Chapter 33. Demonized

Chapter 33. Demonized

A red shadow of a person could be seen from within all the waves of heat. The area of attack had nothing left in it anymore other than dust, but the actual target had no scratches on himself whatsoever. This was the Warrior’s trump card.


The Warrior had turned inhumanly powerful, and his appearance seemed to indicate that all by itself. His body was covered in metallic scales, and between each of it were strings of muscle fibers shining inside. His skin didn’t just become stronger, it completely fused with his armor. The horn that was stuck on his forehead had merged into the Warrior’s steely mask, turning silver in color.

“Last chance. Run.”

The Warrior’s voice now had a husky-like undertone to it. The only impression one could get from his words was that he was absolutely set on annihilating the enemy.


The aura on the Warrior was able to make the soldiers around him back off in fear. Death. If they didn't run, death would await them. They began to look back and forth, not knowing what to do. The ability users that had been attacking confidently just a moment ago were starting to look back as well. Their attacks had all been nullified. There were no idiots here that would be willing to expend even more energy to attack someone immortal. Well, there was one.

“That bastard must’ve cheated!”

Death Eye screamed this at the Warrior with eyes that could kill.

“Just watch! I’m going to go full power this time!”

The boy was throwing a tantrum. He completely ignored his comrades, and used all the strength he could muster. A crown of light appeared above his head as a grey ripple spread across the entire village.

The Warrior just watched. The boy had a cheat ability that was able to kill anyone with just a glance, the Death Eye. Due to this, he must’ve seen himself as the main character of a world like this. And here, for the first time, he encountered someone who denied his entire existence, or rather, power.


No one stopped him. The soldiers watched the boy with eyes filled with hope.

“Try blocking this, you son of a bitch!”

The Death Eye was shining brighter than any demon eye deployed on the field now. He really was using all his power. The intensity of his power was enough to make the onlookers squint. But…

The Warrior, who was taking on the Death Eye all by himself, acted as if he was basking under the sun. The earth under him turned to dust, and the air turned black, but he was still motionless. At the point when his footing had disappeared, the Warrior was standing like a nail stuck in its place above the ground.


The boy let out a light sigh. With this, the area around the Warrior changed in an instant. The distorted space around the Warrior rippled quietly, and the black air inside it disappeared in an instant.

Does the Warrior’s body become dictated by a different set of laws while he’s demonized? Or maybe he truly becomes invincible during that time…

In any case, the Warrior wasn’t someone that was affected by Death Eye at this point. The boy scrunched up his face when he saw that his attack hadn’t gotten through at all.

“Eh? Ah? Why am I, crying…?”

The price he paid for this attack was brutal. Death Eye saw that his eyes were crying tears of blood, and fell forwards. His small body silently slid off the roof of the house he was on. Demonic Walker managed to catch him right before he fell, but his body was devoid of any life already.

The saint closed her eyes.

“First, it’s hostages, and now it’s children…!”

The saint whimpered under her breath.

“Were the soldiers of Haze such despicable trash?”

Everyone took a step back in fear.


A cold wind blew. I responded a second too late as I realized that this was something that was caused by the Warrior.


Beast Roar was cast into the sky. The thunderous roar shattered all of the windows in the area. The people near the Warrior began to bleed from their orifices as they fell powerlessly onto the ground.

A few wet themselves as they lost control of their lower body. The Warrior’s roar was originally developed to intimidate beasts, but against humans, the roar in itself was an attack. He must’ve used this assuming that the citizens of the town had been evacuated already. The Warrior lifted his hands up into the air. A transparent cube appeared in front of them.

“Double Arms, stand by.”

The optic camouflage turned off to reveal a black object.

[Mobile Logistics = Olgorad]

- Rank: B

- A storage device applied with gravity manipulation. Because it is in a different dimension, it is impossible to touch it unless you are the owner. It becomes materialized when it releases weapons. It is capable of storing weapons of up to 3.6 tonnes in weight.

Must be like a sort of a drone-like golf bag that follows the user around. Except that instead of golf clubs, the device holds weapons.

Chii-, clack, clunk.

Handles of several different weapons appeared as the device opened up. When the Warrior stuck out his hands into the device, two swords extended out.

[Sword Monster]

The shining black blades revealed itself to the world.

“It’s been a while.”

Unlike most sword hilts, the hilts of the Sword Monster were wide and thick. They didn’t seem like something that could really be grabbed by anyone, but the Warrior managed to grab onto it easily. His hands sunk in slowly into the hilt. It seemed to be made of liquid metal. Once the Warrior’s hands became one with the sword hilts, he pulled out one of the blades from the device.

2.3 meters long in length. Density was unable to be measured.

“I didn’t think there’d ever be a day where I’d have to swing this again… So the war hasn’t ended yet?”

His voice was filled with remorse. The Warrior pulled out the other sword from the device. Strangely enough, this sword didn’t have a guard on it. But right after it was pulled out of Olgorad, a strange cube appeared above the handle of the sword.

Beep, beep, beep.

The cube began to spin as it constantly changed forms. From its movement, I could see that the cube was made to “cut what could be cut, and smash what couldn’t be cut”. I could see why. There must be quite a lot of beasts with hides tougher than stone in a world like this. Cutting things like those would damage the sword to no end. The Warrior must’ve crushed beasts like these with the cube above the hilt. The sword itself was long and thick. The blade had countless teeth on it that shifted and changed in size like a living being.

It really was a weapon made to kill. As long as a weapon like this was active, wizards couldn’t even join the fight. The sword would disrupt the mana to the point where it rendered the ability to use mana meaningless. It was quite a bit like jamming,it prevented wizards from being able to connect to their god.

“You monster…!!”

A brave ability user ran at the Warrior.


The moment the Warrior swung his sword, my sight was filled with static. Looks like his sword affected my eye. I positioned the eye higher up in the air, outside the range of the sword.

The Warrior had just managed to cut and crush the person who had approached him to a pulp. The speed of the sword was already well above that of the members of the Storm at this point. Those who thought that they’d be safe as long as they were outside the range of the sword were shattered by the sword being flung at them by the Warrior. At this point, the battle was just the military’s struggle for survival.

The Warrior massacred everyone around him, whether they held weapons in their hands or not. He had given them enough chances already. The first to go were the demon eye users. Without the assistance from teleporters and speedsters, they were unable to run from the Warrior’s attacks. At this point, to them, the Warrior must’ve looked more monster than human.

A minute passed.

The demonization ended, and the Warrior returned to his previous state with black smoke coming off of him. So reusing the item instantly was impossible, huh. In any case, to think he’d have a face like that right after using Corinth…

He overexerted his body for a full minute. He pretty much used up 60 year’s worth of life energy in 60 seconds, but he didn’t even seem a bit tired…

It’s as I thought.

The Warrior returned the horn to his pouch, and began to target the weaker soldiers.


The soldiers began to fire at him desperately, but the bullets just bounced off him. Whenever the Warrior moved, the scenery changed, and dust flew everywhere. Whenever he swung his sword, people exploded, and pieces of meat flew everywhere.

He looked like he was flowing, like water. His flow was unceasing, and endless. It wasn’t ‘hard’ like bringing up a sword right after a strike. His twin swords cut across an enemy in an x-shape, and slowly moved upwards to draw an infinity sign.

He almost looked like a conductor of an orchestra.

Whenever he struck downwards, he would begin to spin like a sawblade, and the moment he got back on his foot, he would start on a mittelhau without even a moment of delay. My ears became filled with the sound of a jet engine’s roar. His constant sword swings made it almost seem like he was a living storm. At a speed like this, it didn’t even matter whether his sword strikes hit or not, the air would do all the work for him.

This wasn’t an attack that really thought of the enemy’s attack at all. The Warrior just kept walking. This was only possible because of his invincibility. The other side has to consider their possibility of death in a fight, but the Warrior only has to focus on attacking.

The standard rules of swordfighting did not apply to the Warrior at all. He was akin to a spinning windmill of death that killed with just a scratch. Blocking the Warrior’s sword would end up breaking the weapon. And the weaponless enemy would be torn apart by the Warrior.


Even if one manages to attack the Warrior successfully, Sword Monster would manage to rip the person apart immediately. Unless one was an immortal just like the Warrior, defeat was inevitable. The enemy would have no choice but to retreat, as they would die when they blocked, or when they attacked. It would be hard to deflect an attack like this as well. Even if one manages to deflect once, the shock from doing so would get the person killed. The only way to survive in this situation is to have even more strength than the Warrior, but at this point, that wasn’t possible.

But… Was it possible to win with just greater strength? The Warrior was someone who managed to battle himself through hordes of monsters. Monsters that were faster, stronger, and bigger than humans.

The Warrior managed to win against all these monsters.

“How about this?!”

One of the teleporters had managed to teleport a retired warship with him. 115m in length, 14m in width. The giant warship began to fall towards the town. The soldiers below looked up at the sky that had just gone dark.

“Mad. Absolutely mad.”

The Warrior pulled his arms back behind him as he looked straight up at the warship.

Crack, creaak--

His muscles began to expand. The attack that followed had enough strength behind it to bend space around him.


The ship was split into four pieces. The pieces began to separate, revealing the insides of the ship.

Bang! Bang! Baang!

The earth shook as the pieces hit the ground. The Warrior had managed to slice a 3000 tonne steel ship into four pieces without even touching it. At this point, the Warrior seemed like the strongest person in the world. If he was just strong, it would be possible to somehow neutralize him with Storm, but he wasn’t a hero for nothing. He had experience, sense, and talent with the sword.

In front of such overwhelming power, it was useless to attempt to trap him or trick him. Now, the ability users were all trying to run. A fraction of them tried to fight back, but most didn’t last more than a second against him. That was obvious. Not only did the Warrior have more experience, he also had built up the basics differently. On the surface, it seemed that he was focused only on the strongest sword strikes, but in reality he was all about the “flow” of the sword. His dance of death silenced all that was in front of it.

Cut, burn, destroy!

His skill of maintaining a one step one stroke rule as he pressured the enemies in front of him just went to show how skilled he was with the sword.

As expected of the Sword Dancer--.

There was no falsity in his title. As the Warrior who stood on the top of the world, he was a dominating hero. There were no longer people who tried to fight back. Instead, they were all trying to run away. Once this happened, the Warrior put back his swords into Olgorad, and pulled out a shield. It was an attack shield, the [Athaga]. The Warrior stuck the shield to the ground, and got into a running position. It was the skill that was said to have been used against giant groups of enemies, the [War God’s Chariot = A Ra Hineta].


The war machine tore through the town like a jet. The ground was dug up by the charge, which began to be filled with blood.

“Not… yet…?”

The saint sounded pained. Why did she bother getting involved if she wasn’t going to be able to take it…? She would’ve lived a much better life if she just focused on her well-being.

“I’d love it if you could begin now.”

There were enough clouds in the sky now. The saint immediately activated the rain magic.

The rain began to fall from the darkened sky. At first, it didn’t seem like much, but the light drizzle soon turned into a raging storm. The Warrior’s body was completely wet.

Preparations complete.

Now, it’s my turn. I put on latex gloves, and checked my body’s condition one last time.

0.2 seconds…

My body’s reaction speed had improved, thanks to me preserving my arteries moments back. I had thought that a formaldehyde preservative would have a better conductivity of mana than clotted blood. I seemed to have been correct. I took a look at the saint who was casting the rain magic. I could see rain drops on her eye, despite the fact that she was protected under an umbrella. In the end, she was just a child. She must’ve been quite shocked.

“Necro, preparations on your end?”

“Yeah, it’s done. You think this’ll really work?”

Necro still sounded unsure.

“I told you how it works, didn’t I?”

“You did, but...”

“Just make everyone stay away from the waters.”

“I told them to do that, but didn’t they all complain? Saying that there was no way something as stupid as that would work.”

Not many things in this world had absolute certainty. I, myself, didn’t think that this plan had a 100% chance of succeeding. But.

“We’ll have to try to find out.”

I activated Heart of Gold.

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