Academy student’s chest.


No one expected Gao Yanan to dare do this, to take action in the open. Her movements were swift like lightning, no one able to stop her, that Thunder Academy student not even having time to move out of the way.

However, this spear-like wooden stake didn’t land on his chest. With a shua noise, it moved along his clothes, passing through his armpit.

Gao Yanan let go, standing there. Meanwhile, this Thunder Academy student’s face was drenched in cold sweat, the wooden stake clasped under his arm, this scene indescribably humiliating.

“You all are all cultivators as well… don’t tell me it’s that difficult for you to see the trajectory of this thrust? Could it be that you all couldn’t see that the one who stabbed Wanyan Muye was the one who was hiding underground, and that the thrust was completely within his own control? He merely didn’t wish for his next strike to be affected.” Gao Yanan looked at these Thunder Academy students, her beautiful brows jumping slightly, “Don’t blame others for your own choices, taking your anger out on bystanders is even more laughable. If any of you aren’t convinced right now, feel free to step out and face me. Otherwise, don’t speak any more nonsense.”

With a pa ta noise, the wooden stake fell on the ground.

All of the Thunder Academy students became silent once more.

If there was even a chance of victory, there might not be a single Thunder Academy student who wouldn’t step up. However, just now, all of these Thunder Academy students saw Gao Yanan’s strength, how the initial stage Soul Expert level Liu Chengen directly vomited blood from her thrust. No one wanted to embarrass themselves, so none of them dared take a step forward.

Lin Xi released a sigh, shaking his head, thinking that all worlds were the same, that only strength could enforce reasoning. He didn’t say anything either, nodding towards Wang Jianyu, having him come to their side.

Apart from these Thunder Academy students, there were even two Thunder Academy lecturers dressed in dark yellow academy uniform.

Perhaps because there were lecturers everywhere, and since they knew that there wouldn’t be any trouble, that was why during the conflict just now, those Central Continent Guard elites who came with the emperor, also the ones who left Lin Xi with the impression of being ‘imperial palace experts’ didn’t come to mediate things. However, because the defeat was so embarrassing, they weren’t given the chance to put down Green Luan Academy, so these two Thunder Academy lecturers also remained completely silent.

Only when Gao Yanan suddenly took action did these two sunken faced Thunder Academy lecturers react.

Right now, when Wang Jianyu was already moving, one of the two Thunder Academy lecturers, a white-faced long bearded, scholarly middle-aged man released a cold snort, saying, “What if I don’t want to let him go?”

Lin Xi, Gao Yanan, and Bian Linghan’s brows immediately jumped.

When he saw Wang Jianyu who stopped again, Lin Xi looked at that Thunder Academy lecturer who released a cold snort. He didn’t say a word, directly walking up to Wang Jianyu, grabbed his hand and then turned around to leave.

“Seems like your Green Luan Academy students don’t have any respect for your elders.” This Thunder Academy lecturer didn’t erupt into anger eiter, a flash of light moving past his eyes. “All of you don’t place others in your eyes, you don’t have even a shred of respect for teachers or principles.”

Lin Xi’s figure stopped slightly, but immediately afterwards, he relaxed, walking out with large steps, pulling Wang Jianyu behind him.

It was because at this time, he saw Mu Qing walk towards him.

“The defeated don’t have the right to speak bravely, you all do not have the qualifications to criticize whether our students understand respect for teachers or principles. Their teachers are not your teachers, your principles are not their principles.”

Mu Qing was normally one of the most moderate tempered lecturers in Green Luan Academy, but right now, her words actually left Lin Xi stunned, extremely domineering. “Without fighting a round, it seems like you all won’t quiet down.”

The scholarly Thunder Academy lecturer didn’t get angry, with a smile, he said, “The students have fought with students, there’s no harm in lecturers fighting a bout too.”

The exchange between Mu Qing and this Thunder Academy lecturer wasn’t loud, but in the students and several silver-armored Central Continent Guards’ ears, it was just like a clap of thunder.

Green Luan Academy’s lecturer and Thunder Academy’s lecturer were actually this direct… they were going to take action right after saying they would?

Everyone in the world knew that the lecturers in Yunqin’s three great academies were rather strange and powerful cultivators. After staring blankly for a bit, when they reacted, realizing that the two really were going to fight, Thunder Academy’s students immediately scattered. Meanwhile, those Central Continent Guards immediately came over out of excitement.

A battle between the lecturers of two great academies wasn’t something all cultivators had the privilege of seeing.

Mu Qing waved her hand towards Lin Xi, Gao Yanan, and the others, gesturing for them to back up a bit.

The other Thunder Academy lecturer already backed up. The scholarly Thunder Academy lecturer smiled, giving Mu Qing a ‘please’ gesture, saying, “This one is Gao…”

Mu Qing directly interrupted him. “Gao Liren, I am aware.”

Gao Liren’s smile disappeared, his brows furrowing slightly. As a Thunder Academy lecturer, information on him should be something few in the outside world were aware of. However, the other party directly spoke his name, this Green Luan Academy’s strength was indeed shocking enough. However, his expression didn’t change much, saying quietly, “In that case, I still haven’t asked for your name?”

“Mu Qing.”


Gao Liren nodded, and then made another ‘please’ gesture. This place suddenly became completely silent.

There were thirty steps between the two of them, but everyone understood clearly, that for powerful cultivators, these thirty steps weren't much of a distance at all.

Mu Qing reached out her hand, not using any weapons, only pointing towards Gao Liren’s forehead.

There weren't any intense movements, only a deemphasized pointing at Gao Liren’s forehead. However, right at this time, a wave of exceptionally powerful aura surged out, rushing out from both her and Gao Liren’s body.

A wave of invisible energy stream directly condensed in front of her fingertip. Her entire body also began to float outwards baselessly.

At the same time, the air around Gao Liren’s body seemed to have become extremely sticky. In an instant, the two’s movements actually became like a tug-of-war, looking exceptionally slowed down.

The expressions of the Central Continent Guard cultivators immediately changed slightly.

None of these Imperial City cultivators were weak, and it was precisely because of this that they could immediately recognize that both Gao Liren and the rather ordinary looking Mu Qing were at the State Knight level.

They similarly understood extremely well that the soul force of State Knight level cultivators was extremely astonishing. However, if one wanted to reach the point where they could instantly compress or contract the air, produce great power this way, this instantaneous eruption of soul force… The eruption of a large amount of soul force will also bring indescribable pain to one’s entire body, as if one was instantly flooded with water, yet neither one of their faces revealed the slightest expression of pain, only calmly facing the enemy. This type of willpower already reached a level none of them could hope to reach.

Gao Liren also slowly reached out his hand, an extremely grave expression on his face. He reached out his left palm, blocking Mu Qing’s finger.

A strange rumbling noise and an energy stream erupted from between the two.

The instant the two’s bodies backed up slightly, Gao Liren’s right hand reached out from behind his back. A long golden blade rushed out from the scabbard behind him, dazzling thunder radiance was immediately released from his hand.

Streak after streak of fine electricity danced along this long golden blade’s runes, leaving Lin Xi completely stunned. Compared to the hammer of the god of thunder Thor from his previous world, it was far more realistic, and also far more beautiful.

“Rolling Thunder Blade!” A Central Continent Guard couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

Something that could make even the Yunqin Imperial City cultivators who followed the emperor north cry out in shock was definitely not an ordinary soul weapon.

However, as this soul weapon hacked at Mu Qing, she still remained bare-handed.

It was still a finger that pointed towards this Thunder Academy cultivator’s forehead.

Cries of alarm sounded.

As they watched her about to be hacked into two by this blade, a streak of scorching fiery red light rushed out from within her fluttering black sleeve.


A burnt smell began to spread through the air. The instant the blaze blocked the blade’s descent, a long red figure already leapt out from within Mu Qing’s sleeves, rushing out of the curtain of flames, instantly arriving less than a foot from Gao Liren’s chest.


Gao Liren roared in disbelief. The blade’s handle moved out horizontally. Dang! It blocked this long red shadow.

However, with this, there was no way he could block Mu Qing’s seemingly slow finger.


Yellow light flashed on his forehead, struck by this finger.

Step… step… step… He continuously backed up.

After taking more than ten steps back, the long golden blade in his hands supported against the ground, his figure finally stopped. However, at the same time, with a pu noise, blood sprayed out from between his mouth and nose.

His entire body then fell backwards.

The red shadow flickered. Only now did everyone see clearly, seeing that what rushed out from within Mu Qing’s sleeve was actually a long tail entirely covered in fiery red scales, seemingly a small lizard-like vicious beast.

Lin Xi looked at the long blade intertwined under electricity, and also at that fiery red beast whose eyes looked incredibly intelligent, some smoke and flames still lingering about its mouth, feeling extremely amazed.

For him, this long golden blade covered in runes was just too amazing, this little beast also amazing.

However, what was even more amazing, was obviously Mu Qing who, with just a finger, made the thunder god-like Gao Liren vomit blood and faint.

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