Chapter 1464: Tolling in Nine Sects!

Chapter 1464: Tolling in Nine Sects!

As of this moment, all nine of the Vast Expanse School sects on Planet Vast Expanse were echoing with the tolling of bells. All cultivators in the Vast Expanse School were completely shaken, and in fact, even cultivators who weren’t disciples, but happened to be visiting Planet Vast Expanse, could hear the ancient and sonorous toll.

“What’s happening!?”

“Wait a second... bells are tolling in the Vast Expanse School, and they sound very serious. There’s something extraordinary happening....”

As Planet Vast Expanse was shaken, there were still only a few people who had realized that the tolling of the bells was actually coming from all nine of the great sects that made up the Vast Expanse School.

But then, an ice-cold and completely emotionless voice spoke out to fill the First Sect, the Second Sect... and in fact, all of the sects, all the way to the Ninth Sect. The entire Vast Expanse School was filled with the same voice!

“Ninth Sect. Fang Mu. Ninth Heaven!”

Only six words were spoken!

However, those six words were like an enormous, invisible hand pushing...

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