Chapter 1503: Transcendent Armor!

Chapter 1503: Transcendent Armor!

“Who is he...?

“Why does he seem so familiar? I obviously don’t know him....

“Why does it hurt so much to see him injured so? Why do I have this feeling that he’s a very important part of my life?!

“Why...? Why...? And who am I...? I'm the spirit automaton of the copper mirror. No, wait. I'm a parrot.... Then who’s Lord Fifth? Who is this Lord Fifth...?

“Aaaaahhhhhh....” The copper mirror began to tremble violently. Inside, the parrot howled, its eyes bloodshot as memories apparently bubbled up inside of it.

It couldn’t see the memories clearly, but for some reason, it knew that it couldn’t abandon the person who had summoned it. It could tell that he was very important, and that he... viewed the parrot as important too!

The feeling rising up within the spirit automaton gradually left it convinced that this person was the owner of the copper mirror!

“I can’t go!

“How could I go?!?!” The parrot howled again, its eyes bright red and its mind in complete chaos. And yet,...

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