Book 4 Chapter 21 - Besieged in Front of the Camp

All of the Thunder Academy students only arrived on this platform through the emperor’s grace two days ago. Not only did they know absolutely nothing about the battle situation, they didn’t know Liu Chengen had long hid himself underneath the snow either.

The instant Liu Chengen rushed out from the snow, all of these Thunder Academy students became extremely excited, the blood in their bodies boiling.

However, Lin Xi’s jump, Wang Jianyu throwing Wanyan Muye in front of Lin Xi, Gao Yanan seizing the spear, Bian Linghan’s arrow, this all took place within two breaths. Bian Linghan’s arrow was like muffled thunder, immediately crashing down on these excited Thunder Academy students. They all stared rigidly in place, becoming completely speechless.

The arrow went from the eye through the brain, no one could save him.

Liu Chengen fell on the ground, not making another sound. Only the arrow’s feathers trembled slightly.

“What a fierce arrow.”

Yunqin Emperor left the large scale Hawkeye, standing with his hands on his back, saying this coldly.

Central Continent Guards’ silver-armored commander lowered the small scale Hawkeye in his hands, a hint of confusion flashing past the depths of his eyes.

The emperor’s words seemed like a discontent berating, but he could clearly sense that it was as if a weight was removed from his mind.

The Central Continent elites who personally saw this assassiantion attempt and reverse assassination process also felt a bit cold. In that instant, as long as Lin Xi, Wang Jianyu, Gao Yanan, and Bian Linghan made the slightest mistake, Lin Xi might have died, or Liu Chengen might have fled back underground, that momentary chance of reverse assassination would slip through their fingers.

The four individuals’ instantaneous reaction was simply equivalent to a well coordinated border army small squad! However, it hadn’t been long at all since these three Green Luan Academy students entered the academy, and one of them was even just a prisoner.

A formless force built on trust and friendship made them enter an indescribable silence. All of them couldn’t help but think inwardly, thinking that Green Luan Academy had a mysterious power ordinary people couldn’t imagine after all.

Lin Xi walked over to turn around Bian Linghan’s body which was still shaking.

He knew what kind of extremely bitter feeling taking another’s life for the first time was, this type of feeling was extremely strange. It was because even when it was Helan Yuexi who he really wanted to kill, when he saw Helan Yuexi’s corpse resting on the snow, when he saw his own arrow piercing through his tattered inner organs, he felt an extremely nauseating and uncomfortable feeling. Meanwhile, what he understood extremely clearly was that the best way of temporarily getting rid of this type of nauseating feeling, was to not look too much at it, to not think too much.

Their group began to crazily run towards the closest camp again.

The emperor and Vice Principal Xia’s order to end the competition had already spread out. That was why several Central Continent Guards’ elites, Green Luan Academy, and Thunder Academy’s lecturers already left the camp, all of them receiving Lin Xi and the others with speeds even greater than those of speeding horses.


When he saw these people appear in his line of sight, when he saw that one of them was the black-robed Mu Qing, Lin Xi and the others who were already reaching their limits were all powerless to continue, after happily forcing out a laugh, they all sat down in exhaustion.

At the very top of the peak, Yunqin Emperor and Vice Principal Xia were alone once again.

The emperor calmly asked for guidance. “Vice Principal Xia, I have one more matter I do not understand.”

Vice Principal Xia looked at this emperor who faced a setback, but it was unknown if this would temper him to become a bit gentler, saying, “Your majesty, please ask.”

Yunqin Emperor said with a slight frown, “When I carefully reviewed the information regarding the five individuals previously, I believed that victory or defeat should lie in Gao Yanan and Helan Yuexi’s confrontation, because they are at the same cultivation level after all. Meanwhile, a clash between someone who had never experienced bloodshed and a cultivator who has already been immersed in killing, this is also where the divergence in our beliefs regarding education lies. According to my beliefs, as long as Gao Yanan was defeated, I would have immediately called for a stop to this competition.”

“Of the people I sent out, there were two who continuously followed Gao Yanan and Helan Yuexi, but I never expected that the deciding factor of victory and defeat actually fell on Lin Xi.” Yunqin Emperor raised his head slightly. “This is only a rural Deerwood Town youngster, it hasn’t even been three months since he entered Green Luan Academy, he previously never came into contact with cultivation. Just how did he, from such a great distance, shoot down Helan Yuexi?”

Vice Principal Xia smiled and said, “This is all because of the imperial princess’ excellent recommendation and Tong Wei teaching him well… it is something fortunate for our Yunqin Empire.”

“This Yunqin, this entire world under the sky, must ask Vice Principal Xia and the academy to support it a bit more.” After remaining silent for a bit, Yunqin Emperor turned around, looking into the extremely distant heaven and earth, slowly saying this.

Vice Principal Xia also turned around to look at this extremely beautiful and magnificent world as well, calmly saying, “Even your majesty feels that our academy cherishes its wings too much, acting too protective, but this way, all of the academy’s people will cherish the academy in return, and only then will the academy be viewed as a holy land, the academy will be viewed as their own home… When the late emperor pacified the world, personally ascended Heaven Ascension Mountain Range to meet Principal Zhang, discussing the policies to rule the country, after a long night of discussion, he realized something, writing ‘Honor the elderly as we do our own aged parents, care for the children of others as our own.’, the meaning of this, is precisely this. The four seas of Yunqin should be of one heart, the people see Yunqin as their home. Your majesty will always be all of Yunqin’s people’s highest and most sacred emperor, no matter how powerful the enemies are, how bitter the circumstances, this Yunqin, this world under the sky, will still be your majesty’s.”

After a slight pause, Vice Principal Xia turned around to look at the pensive Yunqin Emperor, saying with a sigh, “Not even Principal Zhang believed that he could care about his own moral uplift without thought of others, so how can we do such a thing… Regardless of whether it is sixty years ago or sixty years after, my Green Luan Academy’s true students, when have they ever enjoyed death? Even though your majesty wishes for some ways of doing things to be changed, those are still methods in the end. Just like how Yuhua Tianji was able to survive through inevitable death, what he relied on the human heart… What I hold onto firmly, is to cherish the world, to have a human heart of friendship and camaraderie. The human heart will forever be more important than military strength.”

Yunqin Emperor didn’t say anything, but he felt a bit of mockery inside.

News of the competition’s end reached the platform Thunder Academy’s students were on.

The competition actually already ended?

These Thunder Academy students who became deathly still after personally seeing Liu Chengen’s assassination attempt fail, upon hearing these news, were left shaken once again, to the point where they found it hard to describe their emotions.

Zhan Daoming with exceptional night vision ability died.

Liu Rou also died.

Even the death god-like existence in their eyes, their great senior Helan Yuexi who definitely wouldn’t lose… actually already passed away.

Then again, there was news that Wanyan Muye was seriously injured and dying. Even though he didn’t die yet, his internal organs were all damaged, perhaps even if he recovered, it would be hard for him to become a powerful cultivator in the future.

Meanwhile, the other Green Luan Academy student Wen Xuanyu was also perfectly fine, he already found a prisoner. When this competition ended, he was still searching for other prisoners in this Ten Fingers Ridge.

This meant that out of the five exceptional Thunder Academy students, four were dead and one was crippled.

Meanwhile, out of Green Luan Academy’s five students, there was only one seriously wounded and unconscious member.

The defeat they suffered in this competition was just too thorough. Moreover, apart from Helan Yuexi, Wanyan Muye and the others had quite a few good friends, right now finding this defeat too hard to accept. This news was just too depressing, all of the Thunder Academy students on this platform released cries of sorrow.

“How is Yuhua Tianji?”

In front of a black tent, Lin Xi who had already changed back into his academy uniform and black cloak was drinking out of a pot of hot soup. When he saw Mu Qing walk out, Bian Linghan, Gao Yanan, and himself immediately walked up, asking.

“He won’t die, but he might not be able to cultivate for a period of time.”

Mu Qing nodded towards these two students, first speaking these words to calm them down. Then, she looked at Bian Linghan whose deathly pale face never recovered its original color, saying seriously, “You don’t need to blame yourself. Just like how Lin Xi killed Helan Yuexi, if he didn’t kill Helan Yuexi, Yuhua Tianji would be dead right now. If you didn’t kill him, the one lying on the ground right now might be Lin Xi. If you think about how you’d be much more unwilling to see Lin Xi’s corpse, you will feel much better.”

Lin Xi knew that the reason why humans were different from some animals was because they would think a lot more. Moreover, he also knew that just like how the war veterans of his past world often needed therapists, Mu Qing’s words just now were also to help them feel more at peace psychologically, to not leave any shadows over their hearts. He understood the reasoning, and that they only felt like this because it was the first time, once time passed, they would definitely recover, but when he recalled the dripping blood, his body still instinctively felt out of sorts. With a wah noise, he spat out the hot soup, continuously vomiting.

“It seems like sometimes, even when one understands the reasoning well, even if they are extremely intelligent… it is still impossible to control some of the body’s instinctive reactions.”

Lin Xi finally stopped his retching with great difficulty, receiving the cup of clear water Mu Qing handed over with a bitter smile, he thought this inwardly. With a forced smile, he asked, “Teacher, how is that Wanyan Muye?”

“He is also alive, but he isn’t someone from Yuhua Family, and his injuries are much more troublesome than Yuhua Tianji’s, so he should go from being an extremely outstanding cultivator to becoming a rather inferior cultivator.”

“Better a bad life than a good death.”

Lin Xi rinsed his mouth, clearing out some of the bitter taste in his mouth. As he sighed, thinking that at least there was one person from Thunder Academy still alive, he also thought about how his own vitality really was as tenacious as a roach. He really didn’t know how to hide his own love and hate, really wishing that the one who died was instead Wanyan Muye, and the one who lived was Liu Rou who Yuhua Tianji wanted to save.

Right at this time, he heard a loud berating voice sounding from a tent near them.

A group of Thunder Academy students surrounded Wang Jianyu.

“Brother Wanyan already didn’t have the ability to move, why did you throw him out?!”

“If you didn’t do that, Brother Wanyan’s condition might not be in its current state!”


Victory and defeat of the competition had already been decided, and according to the emperor’s decision, these Thunder Academy students naturally didn’t dare cause Lin Xi and the others who finished the competition any trouble. However, they still found it hard to quell the resentment in their minds, so they all redirected their rage, placing Wanyan Muye’s condition on Wang jianyu.

Wang Jianyu, despite no longer being a prisoner, his status was still far lower than that of the students of the three great academies. Now that he was surrounded by a group of Thunder Academy students, he didn’t dare dispute anything, only hanging his head with a pale face.

Lin Xi heard what was happening even from far away. He could understand these students’ emotions, after all, among these Thunder Academy students, only a few of them were freaks like Helan Yuexi. However, when he saw that one individual was already about to kick Wang Jianyu in the chest, his face immediately couldn’t help but sink, roaring out, “What are you all trying to do? Don’t forget that I could have completely killed Wanyan Muye instead of bringing him back. What right do you all have to cause trouble here?!”

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