Chapter 1436: Fourth Fist Strike: Devil-Butchering!


At this critical moment in the fight, Meng Hao suddenly unleashed a fist strike!

It was none other than the Life-Extermination Fist!

One fist strike could not shake the air which held him tight, so Meng Hao unleashed the second fist strike, the Bedevilment Fist, and then the third, the God-Slaying Fist. Three punches were unleashed in quick succession, making one unified attack. As the power exploded out, he broke free from being locked in place and took a step forward.

In almost that exact moment, the air around him was ripped apart.

At the same time, an explosive power shot toward Meng Hao from behind. It was still... the power of Heaven Ripping!

Apparently that power wouldn't stop until Meng Hao was ripped to pieces!

Meng Hao evaded,...

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