Chapter 1508: Vast Expanse Society

Chapter 1508: Vast Expanse Society

After feeling the raindrops hit his hand for a while, his eyes shone with determination. “I need to go back to the Vast Expanse Arcane Pocket Realm and see for myself. If I don’t, my heart will never be able to rest at ease!”

He didn’t speak the words aloud to anyone. Instead, he spun, transforming into a beam of light that shot off into the distance.

Back in their house, his wife had just opened her eyes, and they shone with bitterness. She sighed. In recent days, she’d gotten the feeling that her husband was somewhat aloof, to the point where... he almost didn't seem at all like her husband.

Meanwhile, on a certain mountain in the Blue Sea Sect, Chen Fan was also standing out in the rain. He seemed to be thinking about the past, and within his eyes flickered guilt and other emotions. Eventually, he caught sight of Meng Hao flying up into the air. He almost stepped forward to interfere, but then held back.

“It doesn’t matter,” he muttered to himself. “Go search for the truth, and maybe you’ll find it.” As he closed his eyes, a woman approached, who gently wrapped her arms around him from behind...

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