Book 4 Chapter 17 - Must Kill HIm

Bian Linghan’s hands and feet turned ice-cold, her body also starting to tremble slightly.

Helan Yuexi came.

Lin Xi’s ‘intuition’ wasn’t wrong, Helan Yuexi really did come.

However, what made her mind tremble, even her breathing becoming difficult, was that at the same time, she also saw that color of gold.

Among the two individuals Helan Yuexi dragged behind him, one of them was Yuhua Tianji.

A student that came with her, someone who she studied with, was bound by a tree vine, dragged behind Helan Yuexi.

Even if Yuhua Tianji was already dead, even if it was only a corpse, dragging him like this made her feel that Helan Yuexi was still blaspheming life, he didn’t have any respect for his opponents.

Apart from sadness, her eyes carried indescribable anger, her entire body feeling as if it was burning.

Wang Jianyu opened his mouth, cold wind entering his mouth along with some fine ice granules, but he didn’t seem to have noticed. In the border armies, he had also seen quite a few vicious individuals, but he never saw anyone like Helan Yuexi. His first impression was that this person was exceptionally dangerous, almost as if he wasn’t human.

Lin Xi also became completely silent.

He knew that he was powerless to change some things, which was why he chose this place, using Wanyan Muye to bait the other side here. However, when he saw Yuhua Tianji dragged like a piece of dead meat, allowing Yuhua Tianji’s body to grind against the ice, snow, and mud, his heart still became completely overcast.

Regardless of whether it was in his previous world or in this world, Lin Xi felt like as a person, there should be bottom lines.

Helan Yuexi only felt like Lin Xi might be comparable to himself, that he was a threat, thus setting the resolution to kill. This already exceeded Lin Xi’s bottom line, while now, Helan Yuexi even more so once again crossed his bottom line.

Lin Xi opened his mouth, taking a deep breath.

He turned around to look at Bian Linghan whose face was completely pale, body shaking endlessly, patting her shoulder.

Bian Linghan turned around, looking at Lin Xi and saying quietly, “I don’t know if Yuhua Tianji is still alive.”

Lin Xi looked at her eyes that were a bit red from anger, and then said with a serious and ice-cold voice, “Regardless of whether Yuhua Tianji is alive or dead, I must kill Helan Yuexi.”

Bian Linghan turned around, released a deep breath into the cold wind, and then nodded her head firmly. “Must kill him.”

Lin Xi turned around to look at Wang Jianyu whose face completely lacked color. He wanted to say something to him, but in the end, he shook his head, saying softly in self-mockery, “The current emperor really is quite wise and brilliant.”

Regardless of whether it was Braveslayers or Windstalkers, these were the academy’s secrets.

Perhaps even when facing this empire’s highest ruler, the academy wouldn’t necessarily be willing to leak out this information, but regardless of whether the result of this competition between Green Luan Academy and Thunder Academy ended in victory or defeat, some of the academy’s secrets would still be revealed to the emperor and the people at his side.

“We’re going.” Lin Xi said quietly to Bian Linghan, and then gestured for Wang Jianyu to keep up.

Bian Linghan followed Lin Xi who immediately moved when he turned around, but with a voice that only the two of them could hear, she asked in confusion, “Lin Xi, what are you planning to do?”

Lin Xi controlled his own breathing, having his mood return to becoming as calm as water. He replied in a similarly low voice, “We are roughly three hundred and thirty steps from where Wanyan Muye is right now… if he is a mid stage Soul Expert, we will only be able to injure him at most, it is impossible to kill him.”

“You want to go even higher?” Bian Linghan raised her head slightly, looking at the even higher spotlessly white mountaintop, in a bit of disbelief as she said, “But… but how are we going to hit him?”

Lin Xi turned around to look at her, saying, “You said you would trust me.”

Bian Linghan looked at Lin Xi… his expression was calm, his gaze as clear as the stream water of melted ice, she couldn’t see any anger or worry. With her and Lin Xi’s previous training, once it exceeded three hundred and thirty steps, it would be extremely difficult to hit the target. Moreover, Helan Yuexi, this type of expert, definitely wouldn’t just stand there stupidly, and let them shoot at him, so they only had one chance to hit him. However, firing from over five hundred steps of distance so that there was enough power to seriously injure a mid stage Soul Expert, this was extremely absurd, something that lacked all reasoning. Even so, when she looked into Lin Xi’s eyes, heard Lin Xi’s words, she took a deep breath, and then didn’t say anything, only quietly following Lin Xi, firmly gripping the bow in her hands.

Yet right at this time, Wang Jianyu behind them released a suppressed cry. As a result, both of them stopped moving, turning around.

They saw that Helan Yuexi stopped.

Helan Yuexi stood next to the black boulders and parasol-like spruce trees.

Several small ice granules blew before his face, but as if they were scared of the aura his body released, they flew past his face.

Right now, he was still in the forest, still couldn’t see Wanyan Muye, but with almost a wild beast-like instinct, he could sense a mysterious hint of danger from this extremely bloody air.

This type of treacherous feeling was just like when he was in that caravan, when it was targeted by bandits.

Back then, he wasn’t a cultivator yet, so he could only think of a way to hide, find a way to escape. However now, he was already a powerful cultivator… his freakishness laid in precisely the fact that even this type of dangerous situation became a type of cultivation for him.

His thick brows were slowly raised, a faintly discernible smile of mockery appearing on his face. Even though he still didn’t see Wanyan Muye’s scene, he instead already thought out loud, “Interesting, there was actually someone who dared use this type of method to draw me in. However, will you guys be able to defeat me?”

Shortly afterwards, he no longer stood there, dragged the tree vine behind him, continuing towards where Wanyan Muye was.

Only when he saw Wanyan Muye through the gaps in the trees, half laying on the ground, body covered in the snow pheasant feathers soaked in fresh blood, did he stop once again.

After giving the unconscious Wanyan Muye a look, he shook his head, saying, “I really am extremely disappointed in you all.”

Really extremely disappointed?

Helan Yuexi’s voice wasn’t that loud, but because this forest was extremely quiet, the hearing of cultivators much sharper than normal people, his voice instead clearly entered the ears of Lin Xi and the others who were quietly climbing upwards, making Lin Xi frown. He didn’t know what the meaning behind these words was.

“Directly adding a few blades to his body, wouldn’t it be easier?” Helan Yuexi continued forward, at the same time calmly saying, “Being this timid and weak, how could you all possibly be my opponent?”

Helan Yuexi dragged Liu Rou and Yuhua Tianji into this open space, sneering with ridicule. “I am different from you all, I understand what one needs to do to survive more clearly, I only know that I need to cut down all things that stand in my way. Don’t tell me you all believe that I am like you, caring about the lives and deaths of these people?”

When he heard Helan Yuexi’s words, Lin Xi’s mind suddenly turned cold.

This time, it was a real intuition, feeling that things were extremely bad.

“I don’t care how you all wish to deal with me, but I can clearly tell you all that this Yuhua Family fella is still alive.” Helan Yuexi coldly looked around him, and then said indifferently, “But if you all do not immediately come out, I will kill him right before your eyes.”

“If you continue to feign death, I will immediately kill Liu Rou.” Helan Yuexi turned his head slightly. He looked at Yuhua Tianji whose eyes were closed, saying this coldly.

Yuhua Tianji opened his eyes, but before he even said anything, Helan Yuexi reached out his hand, shaking the vine, sending Yuhua Tianji from the ground into the air. With a wave of his hand, a short blade moved out, passing by Yuhua Tianji’s chest.

An expanse of blood scattered over the air, pouring over the forest’s white snow.

The blood was hot. As it landed on the ice-cold snow, chi chi noises were released.

Lin Xi and Bian Linghan’s bodies both went rigid.

Even though Yuhua Tianji didn’t have much friendly relations with them normally, to the extent where many times, they both felt like he was too rigid and didn’t like him much, when they saw this kind of scene right now, the two of them clearly understood that what Helan Yuexi said was right: they weren’t the same type of people. For the sake of achieving his objective, Helan Yuexi could even overlook the deaths of his own comrades, but they couldn’t.

“I’ll go out!”

Wang Jianyu forcefully swallowed his saliva, looking at Lin Xi and Bian Linghan, saying, “I am wearing your armor, so I can buy you all a bit of time.”

“This is…?”

However, right at this time, what made Lin Xi and Bian Linghan’s eyes contract once more, was that a lone figure appeared in the forest, emerging in the snow, heading towards Helan Yuexi who was standing between Wanyan Muye, Yuhua Tianji, and Liu Rou.

This instant, for Lin Xi, felt as if the wind stopped, all of the diamond dust-like ice fragments also freezing.

Gao Yanan!

He never expected that the one who appeared at this time, would actually be Gao Yanan.

Lin Xi didn’t know what she encountered during yesterday’s endless night, but right now, she appeared before his eyes safely.

She headed in their direction, hurrying over.

Helan Yuexi looked towards the direction where the footsteps were coming from, seeing this tall and slender young lady who couldn’t hide the fatigue between her brows walk out from the forest.

“Your cultivation isn’t bad.”

When he saw the extremely far spread footprints, Helan Yuexi’s pupils contracted, sharply sensing that the other party’s cultivation might be extremely close to his own. However, from the bit of noise that was hard to detect from her breathing, he immediately sneered, thinking that since she was already injured, then there was even less of a chance of her being his opponent. However, this wasn’t enough to make him change his way of doing things.

“You can add a blade to your own leg.” That was why he didn’t hide anything, giving Gao Yanan a look, pointing at the Yuhua Tianji who was coughing, blood flowing from his chest. “That way, I can let him die a bit more joyously.”

The moment Gao Yanan appeared, after freezing for a moment, Lin Xi already set his resolution, turning around and moving quickly. Meanwhile, when he heard Helan Yuexi speak these extremely shameless words, his steps towards the mountain ridge position he had long decided on became even more hurried.

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