Chapter 1484: Extinguishing Soul Lamps on the Path!


Three years passed.

People in the Vast Expanse School still talked about Fang Mu. As for the mountain he had lived on, only Yan’er occupied it now. It was not open to visitors, and her life was once again peaceful and quiet.

Without Meng Hao there, there was no more playful pouting on her part. Sometimes, she just sat there in a daze, daydreaming about the past.

But there was no avoiding the truth.... Her Master was gone.

Other than practicing cultivation, there was only one thing that she absolutely had to do every day, and that was to visit her Master’s secluded meditation facilities, where she had enshrined his soul fire.

As long as that soul fire burned, her Master was alive.

One day, she came to visit as she always did. She kowtowed to the soul fire, and then began to speak in a murmuring voice.

“Master, you've been gone for three years. That’s not too long....

“Oh, last night when I was practicing cultivation, I finally understood that one magical technique.

“Another thing you don't know about, Master. I heard that yesterday, those jerks from the other sects started making...

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