Chapter 1536: Extinguishing the Bronze Lamp!


Countless people and other life forms heard the words. They echoed out in the Immortal God Continent, the Devil Realm Continent, countless other worlds and Realms, and even in the Mountain and Sea Butterfly. Everyone heard.

Within the Mountain and Sea Butterfly, many people who knew Meng Hao were left flabbergasted by the words.


As soon as the words left his mouth, the entire world within which he stood went completely silent. With his Essences completely combined, an aura which did not belong to the starry sky of the Vast Expanse raged up. It grew more and more powerful, and as it did, countless illusory chains appeared all around Meng Hao. One by one, those chains exploded!

As those chains were destroyed, his aura grew more shocking and incredible. This cultivation base breakthrough put him at a level in which he could... directly fight back against the will of Allheaven!

Within his qi passageways, any power which had anything to do with the natural laws of the...

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