Chapter 1415: Vast Expanse Dao Body!


The starry sky which stretched out over the half planet trembled as boundless energy of Heaven and Earth surged into the enormous cauldron. All seven Patriarchs, including the one in the violet-gold robe, had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces. There was no need to even mention the wastage to their cultivation bases which had occurred over the past three months. Virtually all of the medicinal plants they possessed had already been thrown into the cauldron, and yet Meng Hao’s corpse... still hadn’t fully recovered.

“A pit! That’s not a corpse inside that cauldron, it’s a bottomless pit!” Their hearts ached, and yet the Sect Leader, wherever he was in the depths of the land, hadn’t spoken a single word about the matter, so it would be bad form for them to stop. Enduring the pain, they continued.

Meng Hao, on the other hand, was more excited than ever. He was like a fish back in water, his injuries fully recovered, the instabilities negated.

And yet, he just couldn’t bear to let so much energy of Heaven and Earth go to waste, not to mention...

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