I Woke Up as the Villain

I Woke Up as the Villain

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Yu Hyun So
Working overtime as usual, I fell asleep for a moment only to wake up as the villain of a novel.    
“Well, it’s a common cliche. Even the fact that I’ll meet my fate and die. Dammit.”
I needed to find a way.

How to survive after possessing the villain of a novel. Number one: 
“Make as many allies as possible.”
Number two:
“Get strong enough to protect myself.”
Lastly, number three: 
“Never, ever get close to that prideful, crazy, insane dog of a reincarnate.”
But what’s this?
The original owner of the body’s already caused an accident.
“Why don’t I just use money to kill the reincarnate before he regains his power? Are you crazy? Then who’s going to stop the demon king?”
Survival of Choi Yu-Seong, the villain who craves to live a leisurely life rather than becoming the strongest. This is the start of his possession +survival, raid fantasy(?)!
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39 Reviews
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2 years ago
After reading the first three chapters I am hooked. It isn´t something entirely new but the premise is interesting. Our Mc is one of the heirs of a mega corporation and hast everything he needs. He has money, strong supporters and knowledge of the future, because the world is a novel he knows, but is seen as an incompetent person by his family. The MC originally isn`t even a fourth rate villain. He is just a stepping stone for the real protagonist, who is a regrossor, to kill his father.

I urge you to give this novel a try and read the first few chapters.

I also want to say that the new Review system is trash. Why do I have to write a 100 word long Review and can not just give thumbs up or down!

I urge you to

2 years ago
I've actually read this on another site. Not going to add spoilers but I will say that this is one of the better thought out transmigration into a novel as a villian books currently available. Unlike many others the development of the main character does not become OP overnight. It's easy to get invested in this novel because although the overall idea is a cliche the method the author uses to progress the plot is not. I hope to be able to read this again here as wuxia always provides an excellent translation. I fully recommend this if you like the trope but are getting a little bored with the sameness of most plots. Read it...you won't regret it.

2 years ago
Not recommended
While this type of premise is becoming overused it doesn't mean its bad, i don't think there's bad ideas just bad execution, and this a bit sloppy in my opinion, it concentrated for the first 20 chapters on trying make the MC look like a scheming type that really knows what he's doing, building up a strong fundation to overcome his challenges and look cool while doing it, but that's also all it did in those 20 chapters, and i get the impression that's all he's ever going to do from now on.

This isn't a baseless accusation, i have seen other Korean novels get lost in it's own premise becouse they want the MC to be the coolest, richest, strongest and most handsome man, it seems a lot more interested in showing social battles (also known as face slapping) than regular action, or anything else really, for example characters so far only are shown to only matter in relation to the MC, his two servants seem to adore him to death even through he was almost a complete asshole and a manchild to them until that point.

It also suffers from a lot of "Don't tell, don't show", some information is either skipped or ignored until it's relevant in the moment, and the reason it's that way is to make more space for "Social Battles", for example his training was skipped and only lasted a month or so, even through it should be a really important part to show MC's resolve or talent, we don't see any of that, we skip to the end where we are just told he was really good at fighting, that's not fun at all. We also don't get a measure how strong people are in relation to others, being "S class" or "F class" doesn't really mean anything without any feats to understand what they can do, being able to punch with "One point of strenght measure" also doesn't mean anything, we can only know what is that with some kind of context, but the novel doesn't give any.

There's more problems with it but that would be getting into spoiler territory, so might as well end the review here, i don't recomend it, it might get better, but i doubt it.

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