Chapter 1553: The Return of the Demon Sovereign!

Chapter 1553: The Return of the Demon Sovereign!

Meng Hao stared at the Ninth Sea.

It had been hiding on the 8th Heaven, which was no surprise to him.

Back in the Mountain and Sea War, the Ninth Sea had turned traitor, casting Shui Dongliu’s plan into peril. It became much more difficult for the Mountain and Sea Butterfly to escape, and also ensured that fewer Mountain and Sea Realm cultivators were able to make it to the butterfly to begin with.

The Ninth Sea’s sudden betrayal at a critical moment had a huge effect on the Mountain and Sea Realm.

From that moment on, all Mountain and Sea Realm cultivators came to have a deep hatred for that sea.

The cultivators born in subsequent centuries heard the story of the Ninth Sea’s traitorous act, but up to now, it had been just that: nothing more than a story....

Now, though, the entire 8th Heaven had transformed from being a land mass into a majestic sea.

Gradually, a face came to be visible within...

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