Chapter 1524: Nine Reincarnations Together!

Chapter 1524: Nine Reincarnations Together!

Unfortunately, no matter how he tried to warm her, he couldn’t prevent her from becoming colder and colder. His anxiety grew, and his mind began to race. Eventually, he bit at his wrist and tried to pour his blood into her mouth. He smiled.

“It's fine. Everything’s going to be fine,” he murmured. Eventually, he passed out.

He was now alone in the cave. Everyone else had left. The only ones who stayed behind were the corpses.

After some time passed, he woke up again. He reached out to touch his wife, and she was as cold as ice. Little Treasure went mad. He ripped open his other wrist with his teeth to pour more blood into her mouth, but her mouth had frozen shut.

“Drink it,” he murmured. “Drink my blood and you’ll be fine! It's warm... Don’t get any colder, please....” Tears streamed down his face as he babbled on. Eventually, he wrapped his arms around her corpse and wept.

The sound of his wailing echoed out in the cave...

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