Book 4 Chapter 1 - Humans Are Contradictory

For Green Luan Academy’s new students who hadn’t come into contact with the world’s dark side, the things that cause unhappiness or even hatred, the academy was still calm and peaceful, not changed in any way.

No one had any idea that Yunqin Empire’s emperor already left Central Continent’s Imperial City, setting out north in an impressive manner, proceeding towards Heaven Ascension Mountain Range, towards Green Luan Academy.

However, after encountering Wanyan Muye in Half Snow Gray Plains, even more so encountering Helan Yuexi, Lin Xi felt more and more that something unusual was approaching.

However, the Green Luan Academy lecturers who received them on the way back, when they heard Lin Xi’s story and questions, they instead remained quiet, not giving him any reply. Meanwhile, the very first day he returned to Green Luan Academy, during that day’s early morning special training, Lin Xi actually discovered that there was an undisguisable trace of cheerfulness on Xu Shengmo’s face. For Lin Xi, this was just as great of a stark contrast as a drop of ink in a pot of clear water.

Lin Xi didn’t know if Tong Wei knew about the reason for this, or if he would tell him anything. However, because of his own nature, when the afternoon Windstalker training began, Lin Xi followed after Tong Wei, continuously firing arrows while talking about his encounter with Helan Yuexi in the icy mountains, as well as the killing intent he felt from the other party in great detail, moreover stating some of his own questions.

During the training, Tong Wei always listened, not voicing any opinions, but didn’t stop Lin Xi from talking either. Only when the training ended, all of them stopping their steps, hanging the bows in their hands back on the racks, did he look at the dried branches scattered around them. He looked at Lin Xi and said, “You didn’t disappoint me after all.”

Lin Xi’s eyes also landed on the dried branches, a bit overwhelmed by the sudden praise, but also a bit puzzled as he asked, “Teacher, are you talking about my improvements in archery or winning against Wanyan Muye in Half Snow Gray Plains?”

Tong Wei always demanded a lot from him, normally not speaking much words of praise at all. Meanwhile, in today’s Windstalker special training, Tong Wei would shoot down a dried branch, and then Lin Xi and Bian Linghan would shoot at the falling dried branches.

Because the amount of strength Tong Wei used would always change, the direction and speed in which the dried branches shot out would also change. Lin Xi and Bian Linghan not only had to keep up with Tong Wei’s rhythm, they had to instantly take aim, the difficulty of this a bit greater than even shooting at a sparrow in the woods.  During today’s lesson, it was difficult for Bian Linghan to land two or three hits, but within ten shots, Lin Xi could often hit three or even four times. Ever since he pinched the wind and snow in Half Snow Gray Plains, gaining a type of enlightenment, the feeling between his fingertips, when the arrow left the three finger grip, his fingers’ control over the release of the arrow, and the awareness of the wind, all of these aspects made substantial progress.

“What is so amazing about defeating an opponent on the level of Wanyan Muye? In a true battle, with a suitable bow, it would be extremely easy for you to assassinate him.” Tong Wei gave Lin Xi a look, and then slowly said, “Strictly in terms of archery itself, among all of the students I’ve taught, you are indeed the one who has improved the fastest.”

Lin Xi and Bian Linghan couldn’t help but exchange a look. Tong Wei didn’t immediately turn around to leave like before, instead looking at Lin Xi and Bian Linghan, asking, “Do you two truly wish to know why Thunder Academy’s students are appearing here?”

Lin Xi’s brows furrowed, a bit confused as he looked at Tong Wei. “At the very least, I have to know why this Helan Yuexi who I’ve never met would direct such murderous intent at me. I definitely don’t want there to suddenly be a mysterious person who wants me dead in this world.”

Tong Wei nodded. He looked at Lin Xi and Bian Linghan, saying, “Currently, there is a choice. There will be a competition between our academy and Thunder Academy’s new students, and this is going to be a true competition… that is to say, there might be real casualties. Vice Principal Xia has already selected five new students to represent us, the two of you both among them… Due to the importance of this matter, according to our Green Luan Academy’s tradition, we must ask you all first. You two will represent us and fight if willing, if not, then you can tell us directly as well, Vice Principal Xia will then choose other candidates. If you two are willing, I can tell you a bit of the true reason, if not, this matter will temporarily have nothing to do with you two, so there is nothing for you two to worry about.”

Lin Xi and Bian Linghan’s expressions both changed slightly, both of them unable to help but exchange another look, their minds going a bit cold. They began to wonder what exactly was going on, just what kind of competition this would be, for there to actually be casualties.

When he thought about some of the events that took place before, Lin Xi’s brows furrowed even more tightly, knowing that there was definitely something unusual happening.

“Teacher, can you tell me, apart from me and Linghan, who are the other three?” Before Bian Linghan even said anything, Lin Xi looked straight at Tong Wei, seriously asking.

“I can.” Tong Wei’s voice sunk, nodding and saying, “Apart from you and Bian Linghan, there is Gao Yanan, Wen Xuanyu, and Yuhua Tianji.”

“Wen Xuanyu and Yuhua Tianji?” Lin Xi was momentarily distracted, that strangely reclusive and icily arrogant Internal Study Department young man and a skinny blonde youngster’s figures appearing in his mind.

“This competition seems extremely important for our academy.” When Lin Xi thought about that Internal Study Department Heaven’s Choice and Yuhua Family’s blonde youngster, Bian Linghan already looked at Tong Wei, respectfully and firmly nodding. “I am willing to participate.”

“Seems like Helan Yuexi really is quite fierce.” Lin Xi released a bitter laugh, and then said, “Guess I really will be running into this fella again.”

Tong Wei gave Lin Xi a look. “I can take this as you agreeing?”

Lin Xi looked at Tong Wei, saying, “What I can tell you is that I am not doing this for the academy, but rather because two of my friends are involved, moreover one of them already agreed?”

“I only need to confirm that you truly desire to participate. As for what the exact reason for participating is, it is none of my business.” Tong Wei looked at Lin Xi and Bian Linghan without any changes in expression, saying, “I can now tell you two why Thunder Academy’s students have shown up in Half Snow Gray Plains. It is because the current emperor wishes to get involved in our Green Luan Academy, have our Green Luan Academy hand over the controlling right over cultivation pills and methods. Meanwhile, you two should also understand that the ideals of many of our academy’s professors differ from Vice Principal Xia’s, so the final point of conflict centers around whose ideals are correct, Vice Principal Xia’s, or the emperor’s. Meanwhile, Thunder Academy has already been set up and taught according to the emperor’s beliefs, so if we lose this competition, the emperor would have enough reason to get involved with our academy’s teachings, forcing our academy to make some changes.”

“Yunqin Emperor?”

Lin Xi and Bian Linghan’s breathing both momentarily stopped. Even Lin Xi, who came from a different world, understood what kind of authority and respect the two words Yunqin Emperor commanded in this world that worshiped monarchical power. Meanwhile, when he associated this with the vicious aura he sensed from Wanyan Muye’s body, Lin Xi’s expression immediately became cold, thinking of a possibility. With a cold voice, he said, “Teacher, could it be that Thunder Academy… has already adopted the method of cultivation Xu Shengmo and the others endorse?”

Tong Wei’s face was also covered in a layer of austere frost, saying with a sunken voice, “Two days ago, this was a secret only a few knew about, but now, this is already no longer the case.”

Bian Linghan’s face also began to turn pale. When she recalled those Thunder Academy students’ similarly tender faces, and then how their hands had already been stained with large amounts of blood that wasn’t all that glorious, her heart became filled with a type of indescribable resentment and sadness.

Lin Xi shook his head. He knew that with Green Luan Academy’s prestige, if the emperor didn’t already have enough reasoning, there was no way he could force Green Luan Academy to this step. As such, he only looked at Tong Wei, seriously asking, “Then, this competition, we can only win, we cannot lose?”

Tong Wei looked at Lin Xi and Bian Linghan, shaking his head and saying coldly, “You all need to understand one point, even though the number of instructors who approve of Xu Shengmo’s opinion are in the majority, the reason why Vice Principal Xia’s viewpoint prevails is because many of this world’s conflicts, in the end, must still be settled through strength… They don’t know what Principal Zhang left behind, and no one can win against Vice Principal Xia. That is why even if you all lose, if Vice Principal Xia says no, no one can pressure the academy to change. However, unless there are enough reasons to stop him, the emperor will definitely use even greater methods. At that time, what we face, is not the wrath of the emperor, but rather the tragedy of many people’s deaths as a result of our disagreement.”

After a slight pause, Tong Wei added with a heavy voice, “Because with just a certain display of attitude, the lives of over a hundred Yunqin’s elite soldiers can be easily sacrificed, in some people’s eyes, human lives are of little value. However, we cannot remain uninvolved… Principal Zhang left behind many relationships, many related people, so we cannot ignore this, cannot just walk away from the issue. Vice Principal Xia has said that one’s aspirations and actions, at times, are contradictory… Principal Zhang only wished to carefreely wander about, stand aloof from worldly affairs, remain a quiet bystander, but he instead got involved, leaving behind Green Luan Academy. Just like you, you originally didn’t wish to join this conflict, but you are worried that the people you care about will be harmed, so you must stand and face this imminent storm.”

“Humans… are indeed quite contradictory.” Lin Xi quietly nodded, and then with a sigh, said, “Ultimately, one can live only for their own sake, but they cannot survive alone in this world.”

Tong Wei’s brows jumped slightly. He never expected Lin Xi to speak words that even left him a bit amazed.

“Both sides are presenting five new students, what way exactly are we competing in? Since they’ve already killed before, experienced quite a bit of true fighting, wouldn’t we be at a huge disadvantage?” Lin Xi looked at Tong Wei, asking extremely directly.

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