Chapter 1458: The Long and Broad View

Chapter 1458: The Long and Broad View

The ancient sound of the bell echoed out through the Ninth Sect. It was like a gust of wind from ancient times, filling the sect, causing the eyes of countless disciples to go wide as they looked in the direction of the mountain peak where the Vast Expanse Shrine was located.

“Someone challenging the Vast Expanse Shrine actually... passed 1,000 stairs!!”

“That’s not very common. In the past several years, only a few people have done it.”

“I wonder who it is? The 1,000 stair bell can lead to a Baptism which gives good fortune. But it will only toll the first time someone reaches that many steps. Therefore, the bell can’t be tolling for a current Chosen, only someone new!”

The buzz of conversation rose up everywhere, and yet, it wasn’t filled with the sound of shock. After all... it was only a mere 1,000 stairs. Most people were simply curious as to who was making a name for the first time in the sect.

The curiosity soon faded,...

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