Chapter 1555: Summoning the Mountains and Seas!

Chapter 1555: Summoning the Mountains and Seas!

The Mountain and Sea Realm with its Nine Mountains and Nine Seas was originally a precious treasure forged by Paragon Nine Seals when his world was being destroyed, for the purpose of fighting back against the two major powers and the rebel forces.

It was as powerful as a cultivator half a step into Transcendence, which was how it came to be a safe haven for later generations, and even prevented the other major powers from entering.

As time went on, the Mountain and Sea Realm continued to protect the cultivators who lived within it, until the great war occurred over two thousand years in the past. During that time, the Ninth Sea turned traitor, and numerous other events led to the Mountain and Sea Realm being destroyed.

Afterwards, the destroyed remnants were scattered hither and thither.

But now, Meng Hao had created a vortex that sent the entire starry sky rumbling, and caused all of the scattered remnants to turn into dazzling beams of light that converged together, causing the Mountain and Sea Realm to once again form in front of the eyes of all present.

Furthermore, Meng Hao wasn’t just putting the pieces back together, he was using the power of Transcendence, and his Demon Sealing Hexing magic, to completely...

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