Chapter 1475: Marriage Alliance!

Chapter 1475: Marriage Alliance!

“A bunch of fawning sycophants!” she thought. “Hmph! I can’t believe so many girls like my Master, that old fogey. As his disciple, I definitely have to keep things under control!” Yan’er took her mission very seriously. She was often less than polite to the female disciples. She would accept their gifts, but when it came to their veiled inquiries about her Master, she didn’t even respond.

The more charming and pretty the girls were, the more hostile Yan’er got. Oftentimes, after such a female cultivator left, she would look miserably down at her own body, and even stare at her face in the mirror. Then she would stamp her foot and stalk over to Meng Hao’s secluded meditation facilities to yell at him from outside.

It was on one particular day that she stood there, fists on her waist, cursing Meng...

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