Chapter 1495: World of Ice and Fire!

Chapter 1495: World of Ice and Fire!

“It’s you...?” Little Treasure said, his heart trembling. It was a face he could never forget. In the darkest, loneliest moment of his entire life, it was the source of the only warmth he had felt.

Eventually, Little Treasure’s hands dropped away from her face. He smiled a warm, happy smile.

Years passed.

The ninth life of Meng Hao’s clone went on quietly on the first continent. Meanwhile, Meng Hao’s true self was in the enormous flower out in the starry sky of the Vast Expanse, in the middle of his search for the final copper mirror shard!

He was currently sitting cross-legged in a world frozen over with ice. “Once I get this final mirror shard, my collection will be complete, and I’ll be able to... call out to the copper mirror and summon it back to me!”

Everywhere he looked he saw nothing but ice. There were plants, but they had apparently been frozen. They were beautiful, like ice sculptures.

“What a strange place....” he thought, his eyes flickering. He had been searching this area for the copper mirror shard ever...

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