Chapter 1550: Death Cannot Wipe Out Your Crimes!

Chapter 1550: Death Cannot Wipe Out Your Crimes!

The wave of Meng Hao’s finger caused a tremor to run through the Outsiders of the 14th Heaven. A ripple spread out from his hand, almost instantly reaching the fastest among the group of Outsiders.

In that instant, they began to tremble, and then suddenly, their flesh and blood was shredded off of them. A moment later, the ripple had passed by, and they were skeletons.

The pain of having their flesh and blood flayed off of them caused the Outsiders to scream, but as their flesh and blood vanished, their ability to emit sound went with it. Soon, all they could do was experience the pain within their souls.

Meng Hao calmly stepped forward, and the ripple continued to spread, flaying alive all of the Outsiders it passed, transforming them into skeletons.

Cracking sounds began to emanate out as the skeletons, which were not yet dead, began...

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